GoHomePWB.com Weekly Top Ten

I can say with all honesty that I enjoyed both RAW and Smackdown Live equally this week. There were a lot of twists during RAW that I didn’t see coming and Rey Mysterio and Andrade had one of the best matches I’ve ever seen, and I’ve watched thousands of matches. So it was tough to narrow it down to ten this week, but here goes:

10. Samoa Joe

Samoa Joe and Mustafa Ali were to go one on one last night, but Joe had other plans. Before the match started he brutally attacked Ali and declared himself the winner of the upcoming Royal Rumble. I personally don’t see that happening, but Joe sure made an argument for himself.

9. Nikki Cross

Nikki Cross made her Monday night RAW in ring debut and looked great in the match. Helping her team, which also included Bayley and Natalya, defeat the Riott Squad. Personally, I would like to see her join the Smackdown roster and reunite with SaniTy. At the same time RAW could use a boost to their women’s division.

8. The Revival

This team has been on a role since the McMahons promised change. Picking up a win Monday night over the Lucha House Party, they appear to be staying in the number one contender position for the RAW tag team titles. The RAW tag team division needs a lot of work and probably won’t see improvement until after Wrestlemania, but keeping The Revival in contention for the titles is a step in the right direction.

7. Becky Lynch

Becky Lynch picked up a win over Peyton Royce last night in an ok match. The match went a little long in my opinion, but it always great to see “The Man” on tv. Hopefully she can regain the momentum she had prior to her injury as I feel she has cooled off a bit. Still, Becky is a must see on Smackdown right now.

6. Asuka

Just edging out her Royal Rumble opponent for the number six spot is Asuka. Asuka made short work of Billie Kay during their impromptu match last night. I am really looking forward to the match between her and Becky at the Rumble, this match could possibly steal the show.

5. Rey Mysterio

Rey Mysterio, even in a loss, cracked the top five this week. I realize we are only sixteen days into 2019, but this will be a match of the year candidate. Rey was in position to win the match, but a distraction from Andrade’s manager Zelina Vega, helped Andrade hit his finisher for the win. A five star match nonetheless.

4. Sasha Banks

Sasha Banks is in the top five for the second week in a row. She was able to make Tamina tap out to the bank statement, getting the win for her and teammate Ronda Rousey. Banks and Rousey will go one on one for the RAW Women’s Championship at the Royal Rumble. After the match Banks had a great promo making Rousey look bad. It should be interesting to see what happens next week on RAW.

3. Bobby Lashley

New intercontinental champion! Bobby Lashley picked up a surprise win in a triple threat match for the title last night. Beating rivals Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose is a big feather in the cap for Lashley. The win is probably his biggest since returning to WWE last April. I think the WWE is setting up for an IC title match against Kevin Owens at Wrestlemania.

2. Andrade

It appears that WWE is dropping the “Cien Almas” part of Andrade’s name, but one thing not dropping is the stock of Andrade and Vega. As mentioned a couple times already, Andrade vs Mysterio was by far the best match of the night, and will be one of the most talked about all year. Andrade is primed for stardom and will be a champion by the end of 2019.

1. Finn Balor

It was a toss up for me this week for number one. I think Almas and Balor could easily be flip flopped, but I gave the very slight edge to Balor. He not only beat Jinder Mahal, but also beat; John Cena, Baron Corbin and Drew McIntyre in a fatal four way in the same night. His reward? The Beast Brock Lesnar, and a shot at the Universal title at the Royal Rumble.

A really good couple of days of WWE programming. That is something I don’t think I’ve said for quite a while. It would appear as if they are starting to regain the favor of the WWE universe. Which is good news as we are less than a couple of weeks away from my favorite pay per view, the Royal Rumble.

The Rumble has been WWE’s version of an all star game in recent years. Not only do you get to see most of the men and women on the roster, you get a few surprise entrants as well. On Friday I plan on explaining how and why the Rumble has become my favorite pay per view.

Thanks for reading and checking out this weeks edition of the GoHomePWB.com top ten!

WWE Hall of Fame

With the turn of the new year comes the Royal Rumble and the road to Wrestlemania. One of my favorite events during Wrestlemania weekend is the WWE Hall of Fame. In recent years we have seen some long overdue introductions such as Randy Savage, Ultimate Warrior and Bruno Sammartino.

Although there is no physical WWE Hall of Fame yet, it’s still an honor that WWE wrestlers long for. This year has been a big question as to who may be inducted. A lot of those great 80’s wrestlers have been inducted already and those stars of the early nineties such as Bret Hart and Razor Ramon are already in.

So the question now, is it time to start thinking of inducting some “PG era” stars? I mean who else from the 80’s and 90’s should be in? So after giving it some thought I have come up with five wrestlers who I believe have a chance to be inducted this year. And keeping in mind it’s in New York, and location has seemed to play into the decision for inductions.

Brooklyn Brawler

The most famous WWE jobber of all time, the Brooklyn Brawler is almost a guarantee to be in. I mean the hall of fame ceremony is held in Brooklyn for crying out loud. Let’s face it, for those of us that spent our Saturday or Sunday morning catching wrestling on tv, Brawler was losing to somebody on it. Don’t be surprised to see him put in this year.

Hart Foundation

It’s time! I know here has been a rift between WWE and the Hart family, especially with the tragic death of Owen back in 1999. But this faction was a major part of WWE in the 90’s and was an entertaining one at that. I’m not sure if Wrestlemania will be held in Canada anytime soon, if so, perhaps wait until then. But if there are no plans for Canada soon it’s time that Owen, Bulldog, Neidhart and Pillman join Bret in the WWE Hall of Fame.

Bam Bam Bigelow

Again a product of the location, Bam Bam a New Jersey native and former Wrestlemania headliner, would be a great addition to the hall of fame. Not only did he headline Wrestlemania, he did it with another famous New Yorker, Lawrence Taylor. I wouldn’t be totally surprised to see Taylor inducted into the celebrity wing. A long shot but not out of question in my opinion.


Another long shot would be the 9th wonder of the world Chyna. She was without a doubt the strongest woman in wrestling during the attitude era and is the only woman to hold the intercontinental title. Although her career after WWE has probably been the only reason she’s not already in, I think it’s time WWE look at her talent and her contributions to the industry and not her personal struggles.

The Rock

I know WWE has not been keen on inducting “active” wrestlers into their Hall of Fame, but The Rock is someone who should already be in. One of the most recognized names in the world now, The Rock set the wrestling world on fire during the attitude era with his over the top promos and unmatched charisma. The people eye brown, the people’s elbow, the people’s champ should and could be in the people’s hall of fame this year.

Those are just five of what will probably be closer to 10 inductions into the 2019 Hall of Fame. It will be interesting to see who gets in this year and to hear the stories during the induction speeches. A great night that I look forward to almost as much as Wrestlemania it’s self.

Over the years I have heard countless stories from wrestlers who have gone into the WWE Hall of Fame. The Fabulous Freebirds a few years ago was a memorable induction. Mr. T cracked me up as well as the Dudley Boyz from last year, and Ric Flair’s stories will live on forever. I can’t wait to see who goes in this year!

Thanks for checking out today’s blog and be sure to check out gohomepwb.com on Wednesday for the top ten. Let’s hope RAW will deliver this week and that Smackdown stays interesting. Thanks again!

All Elite Wrestling


All Elite Wrestling made headlines this week when they had a rally in Jacksonville, Florida last Tuesday.  The start-up promotion, going “all-in” held the rally not far from where WWE was about to have their Smackdown Live event.  A gutsy move that, although WWE is blowing off at this time, is a clear notice to WWE that AEW is coming.

During the rally we got a little bit of information about the promotion, including the first few signings and the date and location of Double or Nothing.  Double or Nothing is the follow-up to the previously successful pay per view All In, which was held in Chicago last September. A show that saw Cody win the NWA world championship.

I have a feeling Double or Nothing will be the launching pad for AEW.  I think we may see the NWA title involved again, but I think AEW will be crowning their inaugural champions.  I am also intrigued by the location…Vegas, home of the UFC.  It makes me think that there may be a few more surprise signings come this May.

But  that is over four months away, lets discuss what we know so far.  First and foremost the support that AEW has is off the charts.  Fans are clamoring for a change in wrestling, and AEW appears to be giving us that change.  Another reason AEW is garnering a lot of buzz, the support of Jacksonville Jaguars owner Shad Khan.

Although it appears his son Tony will be running the operation as president, the fact that there is a billionaire supporting the start-up business gives me the feeling it will be successful.  AEW promised change and to finally give the fans what they want to see, and with the major singing of Chris Jericho, it is a big step forward in that direction.

Jericho is a well established wrestler that started his career in the mid nineties, making a name for himself in the now defunct WCW.  He went on to WWF/E to find success and will be a future hall of famer for the company.  Jericho is the lead singer of Fozzy and for the past year has been doing work for New Japan and even put on the first pro wrestling cruise in the fall of 2018.

Always changing his look and charachter has helped Jericho remain fresh and innovating to wrestling fans.  Always looking for ways to change the game, Jericho who at forty eight, is one of the most talked about wrestlers in the industry.  And despite his age shows no signs of slowing down.

Some other major signings are obviously Cody and The Young Bucks. Hangman Page, Joey Janela and Britt Baker.  Billy Gunn was signed as lead producer for the company and word in the industry is he has a very creative mind for wrestling.  As far as the signing of women wrestlers go, it was announced that they will receive equal pay as the men.

I think that announcement is going to lure a lot of up and coming and even established women wrestlers to AEW.  Women’s wrestling is the best it has ever been and the matches are equal to or better than the men’s matches anymore.  Equal pay is long overdue for women, not just in wrestling but in any business.

The most interesting signing in my opinion is of PAC.  PAC formally known as Neville in the WWE, left WWE in a very CM Punk like manner.  PAC was not happy about the direction of his character and was very vocal about it.  Eventually leading to his release from the company making him a free agent.

Let’s be honest, there are probably dozens of WWE wrestlers not happy with their position in the company, most notably Zack Ryder.  Ryder has been vocal on social media lately about his lack of TV time.  Ryder is a guy that was very over with the fans about five years ago and WWE cooled him off.

He has a legitimate gripe.  When The Rock was standing in the middle of the ring in Madison Square Garden a few years back, the New York crowd was chanting “We want Ryder!”. Granted it was the hometown of Ryder, but for The Rock to have to hear those chants, WWE certainly should have taken notice.

If a guy like Ryder wants to wrestle and be noticed for his ability, then AEW is the place to go.  I have no idea when his contract is up, but I would like to think he is on his way out when it is.  And personally, I would like to see him leave and become the most over guy in the industry, like a Steve Austin/WCW situation twenty-five years ago.

The fact to the matter is WWE is a much safer place for a contract at this time.  They are established and have been for close to sixty years.  AEW is in its infant stages of existence and  who knows what the future holds for this company.  Double or Nothing could flop and AEW could be over before it even starts.

I don’t know anything about Tony Khan other than he has been a life long wrestling fan.  Hopefully he has taken after his father in the business aspect of things and can make the right decision when it comes to the financials of AEW.  Alot of the future depends on if AEW can land a television deal with a major cable company.

And that is where the fate of AEW lies in my opinion.  They are going to need exposure to a world-wide audience, otherwise they are a glorified indy promotion.  Tony Khan was recently on X-Pac’s pod cast and was noted as saying there are offers on the table.  Lets hope it’s a major network like, A&E, TBS or TNT.

Ok, so lets say they do land a tv deal, then we need a decent time slot, and the most successful televised wrestling is live.  In order to be taken seriously it would have to be a live show.  That’s asking a lot for a company that we just found out officially exist a couple of weeks ago.

We should probably cool the jets on competing with WWE talks and let this promotion develop first.  WWE probably only sees AEW as an annoying fly, buzzing around their kitchen table.  For the time being they are just swatting it away.  But they are aware of it, and I think that is half the battle for any company looking to eventually be as well-known as a WWE.

These are exciting times for wrestling fans.  And even those who are not wrestling fans, can certainly appreciate the fact that wrestling is once again becoming main stream.  Hopefully AEW will build with a strong foundation and produce a product that is enticing to both new and old wrestling fans.  I know I am rooting for them!

Thanks for checking out gohomepwb.com, and there is some big news coming down the line for this blog as well.  Stay tuned for that as I hope to have more information in the coming months.  Let me know what you think about AEW.  Are we on the verge of another wrestling war?  And who would you like to see AEW sign?  Thanks again!


GoHomePWB.com Weekly Top Ten

Finally RAW and Smackdown we’re back to live shows and for me, Smackdown was once again the better show. RAW was a bit of an improvement, but it’s still a long way from being really good again. Hulk Hogan, John Cena and Brock Lesnar all on the same show and I still prefer the blue brand.

Also Hulk Hogan didn’t get quite the pop I thought he would as he came out to the ring. I think the racial comments he made several years ago have left a sour taste in a lot of fans mouth. Nonetheless he was there and gave an amazing tribute to the late, great “Mean” Gene Okerlund. An emotional tribute video by the WWE, and if you haven’t seen it you should check it out.

Onto the the top ten, and just like the McMahons promise for fresh faces, there are a few new names on this weeks top ten. There were some really good matches on RAW and Smackdown this week and a lot of standout performances in my opinion. So let’s get to it and check out this weeks top ten!

10. Charlotte

Although not winning the triple threat match last night Charlotte put in quite the effort. She was able to hit several of her signature moves nearly winning the match on multiple occasions. Her loss keeps her out of the title match at the Rumble and allows her to be in the Rumble match itself. She is my early pick to win it.

9. Dean Ambrose

The intercontinental championship was on the line Monday night in a falls count any where match. Ambrose and Rollins put on their best match since the feud started in my opinion. Rollins was looking as if he was going to win the match when Bobby Lashley interfered and pummeled Rollins, allowing Ambrose to retain.

8. Baron Corbin

Baron Corbin had a surprise, mostly clean win against Elias Monday night. I had honestly written Corbin off as a legitimate contender on RAW. Clearly after the win on Monday, the powers that be are still high on him. I would like to say it would be interesting to see where the win will lead, but I’ve never been a fan of Corbin, so…I’m not going to say that. But a wins a win and that’s why he’s on the list this week.

7. Daniel Bryan

The “New” Daniel Bryan is on fire as a heel. He is cutting some really great promos and his matches have been even better. I am happy to see a rematch at the Royal Rumble between him and AJ Styles. I’m not sure where the storyline is headed, but it’s one that I’m interested in. I’m glad Daniel Bryan is back!

6. Bobby Lashley

Finally! Finally Bobby Lashley is in a meaningful rivalry. This guy was supposed to challenge Lesnar at some point and he has been barely treading water for nearly a year. He took matters into his own hands Monday night costing Rollins his chance to regain the IC title. Rollins and Lashley will be a good rivalry for the next few weeks.

5. Andrade Cien Almas

Cracking the gohomepwb.com top ten for the first time is Andrade Cien Almas. He has been better than good since coming to the main roster. He has been putting on great matches, but mostly in a losing effort. After taking an incredible flipping piledriver last night, he managed to rebound from that and pick up the win for him and Samoa Joe. Oh and the man he pinned to get the win… future hall of famer, Rey Mysterio!

4. The Bar

In what was the match of the week for me, The Bar was victorious against The always game, Uso’s. Although Mandy Rose interrupted the match distracting Jimmy Uso, the Bar still had a great match and a victory nonetheless. They also accepted a challenge from The Miz to defend the titles at the Rumble. That should be an interesting match.

3. Sasha Banks

It’s hard to believe, but this is another first. Sasha Banks has been on the gohomepwb.com top ten as a tag team, but this is her fist time on the list by herself. And it’s about time! After a lackluster 2018 that saw her reduced to insignificant tag matches and a lame, confusing feud with Bayley, 2019 looks better already. She was able to make Nia Jax tap earning a RAW women’s championship match at the Rumble.

2. Seth Rollins

Seth Rollins stepped up his game Monday Night. He was the man that got the win in the opening six man tag match and impressed Triple H enough to earn a title shot later in the night. Although he was unsuccessful in the main event, it’s safe to say that win or lose, Seth Rollins is the reason most people even tune into RAW.

1. Becky Lynch

The Man Becky Lynch is back on track. She has earned her title match after winning an incredible triple threat main event match on Smackdown. Becky, Charlotte and Carmella all had a great match and represented the women’s division with pride. Becky vs Asuka at the Rumble has the makings of an instant classic.

A pretty good week so far for wrestling. Smackdown wasn’t the only notable event going on in Jacksonville yesterday. The start up promotion of AEW held a rally not far from where Smackdown was being put on. A gutsy move by the start up promotion, that has created some headlines amongst the wrestling community.

Friday will be another AEW blog about the signings we learned about yesterday, and has WWE taken notice? Do they even care? And can AEW attract some WWE talent to join them? There are a lot of hardcore wrestling fans excited about AEW and the possibility of a wrestling war again. Hopefully Cody didn’t bring a BB gun to take on a tank.

Thanks for checking out gohomepwb.com!

Crazy Like A Fox

For Christmas my wife did good, by getting me the book Crazy Like A Fox, The Definitive Chronicle of Brian Pillman. Those of you that follow this blog know that Brian Pillman was my first favorite wrestler. I always thought he was the coolest during his Flyin’ Brian days and the “loose cannon” character was very cutting edge for its time.

I thought that I knew as much as any other Brian Pillman fan, but author Liam O’Rourke was able to get information from some of Pillman’s closest friends and relatives. The information in the book is very blunt and very fascinating. The book covers the thirty five year life of Pillman and reveals information about the man that I’m sure even the most avid Pillman fan wasn’t aware of.

The book has one common theme throughout and that is the struggles the man lived through. It began almost from birth with the sudden death of his father and as toddler having multiple surgeries on his throat to remove polyps from his vocal cords. At one point spending months in the hospital and nearly losing his life before it even began.

Luckily another toddler in the room knew something was wrong and went and got a nurse. Pillman was not able to breath due to swelling in his throat and doctors ended up having to put a trach in so that he could get air to his lungs. Eventually the doctors got to the root of the problem and was able to take care of it, but it left Pillman without a voice.

As Pillman grew older he was able to speak, but his voice was very raspy and squeaky. This caused him to be teased and bullied by kids in the neighborhood and at school. But as he was growing older the kid with the squeaky voice was growing into quite the athlete. Pillman was a standout in hockey, but the local high school in Cincinnati didn’t have a hockey team.

So with hockey not being available Pillman turned to football, and football came very easy for Pillman. The only thing holding Pillman back was his size. Pillman was a smaller guy, but he didn’t let that stop him from being the best player on the field. Pillman’s coach tried desperately to get colleges to give Pillman a scholarship.

Pillman graduated from Norwood high school without a college scholarship. However Pillman was encouraged to walk on at university of Miami Ohio. As a walk on it didn’t take long for Pillman to get a starting position. Pillman started out at linebacker but was eventually moved to nose tackle.

Pillman flourished at the position and was named second team all American. First team all American at that position the same year…William “Refrigerator” Perry. Pillman worked hard, but he was using steroids to help him gain muscle and keep weight on so that he could hang with the bigger athletes at that level.

While in college Pillman became quite the ladies man and quite the prankster. He and his football teammates where able to do basically whatever they wanted. Also his college roommate was John Harbaugh. Yes, the same John Harbaugh that is the head coach of the NFL’s Baltimore Ravens.

Pillman ended up leaving college without a degree, but was determined to make it to the NFL. Pillman did not get drafted but was offered tryouts with several teams. He ended up making the Cincinnati Bengals in 1984 as a special teams player. He was quite the local celebrity while playing with the Bengals.

Being a local celebrity came with a lot of good and bad. Pillman developed a reputation as being a tough guy and a fighter. A lot of guys wanted to fight him and a lot of women wanted to be with him. Being the type of guy he was, he obliged both. Meanwhile still taking steroids to try and keep up with the athletes in the NFL.

Pillman only lasted one year in the NFL due to injuries and went to Canada to play football there. After little luck in the Canadian football league Pillman was encouraged by a friend to try pro wrestling. Taking the advice Pillman started training at the famed Hart dungeon under the tutelage of Stu Hart and his sons.

Pillman was very well liked by the Hart’s and was a major player in their Stampede wrestling promotion ran out of Calgary. Teaming with Bruce Hart they formed a team called Bad Company and it was the first time that a baby face team would use heel tactics to win matches.

One notable story while Pillman was in Stampede wrestling was a back stage fight between him and a guy nearly twice his size. It’s a long story to set up, but basically a guy sucker punched Pillman to entice a fight, because there where people in the promotion that wanted him out.

Pillman was knocked down by the punch but quickly recovered and went absolutely nuts on the guy that punched him. Beating him down and sticking his thumb in the corner of the guys eye and pulling his eyeball out. Obviously Pillman was asked to leave and spent some time back home before WCW came calling.

Pillman started in WCW and was clearly undersized, but was putting on the best matches. He quickly became one of the more popular wrestlers on the roster, especially with the ladies. It was mentioned on multiple occasions that Pillman was with just about any woman he wanted.

Pillman had a long run in WCW coming close on several occasions to becoming a main event star. He teamed with Z-Man winning tag team gold and also teamed with Steve Austin winning the tag team titles again. He was also the first ever Light Heavyweight champion beating Rick Morton in the inaugural championship tournament.

Pillman went back and forth as a baby face and heel in WCW under the Flyin Brian gimmick. After several years and feeling that his stock within the company was falling Pillman wanted to change. After discussing some ideas with a friend, they came up with the loose cannon character.

The book explains how the initial reason for the change was to get main event type salary at his next contract negotiation. It was a dirty plan, but if it worked he would be the biggest name in wrestling. His plan was to become the loose cannon character not only in wrestling but in life. This way no one knew what was a work or a shoot.

The plan was working masterfully until April 15, 1996 when Pillman was in a horrific automobile accident. Pillman was driving his hummer and according to the book either fell asleep, or had something fall to the floor distracting him. Either way he was going about seventy in a forty five zone and lost control.

The hummer he was driving went off the road and hit a tree stump that was cut at an angle acting as a ramp for the vehicle. The hummer hit the stump and took flight coming down nose first, propelling an unbuckled Pillman through the top of the vehicle and landing over forty feet away from the totaled hummer.

As first responders arrived, they immediately noticed the severity of the situation. Pillman was conscious but in very bad shape. His left ankle was demolished and his face so broken and mangles he was unrecognizable. Pillman was rushed to the hospital initially listed in critical condition, but stable by the end of the night.

As Pillman recovered, his wife at the time was coming to see him and saw the doctor messing with his teeth. She asked “how many teeth did he lose?” The doctor responded with “None. All his teeth are in place but his gums are missing.” The book goes into better detail as far as the damage.

Pillmans face was put back together but his ankle was all messed up. The biggest problem, Pillman was between contract negotiations with both the WCW and WWF. He was about to make the biggest money of his career before the accident. Unfortunately the accident really hurt the figures he was hoping to get.

In June of 1996 Pillman and the WWF agreed to a contract. Pillman still on crutches at the time was clearly limited in what he could offer. But he held some great interview segments and even helped out at the announce table. But his ankle did not heal correctly and doctors told him it would need to be re broken and fused together.

The news meant that he was going to be off tv for awhile and needed to be written off for awhile. This led to one of the most controversial angels in wrestling history. The angle was Pillman was at home recovering and Steve Austin was going to pay him a visit. When Austin arrived Pillman was waiting with a gun in hand.

Steve Austin eventually got by Pillman’s friends who tried to stop him from entering the home. Austin beat them up and broke into Pillman’s home. As he entered Pillman stood up on his recently repaired ankle and pointed the gun at him. The rest is history as that angle was the talk of wrestling for quite some time.

Eventually Pillman returned, but was never the same. His ankle was fused to the point that he was not going to be able to run again, let alone wrestle. But Pillman being the determined or stubborn guy that he was, was going to wrestle at any cost. Unfortunately the cost was great as Pillman relied heavily on pain killers to get through the day.

The ankle was not supposed to be put through that kind of pressure. As the months went by the pain killer use became worse and many of his friends and family were desperate to help him, but he was going to be a wrestler even if it killed him. Sadly, that’s exactly what happened.

On October 5th, 1997 Pillman was found dead in a hotel room in Bloomington Minnesota. At the age of thirty five Pillman died of a heart attack in his sleep. Pillman left behind a wife and five kids and a void in wrestling that has yet to be filled. The man who had overcome so much and fought, scratched and clawed for everything, left the world quietly in the night.

That’s not where he story ends in the book and I’ve already given away quite a bit. I urge you to read this book even if you are not a wrestling fan. It’s about a guy who packed a lot into thirty five years and it’s full of non stop unbelievable stories. It’s been twenty one years since his death and he is still talked about by somebody, somewhere every day. Long live Pillman!

How good can All Elite Wrestling be?

As we welcomed 2019, we heard the news that the rumors are true. All Elite Wrestling is becoming a reality.  I think based on the puzzle pieces we were given since the September 1st pay per view All In, most people knew that something was up.  Building off the success of All In is a no brainer, the real question is… Are we finally getting a product that can compete with WWE?

It’s the perfect time to start a new promotion.  Wrestling is booming and WWE is honestly struggling when it comes to viewership.  I am sure WWE is still making more money than they know what to do with, but the product they have been putting on television recently is just atrocious.

I’ve have vented my displeasure with RAW in recent months, as well as countless hardcore wrestling fans.  The McMahon’s have promised to make it better and to right the wrongs.  I think we can all agree that it is a work in progress and when has WWE failed to deliver on a guarantee?

The McMahons have said they will be giving us new matches with new superstars and new angles.  Yes, they have a large pool of talent to choose from.  Yes, NXT is flourishing to say the least.  Triple H has been able to pick the best of the best from the independent scene to come to NXT.

Insert Cody Rhodes, who left WWE willingly several years back.  He was not happy with where his career was going in the WWE and decided to take matters into his own hands.  Betting on himself he left WWE to put his talents on display in other companies.  And now is in the thick of the start up promotion that is AEW.  How about others in the same situation that Rhodes was in?

I am talking about guys like Zack Ryder, Tyler Breeze, and No Way Jose?  Or teams like The Revival, The Ascension and The Colon’s.  WWE is paying these guys for shows like main event, that no one watches.  What if they have had enough, what if Cody calls them up and says, we would like to give you an opportunity to showcase your skills?

I think there will be a lot of wrestlers in WWE currently that will be more than willing to leave for a chance to actually wrestle.  I think seeing those guys jump ship could instantly bring some eyes to AEW.  What if you took a guy like Ziggler, who has contemplated leaving WWE multiple times in recent years.

Ziggler is the type of athlete that could really help a start up like AEW.  Not to mention Cody is good friends with a lot of guys still in WWE, including Ziggler.  What if another underutilized talent such as Finn Balor were to go or maybe even an AJ Styles who is looking to wind down his career soon.

AEW starting out will most likely have a much less strenuous schedule than WWE.  That would be enticing to a lot of current wrestlers in WWE.  What if a guy like Matt Riddle were to go to AEW after NXT instead of the main roster?  The options for a new, fresh, creatively expressive promotion like AEW would probably take off like a rocket.

I’ve yet to mention wrestlers from other promotions, like a Chris Jericho, Jay Leathal or Kenny Omega.  Or teams like The Brisco’s or LAX.  Or underutilized women in WWE like Sasha Banks, Dana Brooke and Naomi.  I don’t think AEW will have any trouble getting talent to want to work their, but just like Cody when he left… it’s a gamble.

Hence, All In and Double or Nothing.  It’s a gamble for sure, and out of the gate, I am sure the money that WWE guarantees is a much more secure option for a wrestler.  But I believe there are guys and gals in the industry that don’t do it for the money.  And I believe that is the talent that AEW will get.  And if you can get that kind of talent the money will work itself out.

Obviously all these scenarios are hypothetical, and a five minute blog read doesn’t really do it justice.  But anyone in there thirties or forties who was able to watch the Monday night wars as it happened will tell you, that was the best era of wrestling.  I personally think we are seeing the birth of another wrestling war.  And I love it!

It’s not going to be this year, or even next, but I like where its going.  AEW will have to be very careful in who they allow to make the decisions behind the scene.  That was TNA’s down fall and WCW’s as well.  But if they do it right, perhaps another Monday night war will be in the works in three to five years.

I am more interested in seeing AEW unfold than any storyline on RAW.  Honestly if Cody and The Bucks were to document how things are panning out and produce it like a reality show, I’d watch it over RAW.  Hardcore fans like myself want something new and if WWE won’t give it to us, maybe, just maybe, AEW will.

Thanks for checking out gohomepwb.com let me know your thoughts on AEW.  Just how good can they be?


GoHomePWB.com Weekly Top Ten

After taking a couple weeks to enjoy the holidays with friends and family, I’m back to discuss wrestling. And what better way to start then jumping right back in with a weekly top ten. The work in progress that is the new McMahon/WWE universe regime is getting off to a slow start in my opinion.

RAW most definitely needed a shake up, but Smackdown Live was running on all cylinders. And Smackdown continues to dominate as far as the show to watch. This weeks Smackdown was much better than RAW in my opinion. The matches, storylines and superstars are must watch.

One thing I’ve noticed is that all the major baby face guys and girls are becoming very attitude era esk baby faces. For instance AJ Styles punching Vince McMahon or Seth Rollins losing a match via dq after beating Lio Rush and Lashley with chairs. It won’t be long and we will start getting some blood during the matches and more risqué storylines.

I said several weeks ago that this will take some time to get better. And now that the holidays are over, I look for things to start really heating up. The road to Wrestlemania is almost here, but that is for the next couple of weeks, as for now, let’s rank this weeks top ten.

10. Sonya Deville

Sonya Deville picked up a win last night against Naomi albeit help from Mandy Rose. It’s nice to see some of the younger or newer talent get some love. I think they are setting up Rose and Deville for a strong run at the new Women’s tag team titles coming this year.

9. Seth Rollins

Seth Rollins put a brutal beating on Bobby Lashley and Lio Rush Monday night. Rollins is being primed for a Universal title run in the very near future. Perhaps even the main event at Wrestlemania. With Strowman and Reigns off tv, Rollins is the top baby face by default. Let’s hope he can keep things rolling and 2019 is even better than his 2018 was.

8. John Cena

John Cena made his return last night and I have to say, as much as I was a Cena hater, it was good to see him back in a WWE ring. I know he’s only back for the road to Wrestlemania, but I’ll take it. Especially if he stays on RAW. RAW needs the star power right now and Cena there on the regular could certainly help the ratings.

7. Apollo Crews

Finally things are starting to look up for Apollo Crews. Floundering since coming to the main roster, Apollo had been reduced to enhancement talent and even worse, Titus Worldwide. Now that he is on his own and given the opportunity to showcase his talents, the sky is the limit for him. I look for him to have an impressive showing at the upcoming Royal Rumble.

6. Dean Ambrose

Dean Ambrose continued his winning ways Monday night beating Apollo Crews in defense of his intercontinental title. Heel Ambrose if great, but the character is going stale in my opinion. He needs to do something that will get people talking about him again. But the winning streak gets him in the top ten again this week.

5. Ronda Rousey

Rousey gets a little better every week. She had a great tag match in the Monday night RAW main event. She never lost a match in 2018 and she probably won’t lose a match in 2019 either, if storylines keep going the way they do. I would say she is starting to catch up to her rating.

4. Becky Lynch

Becky was in full form last night when she came to the ring and interrupted the returning John Cena. She cut an amazing promo, then went on to make Zelina Vega tap out to the arm bar. I predict Becky will win the Women’s Rumble match and take on Asuka at Wrestlemania. Great things are in store for “The Man”.

3. Samoa Joe

Samoa Joe had a great opening match on Smackdown Live last night. His rivalry with Jeff Hardy has been a good one and interesting to watch unfold. Although he didn’t win the fatal five way, I look for Samoa Joe to pick up a lot of wins ahead of the coming Wrestlemania.

2. Drew McIntyre

I think we all knew it was a matter of time before McIntyre rid himself of Dolph Ziggler. And on Monday night I think it finally happened. One nice thing is that the writers managed to do is keep Ziggler looking strong. McIntyre will be moving on to bigger things and before the end of 2019 will be in contention for the Universal championship.

1. AJ Styles

AJ Styles is back on track after picking up a big win in an incredible fatal five way match last night. I personally don’t think he will win at the Rumble, but I’m glad the rivalry is not over. Styles is by far the best baby face on Smackdown and why not put him up against the best heel on Smackdown. It should be a great match at the Rumble.

It’s good to get back into the swing of things and it will be good to get back to some live wrestling next week. As always thanks for checking out gohomepwb.com and Happy New Year!