A Few Smackdown Live Thoughts

Miz TV ends in chaos!  Shocking!?

Smackdown started the show with Miz TV.  I like The Miz.  I like Daniel Bryan.  I like Miz TV.  This feud is most definitely a slow burn.  I feel like they have been fighting forever.  On Miz TV we see The Miz introduce Maryse as his guest.  And the make the “shocking” announcement that she is leaving.  I am really not sure what the deal is there.  I don’t like dirt sheets so I won’t speculate.  My guess is it’s storyline.  So after the announcement The Miz calls out Bryan and he answers.  There is a scuffle and Maryse takes a very soft bump after Bryan hits The Miz and The Miz grazes Maryse.  This spot is really over dramatized as they bring a stretcher out for Maryse.  Soon after we find out she is playing possum so The Miz could get the upper hand, but Bryan reversed and The Miz knocked his wife off the apron.  Daniel Bryan got the better of the “It couple”.  However  The Miz has been getting the better of Daniel Bryan over the past few matches.  As we know now the Miz/Bryan match in Australia will be a number one contenders match.  I like it because it kind of gives this feud a minute to breath.  I don’t know how much more they can do without letting Bryan get a win.  And letting Bryan get a win could signal the end of the feud.  The chase is over so to speak.  I honestly believe this feud will not end until Wrestlemania.


United States Title match

Rusev vs Shinsuke Nakamura for the United States Championship.  WHAT?!  The title is still around?  In my opinion the U.S. championship is the most irrelevant championship on the main roster.  We have barely seen Nakamura since he won it, but I digress.

Before the match Aiden English loses is cool on some random guy backstage.  Letting the random guy know that he is the only reason Rusev Day exist.  English is not aware that Lana is behind him listening to everything.  She runs to tell Rusev, but Rusev cuts her off and ask English to introduce him, wich he agrees to do.

The match itself was meh.  Towards the end of the match Rusev has Nakamura set up for the accolade, when English jumps onto the apron and yells the Lana patent “RUSEV CRUSH!”  This distracts Rusev and Nakamura school boys Rusev for the win.

After the match English and Rusev have words before English attacks Rusev with the microphone.  Clearly putting an end to the Rusev Day tag team.  I was somewhat bummed to see this team split.  I think it could have run a little longer.  Rusev is over and a clear babyface now.  I think this feud will be quick with Rusev making short work of English.  It will be interesting to see what direction both men go after this feud.


AJ Styles and Andrade Cien Almas have another great match

AJ and Andrade part two was just as good, if not better than the first in my opinion.  The match was great, and the moves were crisp.  At the end of the match AJ had an incredible reversal to hit the Styles clash for the win!

After the match Samoa Joe attempted to attack Styles but, Styles was able to reverse his attack and get the better of Joe.  I honestly am not a fan of the feud.  Outside of Randy Orton, I honestly don’t think there is anyone on Smackdown that will take the title from AJ.  I would be completely shocked if Joe wins the title.  I would be even more shocked if the let Joe use the Muscle Buster on AJ.  We have seen him try it a couple times now, with no luck.  At the end of the day, expect AJ to keep the WWE Title until at least the Rumble, perhaps even Wrestlemania.


Becky Lynch the next Stone Cold?

A great way to close the show with Charlotte and Becky Lynch.  It is my opinion that this rivalry is the most interesting feud on the main roster.  When Becky first turned on Charlotte, there is no question she received a huge pop from the summerslam crowd.  The only problem is, it was supposed to induce boo’s.  Over the past few weeks I think it’s clear that Charlotte is booed more that Becky.  Becky’s new attitude is that of Stone Cold circa 1996.  I like the direction they are going, and I honestly see a double turn in the very near future.  A la Bret/Stone Cold or more recently an Alberto Del Rio/Dolph Ziggler after his money in the bank cash in.  If WWE goes the route of a double switch I think Becky could reach unbelievable popularity.  Possible the first woman to be the face of the WWE!  I know they are pushing Charlotte for that role, but lets face it… Charlotte is a heel.  In my opinion a double switch is the best direction, and lets hope they let Becky keep this new attitude.  On Smackdown Becky again got the better of Charlotte.  Both verbally and physically.  I could see this rivalry lasting a while and it’s a rivalry that I look forward to watching for quite some time.

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