Top 3 Heels in WWE today

As I have stated in previous posts, I love the Busted Open radio show on Sirius XM 93.  You can hear the show Monday through Friday from 9-12 and 12-3 eastern time.  Today was yet another great show.  One of the segments was, who are your top 3 heels in the industry today?  I have narrowed mine down to WWE performers, but I believe I have the top three heels on the main roster today.

1. Randy Orton


Randy Orton is doing stuff on TV right now that we haven’t seen since the attitude era.  The segments with Jeff Hardy in recent weeks are very intense.  Especially the spots with the ear.  Ugh! Hard to watch.  But you can’t deny that at that point, you REALLY want Hardy to rebound and kick the ever-living out of Orton.  His promos as a heel are great.  His slow, methodical pace in the ring compliments his heel character in a way that even the smartest of fans have to be irritated with the man.  Give me Randy Orton as heel opposed to a face any day.  So my number one heel in WWE, The Viper Randy Orton.

2. Samoa Joe


And coming in at a close second, none other than Samoa Joe.  He is a natural heel in my opinion.  His brute, bullying style is perfect as a heel character.  Samoa Joe portrays a character on TV that you could honestly believe is the same guy in real life.  He looks intimidating, his promos are intense and his in ring work has to be as punishing as it looks.  His recent work with AJ Styles and the way he has made it personal, just shows his “heeldom”.  Any man who not only attacks you, but then goes after your wife and daughter is most certainly a heel!  Great stuff out of Samoa Joe, a guy you love to hate!

3. Charlotte Flair


Before you go crazy, I am aware that Charlotte is technically a baby face.  But let’s be honest…Charlotte is a heel.  This angle with Becky Lynch will eventually have a double turn.  I am calling it now!  This angle would work for months if they switched the heel/face and gave Charlotte the title back.  She is Ric Flair’s daughter for crying out loud!  There is no one on the roster who is groomed to be a heel more than Charlotte.  Her work as a heel in the past was perfect.  Everyone hated her when she slapped her dad and said she didn’t need him in her life anymore.  You hated to see an entitled, spoiled kid of Ric Flair treat the legend the way she did.  We need that Charlotte back!  Even as a face she gets booed.  Fans want to boo her, so c’mon WWE.  Every once in a while it’s ok to give the fans what they want!

Short read today, but that’s the way I like it.  Let me know what you think of my top three heels in WWE today.  I am curious as to whether you agree or disagree. Let me know, and check out tomorrow as I give my opinions on Monday Night Raw.  Thanks for checking us out!


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