Smackdown Live review

Another great show put on by Smackdown. I swear it’s a much better show than RAW. I want to say it’s because it’s only two hours opposed to RAW being three, but the truth is… it’s clearly a better written show!  And speaking of truth, a new talk show debuted on Smackdown tonight.


Truth TV hosted by R-Truth and his mixed match challenge partner Carmella,  debuted tonight. Unfortunately it was cancelled minutes later. During its short-lived run, Truth TV was very entertaining. Their first guess was Daniel Bryan. They asked Bryan a great question, but before he could answer, Truth and Carmella cut to a seven second dance break. A very funny spot in which the crowd appeared to enjoy. However, the fun didn’t last as The Miz interrupted and spoiled the fun. This would lead to a R-Truth vs The Miz match with the loser getting their show cancelled.   The match was probably the best match of the night. It ended when Miz hit Truth with the Daniel Bryan patented running knee. Daniel Bryan was on commentary during the match and was none to pleased with The Miz’s actions. Thus continuing the feud between the two which appears to be headed for a cool down after the Super Showdown PPV next Saturday. The winner of their match will become the number one contender for the WWE championship. I would anticipate this feud picking back up after the Royal Rumble and it finishing at Mania next year. A great way to start Smackdown, but let’s hope Truth TV gets a second chance!

Sheamus gets a “Big” win

The second match of the night was Sheamus one on one with New Day member Big E. This was a really good match with both wrestlers having their tag team partners at ringside. The match was a back and forth affair with a few stiff shots by Sheamus. Both sides of teammates managed to stay clear of each other and Sheamus was able to Big E with a brogue kick to get the clean win. A great match, but if I know WWE like I think I do, we will see New Day get the better of the Bar next week.

That night in Milwaukee

Rusev and Lana came to the ring demanding answers from Aiden English about his actions a week ago. Aiden did come out to explain himself. He said that Rusev Day was working great until Lana came along. Aiden went on to further prove his point. And finished his speech with saying “Lana has always told you the truth Rusev. Just like she told you the truth about that one night in Milwaukee.”  This comment incited a lot of “ooohhs” from the crowd. Aiden dropped the mic and walked off. Later in the night Aiden said he had video proof of what went down in Milwaukee that night. Another form of great writing from the blue brand. Give us a tease so that we want to watch next week. I know I’m interested to see where this storyline is going.

Naomi & Asuka vs Deville & Mandy Rose

This match had longer entrances than in ring action. The match was lackluster with Naomi and Asuka picking up the victory. The Iconics were at ringside, but didn’t really get involved. Not a fan of this storyline, but it is nice to see Smackdown getting everyone involved. On a side note, how far has Asuka fallen?  She went from being undefeated for two years to barely getting TV time. Let’s hope she gets rolling again. I would like to see her Andrew Rhonda Rousey one on one sometime soon.

Orton strikes again!


Shinsuke Nakamura vs Tye Dillinger was the next match. The match itself was not horrible.  However, it was cut short when Randy Orton interrupted and viciously attacked Dillinger. Orton went crazy on Dillinger dropping him with a hangman’s DDT from the apron to the floor. Once Orton walked off, Nakamura hit the Kinshasa causing Dillinger to hit his head off the L.E.D. Board that is now the ring apron. It looked nasty, so let’s hope Dillinger is ok. It’s also nice to see Dillinger get some TV time. Dillinger is another wrestler who is being underutilized. Let’s hope this sets up some type of storyline for him.

After a commercial, Orton was stopped back stage and asked if Dillinger was his next victim?  Orton replied “No. It’s just the whole 10 thing pisses me off!”  Orton is very Stone Coldesk as of late. The crowd is begging for some more attitude I’m the WWE. I couldn’t agree more!  I don’t want full-blown attitude era stuff, but I like a little edge with my wrestling. The problem is…WWE believes that this type of attitude will induce a boo reaction. It’s not working.  People are cheering when wrestlers cuss or do something that should be seen as a heel move.  It as long as there is a reaction, it’s all that really matters at the end of the day.

Reactions is the perfect segway to my next wrestler. Becky freaking Lynch!  She is doing everything possible to be a heel. She screams heel with her attitude, backstabbing her friend and using profanity in her promos. But like I said, the WWE Universe is begging for more attitude. As hard as it is for me to root for Roman Reigns, it’s just as hard for me to boo Becky Lynch. Even when she attack’s Charlotte from behind at a photo shoot. Or demands that the photographer take pictures of “the champ” as she holds the title up high over the injured Charlotte. Don’t worry WWE universe, I’ve been calling it for weeks and I think very, very soon we will see the double switch.

Becky did have a quick match with Lana, which Becky won with ease. Throughout the match, you could clearly hear Milwaukee chants referring to Lana’s “one night in Milwaukee”.  Becky looked strong in the match and right now may be the most, must see wrestler on the roster.

Paige looking great!

img_0156I know Paige is not able to compete due to a neck injury, and she would rather be wrestling. But she is doing great as Smackdown GM. She has been through a lot in her short WWE career, but is looking better than ever right now. It would be nice to see her back in the ring as a wrestler some day, but if not, I think she could do a lot in WWE in a non physical role. She is proving that with her role as Smackdown GM.

Samoa Joe continues to keep it personal


Samoa Joe didn’t show up on Smackdown for the contract signing. Instead he showed up at the home of AJ Styles. Joe is a great heel!  Week after week he continues to attack AJ mentally taking shots at his family. Another example of great writing from the Smackdown writers. This storyline gets a little better each week, and AJ and Joe have barely fought since Hell in a Cell. Their rivalry continues to grow as a result of great storyline writing. The two can go for days in the ring, and when you put the story behind it…PERFECT!  Smackdown ended with Joe ringing the door bell at th Styles estate.  Again, another story that I want to turn into next week to see what happens!


In my opinion AJ will not drop the title to Joe. As matter of fact the WWE title is somewhat of an afterthought when it comes to this rivalry. It has become so personal you almost forget the WWE title is on the line. We learned on Smackdown that their match at Super Showdown will be no DQ. I am looking forward to the match, because the storyline is amazing and you know AJ and Joe will steal the show.

A great show put on by Smackdown!  The blue brand is head and shoulders better than RAW. You don’t get the type of stories on RAW like you do on Smackdown. RAW feels like more of a variety show. It’s something new every week. I don’t know of one cliffhanger that RAW gave me to want to watch for next week. Smackdown gave me several!  Can’t wait to see what happens next week!

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