Smackdown Live Review


Thankfully Smackdown Live was an improvement from Monday night RAW the night before.  It started out with a “surprise” WWE title match.  We had some Halloween inspired matches, and a few good promos.  Atlanta, Georgia was the hosting city last night and the crowd was in for a treat.  So let’s dive into Smackdown Live last night.

AJ Styles vs Daniel Bryan for the WWE championship

In a little bit of a surprise, we got to see a Crown Jewel match last night.  It was made clear that Daniel Bryan refused to go to Saudi Arabia and compete at Crown Jewel.  I wondered what angle the writers would use to get him out of the match.  As soon as Smackdown Live started I got my answer.  I was glad to see that they didn’t scrap the match all together, because Daniel Bryan vs AJ Styles is a great match even if the title is not on the line.  So it is something most fans wanted to see.  I was also glad to see they put it on first.  This way there is no time constraints and we could see a lengthy match.  The match was really good, despite it being very predictable.  I don’t think anyone believed that Daniel Bryan was going to win last night.  Especially since he refused to go to Saudi Arabia for Crown Jewel.  I will be curious to see what, if any repercussions Bryan will face for the decision.

After AJ made Daniel Bryan tap using the calf crusher, the two wrestlers were shaking hands in a sign of sportsmanship.  Out of nowhere, Samoa Joe attacked AJ and Bryan.  Samoa Joe will now face AJ Styles at Crown Jewel, and I am not sure how this one will play out.  AJ has had the title for nearly a year, and Joe has been given chance after chance for the WWE title.  I really don’t foresee Joe winning it, but you will have to check out on Friday morning for my predictions.

Trick or street fight

The Brood took on The Bar in a trick or street fight last night.  I say The Brood, because The New Day was in costume last night and came to the ring with The Brood entrance music and goblet.  By the way, if you have not listened to or can’t remember The Brood’s entrance music, do yourself a favor and add it to your Halloween playlist.  I wish it was my ringtone.

So the match…it was to be expected from a trick or street fight.  Halloween themed weapons were used and wrestlers slammed on pumpkins.  Which actually looked a little painful, because they did not give way as intended.  An entertaining segment that saw Big E pick up the win.  Have I mentioned I love The Brood Music?

A U.S. title defense

Yes, believe it or not the U.S. title was on the line last night.  Shinsuke Nakamura went one on one with the male member of the Fabulous Truth.  R-Truth, who I did not expect to win, put on a great match.  The match went back and forth and even had a dance break at some point.  R-Truth was unsuccessful in winning the title last night, but it was great to see the title be defended.  Shinsuke needs a rival to bring back relevancy to him and the U.S. title.  A clean win for Nakamura, and it would appear as though it will be him and Seth Rollins at Survivor Series.

Becky Lynch is the man!

Becky Lynch had a brief promo last night touting her win at Evolution and now focusing on her match against Ronda Rousey at Survivor Series.  The match could go a lot of different avenues, and I don’t want to speculate just yet.  Next week, I will have a better idea on where I would like to see this go.  It was also noted that Smackdown Live general manager Paige, asked Charlotte to be the women’s team captain for survivor series.  Charlotte told Paige that she didn’t think she was the right woman for the job.  Curious to see where this is going as well.  I have a feeling that we may see a horsewoman vs horsewoman match, but I may be reaching a bit.  We will have to wait and see what happens over the next couple of weeks.

Main event tag match

The Miz and Randy Orton took on Jeff Hardy and Rey Mysterio last night in the main event.  These four men represent Smackdown Live in the World Cup at Crown Jewel.  The match was pretty good, and went back and forth, until Hardy and Mysterio picked up the win.  That was all topped off with Hardy, Mysterio and even The Miz all receiving RKO’s from Orton.

Before the match Shane McMahon made an off the cuff announcement that whoever makes it to the finals of the World Cup, if they lose, they will be fired from Smackdown Live.  That actually helped me make a decision as to who will win the World Cup, and I will let you know Friday morning.

Overall a great show.  Much better than RAW the night before.  I honestly can’t wait until Crown Jewel is over, because I am more excited about Survivor Series.  I think the consensus is that most in WWE are ready to get Crown Jewel over with as well.

Tomorrow is the weekly top ten and on Friday morning check out my predictions, prior to Crown Jewel starting at noon eastern.  As always thanks for reading.