RAW Review

Braun Strowman vs Dean Amborse


Monday night raw opened up with Braun Strowman vs Dean Amborse.  The match was physical, but towards the end we expected Strowman to get the upper hand, and that was the case.  Reigns interrupted to help out Ambrose, causing Ambrose to lose via disqualification.  This irritated Ambrose and set up the storyline of Amborse turning on the shield.  Throughout the rest of the show there were several segments that hinted at Ambrose turning on the shield.  Rollins came into the trainers room where Ambrose was being treated for injuries, and Ambrose told Rollins “If I wanted to, I would be Intercontinental champion.”  and walked off.  Later in the night he said the same thing to Reigns regarding the Universal championship.  In my opinion Ambrose is not turning anytime soon.  I think the shield will remain a team for a while.  If one of them turns on his shield brothers, it will not be expected.  And lets hope it Roman Reigns!

Reigns continues to hear boo’s

Dolph Ziggler vs Roman Reigns was the next match, and before the match started, it was hinted that the match was going to be a Universal title match.  The crowd was excited to see the Universal title match, but Baron Corbin came out and said he was not allowing the match to be a title match.?  What!?  Lets be honest, we all knew who was going to win that match.  No chance Ziggler beats Reigns, but that didn’t hinder the match.  Ziggler rarely has a bad match, and for a second he made us believe that he could get a win over Reigns.  But in the end, Reigns hit the spear and Ziggler lost.  A great match that was the only of the three shield member match’s that ended clean.  The crowd was booing Reigns throughout the match, until Ziggler was able to get the crowd into it with a few false finishes.  Ziggler continued his dirty tactics, to try to get Reigns over as a heel.  It worked as the crowd was cheering a Reigns victory by the end of the match.


Later in the show, we have a segment with Ziggler, McIntyre and Strowman and it was hinted of Ziggler being kicked out of the faction.  Strowman said he didn’t want any weak links.  I am not sure what direction this angle will go.  The obvious angle would be for Strowman and McIntyre to turn on Ziggler and kick him out of the group.  I think it is more likely that Strowman turns on Ziggler and McIntyre and return to his babyface status.  I never really understood the Strowman turn anyway.  The third is kind of long shot.  Turn McIntyre to a babyface.  Ziggler is a natural heel and Strowman could turn at anytime the fans would accept him.  I could see Ziggler and Strowman turning on McIntyre.  McIntyre is over with the fans, has a great look and would do great as a babyface.  RAW has planted seeds for a turn in both the Shield and the Strowman faction.  Better writing this week on RAW, they have me more interested in the angles.

Rousey gets another win


Is Rhonda Rousey undefeated in WWE?  I can’t remember her ever losing a match.  I don’t like her as a Womens champion, but that’s another story for another day.  She had a single’s match with Ruby Riott on RAW last night.  Her match was actually pretty good.  Ruby was in control most of the match, but Rousey won with an armbar in the end.  This is probably unpopular, but I am not a fan of Rousey as a WWE superstar.  I know she is putting the work in, but it’s too much, too soon.  I feel like Rousey would probably agree.  I’m not sure if she has a short-term contract or Vince really wants Rousey to be the face of his product, but it’s defintley too much, too soon.

As for the Bella’s, it seems that Brie has been scrutinized for her botched kicks last Monday.  It’s wrestling, it’s dangerous.  The superstars are highly trained, but accidents happen.  I hope this doesn’t derail Brie’s comeback as she is my favorite of the two Bella’s.  She could also use this, to turn heel.  It would be the perfect time as most fans don’t like her due to the reality shows.  Throw in the botched kicks and she could get Alexa Bliss heat.  I would like to see a rivalry between Liv Morgan and Brie Bella grow from this.

Konnor on a winning streak


First off, let me start by saying I absolutely hate the pairing of Bobby Roode and Chad Gable.  As soon as Roode’s music hit, I immediatley rolled my eyes.  Please, please, please, please have Bobby Roode turn on this guy and turn heel.  Bobby Roode and Konnor went one on one in a decent match, with Konnor picking up the win.  Yes, you read that right, Konnor wins again!

Alexa Bliss great even when not in the ring

Alexa Bliss cut a great promo on Trish Stratus saying she was her hero when she was younger.  When Alexa was younger, she had the opportunity to meet Trish.  She went on to say how Trish was very rude to her, burping in her face, ripping up her autograph book and stepping on her foot.  Alexa is great in and out of the ring.  When WWE is ready to turn her babyface she will be, without question, the most popular wrestler on the roster.

B-Team back on track

The B-Team got a much-needed win last night over the Revival.  I am worried this team is headed for more dark matches.  Obviously, they are not as hot as they were when they were Tag Team champs, but the crowd in Seattle seemed to be behind them.  After the match A.O.P. came down and attacked the B-Team.  Setting up a rivalry that will probably culminate in a PPV pre show match.

Seth Rollins vs Drew McIntyre


Seth Rollins is another guy, that could wrestle anyone and have a great match.  That is not a knock on Drew McIntyre, because he is great as well.  This match was a really good match, continuing the Shield storyline.  The match went back and forth, before Rollins started getting the upper hand.  At that point Ziggler’s music hit, and he ran down to the ring and slid under the ropes never touching Rollins.  The distraction was enough for McIntyre to load up and hit the Claiborne kick for the win.  After the match it was a typical may lay from both the Shield and Ziggler, McIntyre and Strowman.  The Shield was beat by their foes, setting up an almost guarantee that they will be victorious at Super Show Down.  Check out gohomepwb.com on Friday, when I give my predictions for the show.


Don’t mention basketball in Seattle


Kevin Owens vs Bobby Lashley was the next match.  But before the match was started, Elias and Owens were in the ring and Elias was giving his patented mini concert.  At one point Elias made a comment about the Seattle Supersonics leaving town.  That caused the crowd to boo, like I have never heard before.  It made Reigns getting booed on the RAW after mania, in which he beat the Undertaker, seem like cheers.  These boo’s went on for minutes, probably five or more minutes of steady boo’s!  Elias and Owens had a very hard time getting through the rest of the segment.  Even shouting into the mic, yet he was still hard to hear.

Lio Rush came out to “hype” Lashley, but no one cared what he had to say.  The crowd was still booing from the Supersonics comment.  Lashley came out and had a match with Owens in which Owens won with a school boy after the distraction on the outside.  The match was ok, but the boo’s stole the show last night.

Bayley beats Alicia Fox

Quick, lame and predictable.  Bayley won the match with a Bayley to belly.  Honestly, I feel like the match was a cool down before the HBK segment.

A blast from the past


Yes.  That is Shawn Micheals.  He’s bald now!  A bit of a surprise, but not as surprising as DX vs The Brothers of Destruction.  HBK was in the ring hyping the match between HHH and The Undertaker this Saturday.  HBK told the Seattle crowd that “if Kane got involved he would brush him back with a little sweet chin music.”  Then Kane’s music hit!  He came down to the ring and stared at HBK, when the lights went out.  We hear the GONG!  The lights come back on and Undertaker is in the ring!  HBK is surprised by this, turns around and gets knocked down by Kane.  HHH to the rescue!  HHH comes running down to the ring to help his friend, but is overpowered by the Undertaker.  Kane and Undertaker lock both HBK and HHH in the throat, and perform a double chokeslam.  Undertaker then picked up HHH and but him in the tombstone piledriver.  This closed the show setting up what I think will be a great match this Saturday!

Be sure to check out gohomepwb.com tomorrow for the Smackdown Live review.  Alot of hype heading into Super Showdown this Saturday at 5am!


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