My first weekly WWE top ten rankings

First, let me say thank you for all of you who are following my blog!

After watching RAW and Smackdown Live this week, I have compiled my top ten rankings of the superstars on the shows.  Five from RAW and five from Smackdown Live.  I will list them from ten to one.  So, here goes!

10. Shelton Benjamin


At number 10, Shelton Benjamin.  He went from me wondering if he was even employed with WWE, to picking up a huge win over Daniel Bryan.  Although, with a little help from The Miz, but nonetheless a win.  Good for Benjamin, lets hope this leads to more TV time.

9. The Bar


The Bar is on the list for simply cutting short the New Day segment.  Usually, I really enjoy the New Day, but I wasn’t really interested in what they were doing last Tuesday night.  The Bar is great individually, but as a team unreal!  My hope is that they take the titles from the New Day this Saturday, but you will have to check out tomorrow for my predictions.

8. Konnor


Nope, that is not a mistake.  Konnor has been on a two-week winning streak.  Which may be the longest of his main roster career.  His wins over Chad Gable and Bobby Roode in the past couple of weeks, has really helped the Ascension and more specifically Konnor get noticed.  I wouldn’t be surprised if Konnor went on to a singles run very soon.

7. The Fabulous Truth


The Fabulous Truth have been on a roll as well lately.  A very entertaining one and done Truth TV last week and a big win over Almas and Vega on Tuesday night.  The crowd loves this pairing and I do too.  A well deserved spot on my weekly top ten!

6. Drew McIntyre


Drew McIntyre is as Mark Henry puts it “a grown-ass man”.  He had a big win over the Intercontinental Champion Seth Rollins on Monday night.  A near clean win, but Dolph Ziggler did run down for a distraction that allowed McIntyre to hit the Claiborne kick for the win.  Even without a Ziggler distraction, I think Drew McIntyre would have won.

5. Elias


At number five, a man who didn’t even have a match.  Elias with one sentence had a Seattle crowd ready to jump the barricade and beat the ever-living out of him.  I really like Elias, but I would like to see him in a title picture soon.  I get it, right now he doesn’t need a title, but it would still be nice to see him in a meaningful feud.

4. Roman Reigns


A probable main stay on the weekly top ten, as he never loses.  He had a clean victory of Dolph Ziggler last Monday in a great match.  Granted I think Ziggler carried him, and the crowd was starting to boo Reigns halfway through the match, Reigns did pick up the win and the crowd cheered the victory.  The Universal champion is probably going to hold the title for quite some time.

3. Randy Orton


Randy Orton has revitalized his career.  A year ago, as a face, although feuding with Jinder Mahal for the WWE title, his work felt forced and lame.  Give me Orton as a heel any day.  His work with Hardy was great, and now Tye Dillinger is great!  I’ve said it before and still feel this way, he is doing attitude era type heel tactics, and I love it.

2. Undertaker


I had a tough decision to make for number one and two on the list.  But at a close second this week, the one and only Undertaker!  He came out as a surprise on Monday night, and with his brother Kane, put a whooping on Shawn Michaels and Triple H.  I just had an attitude era flash back!  I love this angle, and I know it’s the last time ever this Saturday, but I can’t wait to see what will be a bittersweet match.

1. Becky Lynch


Is there anyone hotter in the WWE than Becky Lynch?  Take that anyway you want, but I am talking more about her work, as to her looks.  She is probably the most popular wrestler on the roster right now.  And she is supposed to be a heel!  Let’s hope that double turn I have been calling happens soon and we see Becky get the cheers as a face.  It should be a great match between Becky and Charlotte this Saturday.  Tune in tomorrow for my predictions on the match.

That’s it, my top ten for the this week.  Let me know what you think.  Check out tomorrow for my Super Show-Down predictions.



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