Smackdown Live Review

Smackdown started out with the Women’s championship re match from Super Show-Down.  We didn’t even get to see the entrances, the women were already in the ring when the show started.

Charlotte vs Becky Lynch for the Women’s championship


The Charlotte vs Becky saga continues.  The stipulation for this match was if Becky gets disqualified, she will lose her championship.  Another great match from Charlotte and Becky, with Becky the clear fan favorite.  Charlotte didn’t let it phase her as she was very focused during the match.  Her only mistake was a badly missed moonsault from the top rope to the outside.  The women then fought on the outside until they were both counted out and the match ended to a chorus of boos from the Indianapolis crowd.  However, the fight was not over as Becky and Charlotte threw each other around until they reached the top of the entrance ramp.  As you can see in the photo above Charlotte hit Becky with a spear through the L.E.D. board.  It was nasty to watch, as I believe the panels did not break away as intended, causing both women to have several lacerations on their arms and back.  Charlotte appeared to be in a lot of pain as she was holding her arm, but ended up being ok.  She went on to wrestle in her mixed matched challenge match after Smackdown.  This has been a great rivalry to watch, but I think it will culminate at the Evolution PPV later this month.  I am still hoping for a double turn, but the longer this feud plays out, the more I start to think it will not happen.  Either way, the last women standing match at Evolution should be a match to remember.

Jeff Hardy Returns!


Jeff Hardy made his return to the ring last night as he took on Samoa Joe, with the winner receiving a spot in the World Cup Tournament that will be held at Crowned Jewel in Saudi Arabia.  Once I first heard this match was going to take place, I thought there is no way Hardy wins, but I was pleasantly surprised.  Samoa Joe came to the ring still favoring the knee that was injured at Super Show-Down in the WWE title match with AJ Styles.  Joe was vicious as usual, but Hardy had a target on the Joe’s knee.  Hardy went after the knee every chance he got, and eventually it was enough for Hardy to pick up the win as Joe was not able to stand on his leg.  The referee then called off the match and awarded Hardy the match, saying Joe was not physically able to continue.  The World Cup is shaping up to be a great tournament.

Next Week on Smackdown 1000 Rey Mysterio Jr. returns to wrestle Shinsuke Nakamura for a spot in the World Cup tournament.  So far, every wrestler in the tournament has been a former WWE World Champion.  I think all eight wrestlers in the tournament will be top-tier wrestlers.  I can’t wait to see how this plays out.

Speaking of Smackdown 1000 next week, it was also announced that Evolution will return.  I am somewhat puzzled by this announcement because Evolution was on RAW.  It makes me wonder who else may show up on the blue brands 1000th show.  Personally I hope to see Edge and Christian and The Undertaker and Kane.  All staples to the foundation of Smackdown.  I think we are in for a few surprises.

Miz TV


Miz TV is a segment that almost never disappoints.  The Miz’s guest last night were the two superstars that will do battle for the WWE title at Crowned Jewel.  Challenger Daniel Bryan and reigning WWE Champion AJ Styles.  Bryan and Styles planted a few seeds for their upcoming match, but for the most part took shots at the Miz.  Miz then went on an epic tangent burying both Bryan and Styles verbally.  When it comes to in-ring action give me DB and AJ any day of the week, but when it comes to talking on the mic, no one does it better than The Miz.  I look for The Miz to get involved in this feud somehow over the next few weeks, and eventually the match at Crowned Jewel will be a triple threat match.  Honestly, I would like to see a one on one contest between DB and AJ before we get that triple threat, but either way it will be fun to see how this angle plays out as well.

AJ Styles went on to have a match with Shelton Benjamin after Miz TV.  Benjamin had a big win last week against Daniel Bryan, all be it by distraction from the Miz.  Benjamin looked to continue his winning streak this week against AJ, but was not successful.  The match was great as both competitiors had a crip, clean match.  AJ eventually hit the phenomenal forearm for the win.

One night in Milwaukee part two

Aiden English came out to try to add a little more gas to the dumpster fire that is One Night in Milwaukee.  He played a little more of the video, and then Rusev and Lana came out.  Aiden said he would throw away the tape if Rusev dropped Lana and joined him to reunite Rusev Day.  However, Rusev and Lana hacked his phone and played the rest of the video which showed English clearly trying to come onto Lana.  Lana declined and left immediately.  After the video played, Aiden said that if Lana ever got tired of Rusev Day, she could come enjoy an Aiden night.  A great line, that infuriated Rusev as he then chased him around the ring trying to bring harm.  English got away, setting up a future feud with Rusev.  Hopefully it will be quick, and Rusev could go after the U.S. title very soon.

Big Show returns to wrestle Randy Orton


The Big Show returned to the ring last night for the first time in over a year after having surgery.  He had the unfortunate task of wrestling Randy Orton for a spot in the World Cup.  Big Show put up a great fight, but it was a poke to the eye followed by an RKO to end the match.  Orton with a big win last night to put him in the World Cup tournament along with John Cena, Kurt Angle and Jeff Hardy, all men former World champions.  Orton is a great addition to the tournament.  I thought originally that the World Cup tournament was going to have wrestlers from different countries, however it is becoming more and more apparent that the World Cup is featuring wrestlers that were former world champions.  Spoiler alert, look for Rey Mysterio to win next week against Shinsuke Nakamura.

Another great show from Smackdown last night.  The rivalries are on a cool down for a week as next weeks 1000th show will be more of a celebration.  Lets just hope Smackdown will not go to three hours from here on out like RAW did after their 1000th episode.

Check out tomorrow for my weekly Top Ten rankings.




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