Weekly WWE top ten

RAW and Smackdown have come and gone and I have compiled my week to week top ten list.  So here goes…

10. The Bella Twins


After picking up victories on Saturday at Super Show-Down and Monday night RAW this week, the Bella’s were already on a roll.  Granted, Rhonda Rousey was the member of the six woman team that actually won the match for the team, but the Bella’s had everyone talking about them after turning on Rousey Monday night.  Look for Nikki to challenge for the WWE title at Evolution, or perhaps a handicap match for the Women’s title.

9. Charlotte


Charlotte has been in the middle of one of the hottest feuds in all of WWE right now.  Her work with Becky Lynch is amazing.  She is able to do things that a lot of other superstars, including men, can’t do in the ring.  Winning via DQ on Saturday and spearing Becky through the L.E.D. entry on Tuesday has earned her a spot on this weeks top ten list.

8. A.O.P.


A.O.P. didn’t even have a match on Saturday or Monday, but they made an impact when they came to the ring after the Roode/Gable vs Ascension match.  The decimated both teams with ease and are catapulting themselves up the ranks in the tag team division.

7. Randy Orton


Randy Orton continues to dominate his competition.  This week taking on the returning Big Show in a one on one contest for a spot in the World Cup tournament.  He had a convincing win against the Big Show, only relying once on heel tactic to pick up the victory.

6. Becky Lynch


Although Becky came up short on Saturday and wrestled to a double count out on Tuesday, the simple fact that she is the Smackdown Women’s Champion and the most popular superstar on Smackdown, is enough to earn a spot on the top ten list.  She is the most popular superstar on Smackdown despite being a heel.  Both Becky and Charlotte made the list this week because their rivalry is so hot right now.  I am still hoping for a double turn at evolution, but am losing optimism that it will happen.  Either way, this has been a great storyline.

5. Jeff Hardy


In his first match since his incredibly dangerous bump in the Hell in the Cell, Hardy picked up a surprise victory (in my opinion) over Samoa Joe.  Samoa Joe was still nursing a knee injury that he sustained at Super Show-Down at the hands of AJ Styles.  The injured knee was the focus for Jeff Hardy as he went after it every chance he had.  The referee stopped the match due to Samoa Joe’s injury giving Hardy the victory.

4. Drew McIntyre


Drew McIntyre comes it at number four after getting the pinfall win on Dean Amborse Monday night.  It was seems like a never-ending feud between Strowman, Ziggler and McIntyre vs the Shield, McIntyre has looked strong throughout.  Once his tag team title run with Ziggler is over, look for McIntyre to go after the Universal title.

3. DX


If I would have told you a month ago, that DX would be on my top ten list, you would have laughed at me, hell, I would have laughed at myself!  But, yes, you read that right.  Shawn Michaels and Triple H have reunited for what is most likely a one night only match against Kane and The Undertaker.  Yes, you also read that correctly, and the teenage version of myself is going crazy for this match.  It has been twenty-one years since DX was established and aside from less hair, the duo looks great!  Let’s hope over the next few weeks until Crowned Jewel that we get some of those old-fashioned DX schenanagans.

2. Bobby Lashley


Thank God!  This is the Bobby Lashley that I wished we had seen to begin with.  Since his return to the WWE in April, Lashley has been used in meaningless storylines, and quite honestly embarrassing segments.  Now with the heel turn, perhaps we can get that no-nonsense badass that we hoped we were getting in April.  Can’t wait to see the carnage Lashley will produce as heel.

1. AJ Styles


And this weeks number one goes to The Phenomenal AJ Styles.  His submission victory over Samoa Joe on Saturday and a solid win Tuesday against Shelton Benjamin makes him my clear-cut number one.  Not to mention he has been your WWE champion for nearly a year now.  AJ always delivers and I know I am looking forward to a great match with Daniel Bryan at Crowned Jewel.

That’s it for this week, let me know what you think.  Did I get it right or did I snub a few superstars?  Speaking of snubs, on Friday I will give my thoughts on the wrestlers that didn’t make cut for WWE 2K19.

You can catch me on twitter @thekess22, also feel free to like or comment on this article and as always thanks for checking out gohomepwb.com.


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