Top 3 Fan Favorites in WWE

There is a lot of talk about the best heel’s in the business, but there is very little talk about who the best babyface’s are.  So that is what I want to focus on today, the good guys.  I always said, that if I ever became a professional wrestler I would be a bad guy.  Bad guys didn’t have to do much to get booed.  All you had to do was say something derogatory about the crowd or make fun of the city they lived in.  A wrestler could cheat and do things in a cowardly manner and instantly they were a bad guy.  You could tell who the bad guy was and who the good guy was by watching their entrance.  A good guy would always give a few high fives to the crowd.  Maybe they would shake hands or kiss a baby, or perhaps give them a shirt or a hat that they wore to the ring.  The best bad guys ignored the fans and refused to shake hands or give high fives.  So where it seems easy to get a boo from a fan, it would appear to be twice as hard to get them to cheer.

Typically a fan favorite has earned the respect of the crowd, and that takes time.  A fan favorite may get a pity cheer because they were viciously attacked by a faction, or maybe they were the victim of a surprise attack, or sucker punch.  Maybe their best friend and tag team partner turned on them.  Sometimes it is easy to get a cheer when a fan favorite was wronged.  But to just earn respect, well, that takes time and years of tactful decisions.

I have narrowed down the top three babyface’s in WWE today.  Again this is just my opinion and in no way shape or form is set in stone.  Who knows?  Perhaps tonight on RAW one of the wrestlers on the list will turn heel?  All I do know is that the three on my list get the most consistent cheers from the WWE universe.  So, from three to one, they are as follows:

3. Rhonda Rousey


Rhonda Rousey has been dangerously close to getting boo’s from the WWE universe.  However, with careful planning and placement of people around her, she continues to get some of the biggest ovations week after week.  We know she was successful in UFC and pretty much everything else she did prior to WWE, but she had a lot to prove to wrestling fans.  Her debut match at Wrestlemania in April was actually quite impressive, and yes I know she was in there with Triple H and Kurt Angle, two of the greatest of all time, she still had to remember her spots and execute them properly.  A lot to ask for someone wrestling their fist match in front of over seventy thousand fans.  Currently she is the RAW women’s champion and if you didn’t catch her verbal beat down of The Bella Twins last Monday, do yourself a favor and check it out.  Great work from Rhonda so far.

2. AJ Styles


AJ Styles has been WWE champion for close to a year now.  He has always been a fan favorite, even when WWE tried to make him a heel when he first came to WWE.  AJ has a lot on his side that makes him a fan favorite.  Here is a guy who has wrestled everywhere for close to twenty years before joining WWE.  So he was well-known and already had the respect of the WWE fan base.  Though he has a great look, he’s not a real big guy.  In most cases, being the smaller wrestler in the ring.  So naturally he looks as if he is the underdog, and everybody roots for the underdog.  He has great entrance music and his attire is cool.  But what sets AJ Styles apart from the other babyface’s in WWE is his move set.  He has a repertoire of moves, that no one else can pull off.  Very high-flying and acrobatic.  He sells his opponents moves better than anyone else and is just naturally a likeable guy.

1. Seth Rollins


Although I think he has cooled off a little bit, I still think Seth Rollins gets the loudest ovations every Monday Night.  I don’t think there was a more popular wrestler than Seth Rollins in the months that followed Wrestlemania.  His work rate alone has earned him the respect of the WWE universe.  I don’t think it was until he lost the open challenge to Dolph Ziggler early in the summer, before he started to cool off.  I also believe The Shield has held his popularity back a little, because nobody likes Roman Reigns.  Once The Shield members go their separate ways, look for Rollins to regain or exceed the popularity he had right after Wrestlemania.

Another quick read today, but I should have plenty to write about tomorrow for my weekly RAW review.  Thanks for reading and checking out


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