GoHomePWB.com Weekly top ten

An emotional week of wrestling with some shocking announcements and turns.  It was a challenge to come up with the top ten this week, because RAW was incredible and Smackdown was somewhat lame.  So here goes:

10. Rusev


Rusev was able to squash his beef with former friend Aiden English on Smackdown Live this week.  And I use the term squash deliberately as the match was quick and one-sided.  Lets see if this puts Rusev into some more serious storylines.

9. Big Show


Outside of his loss to Randy Orton in his return match a few weeks ago, Big Show has looked dominate.  He has aligned himself with The Bar and helped them win the Smackdown tag team titles, and put a beating on Kofi Kingston this past week.  Big Show, despite his size and age, can still go in the ring and I think he could compete for the WWE title very soon.

8. Drew McIntyre


Although he and Dolph Ziggler lost their tag team titles Monday night, he is looking very strong against Braun Strowman.  He has been getting the better of Strowman for the past two weeks hitting him with multiple Claymore kicks.  I wouldn’t be totally surprised if McIntyre cost Strowman the title at Crown Jewel.  Drew McIntyre will be a universal champion someday, it’s all but guaranteed.

7. Rey Mysterio


Rey Mysterio had another solid win on Smackdown this past Tuesday, making the top ten for the second week in a row.  Mysterio had a great match with The Miz and picked up a clean win against him with his six one nine finisher.  I think Rey will win his first match in the World Cup tournament, but I don’t think he will win the tournament.  I think after Crown Jewel he will go after Shinsuke Nakamura and the U.S. title.

6. Finn Balor


Are we finally going to see Finn Balor in a meaningful feud?  That would be great!  Monday night he went one on one with Bobby Lashley and picked up a big win.  Not a surprising win, because I think WWE is trying to get Balor back to a main event or high mid card wrestler.  I think a small feud with Lashley will get him right back on track.

5. The Uso’s


For the second week in a row, the Uso’s are in the top ten.  Another big win against AJ Styles and Daniel Bryan.  These guys should be in the tag team title picture and after a couple of wins against the WWE champion and the number one contender, you have to put them in consideration for the tag team championships.

4. Randy Orton


A mainstay on the top ten list is the one, the only… Randy Orton.  He has looked great as a heel lately and I think he will win the World Cup tournament at Crown Jewel.  I think the writers at Smackdown are slowly building Orton for a WWE title feud with AJ Styles very soon.  That is a rivalry I would love to see and their matches would be amazing.  Good work from Randy Orton lately!

3. Elias


Could we be on the verge of a fan favorite Elias?  Man, I hope so!  Elias is one of the most popular wrestlers on the roster, as a heel!  In what looked like an apparent baby face turn Monday night, Elias shattered his guitar over the back of Baron Corbin.  Not to mention a solid match and win against Apollo Crews.  Look for Elias to get a lot of cheers next Monday night.

2. Dean Ambrose


Dean Ambrose, what the hell did we see Monday night.  Dean Ambrose has been hinting at a heel turn for weeks now, and it finally happened Monday night.  Not only did he and Seth Rollins win the tag team titles Monday night in honor of Roman Reigns, he had everybody talking about him by the end of the night.  I think we all expected him to turn at some point, but not on that night.  He looked great as a heel, and he with that turn on Rollins will be the most hated guy in WWE.

1. Roman Reigns


You can’t help but feel for Roman Reigns right now.  He announced on Monday night that he will be stepping away from wrestling for a while due to being diagnosed with leukemia for a second time.  Unfortunate news, but Reigns is not letting it get him down and said he will be back very, very soon!  I am pulling for a return and I hope it’s sooner than later.  I will admit I was one of those fans who would boo Reigns and always hoped that WWE would turn him heel.  There is no question rather you loved or hated the character of Roman Reigns, that you can respect his work.  Best wishes and prayers to Roman Reigns and we will see you soon!

Let me know what you think of the top ten this week.  Tomorrow gohomepwb.com will give the predictions for Evolution.  Thanks for reading!





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