NXT War Games and WWE Survivor Series Review

NXT War Games from Los Angles went about as expected, except for a surprise appearance from new comer Matt Riddle. He had an impromptu match that lasted about 10 seconds. He is as over as over gets and I like his personality. The slippers, long hair and bro talk is going to be a great addition to the brand. Kassius Ohio had the unfortunate task of jobbing for Riddle. Riddle will be NXT champion before the end of 2019.

Shayna Baszler victorious

Shayna Baszler went one on one in a two out of three falls match against long time rival Kairi Sane. The match was good but quick for a two out of three match. Baszler received help from her friends to pick up the first fall. Not to be out done, Sane was given help from her friends so she could focus on Baszler. Sane was able to pick up the second fall. The third fall appeared to look as if Sane was going to win after she hit her elbow drop. But Baszler was able to roll her up after the move and pick up the win. Seemingly ending the rivalry.

gohomepwb.com pick: Shayna Baszler Winner: Shayna Baszler (overall PPV record 18-11)

Johnny Gargano vs Aleister Black

New heel Gargano went one on one with Aleister Black in probably the match of the night. Gargano and Black have very good chemistry in the ring and the build of the story in the match was excellent. Black was able to pick up the win in a dramatic fashion that took two black mass kicks to get the job done. I’m not sure this rivalry is over just yet, and I would be ok with that. I think before the next Takeover Gargano and Ciampa will be teaming up again

gohomepwb.com pick: Aleister Black Winner: Aleister Black (overall PPV record 19-11)

NXT Championship match

NXT champion Tommaso Ciampa took on the eccentric Velveteen Dream in an instant classic match on Saturday night. Ciampa is a great heel and played to it Saturday night. Velveteen Dream came to the ring paying homage to Hollywood Hogan wearing tights, bandana, weightlifting belt and even using his mannerisms while in the ring. The L.A. crowd was eating it up. The match went back and forth and was very entertaining. Both wrestlers pulled out all the stops last night, but it was a hangman’s DDT on the steel patrician that did Velveteen in. Ciampa pulled him in the ring and was able to get the pin. “Goldy” was back in the hands of his rightful owner.

gohomepwb.com pick: Tommaso Ciampa Winner: Tommaso Ciampa (overall PPV record 20-11)

War Games

For the second year in a row the Undisputed Era was involved in the war Games match. Their opponents Ricochet, Pete Dunne and the War Raiders Hanson and Rowe. These eight men went all out last night. All kinds of high spots that was highlighted by Ricochets double back flip off the top of the cage. That was preceded by a seven man super plex that saw Adam Cole Bay Bay, take a bump from the top of the cage. Tables, chairs and trash cans were also involved. Hanson of the War Raiders impressed me the most moving around both rings with incredible agility. He was doing things that some 205 Live guys can’t do. The match was a good thirty minutes long and ended after both Pete Dunne and Ricochet pinned Adam Cole.

gohomepwb.com pick: Undisputed Era Winner: Ricochet, Pete Dunne and the War Raiders (overall PPV record 20-12)

War Games was actually better than I anticipated, but I am never disappointed with a Takeover event. Now let’s take a look at Survivor Series.

Survivor Series

For the second night in a row WWE took over Los Angeles. This time it was the main rosters turn to excite the crowd. And to my surprise, they didn’t disappoint. I was shocked at the outcome of several of the matches and I think that’s why I was pleasantly surprised. The first match of the night was the tag team version of the Survivor Series match. It was for the most part a sloppy match, but it did have some pretty awesome spots. In particular, the German suplex from the top rope to the wrestles on the floor. As predicted it was a forgettable match that didn’t even count toward the overall total of the night. But it counts toward my overall PPV record and I picked this match correctly.

gohomepwb.com pick: Smackdown Winner: Smackdown (overall PPV record 21-12)

Women’s Survivor Series match

The women’s match started the actual PPV and because Natalya and Ruby Riott got into a fight prior to the PPV, they were replaced by Sasha Banks and Bayley on team RAW. It didn’t matter who they put on the team, Nia Jax is not losing right now. She was nearly booed out of the building last night, and for good reason. She took out the most popular wrestler on the roster last Monday and it looks as if Nia and Becky may be a feud for Wrestlemania. I would have thought Becky and Ronda, but after last night my thoughts have changed on that. Nonetheless RAW won the women’s match as predicted.

gohomepwb.com pick: RAW Winner: RAW (overall PPV record 22-12)

Seth Rollins vs Shinsuke Nakamura

In what I was calling the show stealer of the night Intercontinental champion Seth Rollins took on United States champion Shinsuke Nakamura. The match did not disappoint, however I was wrong on the show stealer part. That match came a little later in the night. I thought Dean Ambrose would intervene in the match helping Nakamura win, but that was not the case. And after a lengthy, grueling match Rollins was able to get the win using the curb stomp finisher.

gohomepwb.com pick: Shinsuke Nakamura Winner: Seth Rollins (overall PPV record 22-13)

A.O.P. vs The Bar

This match went exactly as I predicted, with the exception of Drake Maverick pissing his pants. It was an awkward spot in the match, but also pretty funny. A.O.P. Picked up the win shortly after, in an ok match.

gohomepwb.com pick: A.O.P. Winner: A.O.P. (Overall PPV record 23-13)

Cruiserweight Championship

Buddy Murphy and Mustafa Ali went one on one for the cruiserweight championship last night. The match was incredible and we even heard a 205 Live chant from the L.A. crowd. Mustafa Ali has been chasing that championship for a long time, and he has come close on several occasions of winning it. However, last night was not his night either and the chase continues. He will be champion someday sooner than later, but the winner as predicted, Buddy Murphy.

gohomepwb.com pick: Buddy Murphy Winner: Buddy Murphy (overall PPV record 24-13)

Men’s Survivor Series match

Team Smackdown vs Team RAW men’s edition, was better than the women’s edition in my opinion. On paper RAW should have easily won this match, and at Survivor Series that’s exactly what happened. Only Finn Balor and Dolph Ziggler were eliminated from the RAW side. There were some great spots mostly by Shane McMahon. I initially took RAW in this match and switched my pick last-minute, and that was the wrong thing to do. RAW won and after the match Corbin hit Strowman from behind. This will probably be a TLC match before Strowman takes on Lesnar at Royal Rumble.

gohomepwb.com pick: Smackdown Winner: RAW (overall PPV record 24-14)

Ronda Rousey vs Charlotte

Holy crap! If you didn’t see this match, or better yet the end of the match, stop what you are doing at once, and go watch it. I’ve been calling for a Charlotte heel turn, for months and I finally got it. And let me tell you it was a brutal beating. Charlotte beat the ever-living out of Rousey. This will eventually be a Wrestlemania match and Charlotte will be The Rock to Becky’s Stone Cold. Oh by the way Rousey won the match via disqualification, but who cares? I’ve never seen Ronda beat up this bad, even in her UFC days. Charlotte will probably be cheered for a while, but being the great heel that she is, she will be getting those boos soon.  This match for me was the show stealer and what everyone will be talking about today.

gohomepwb.com pick: Ronda Rousey Winner: Ronda Rousey (overall PPV record 25-14)

Brock Lesnar vs Daniel Bryan

I was legitimately scared for Daniel Bryan in this match. I know he has been medically cleared, but it’s a rough night when you face Brock Lesnar. Bryan took a few hellacious bumps last night. But he made it interesting and for a brief second, I thought he might actually win this. However, reality sunk in when I realized its freaking Brock Lesnar and he hit Bryan with a F5. I thought that AJ Styles would play part in the match or perhaps a double count out, but Lesnar won clean.

gohomepwb.com pick: No contest Winner: Brock Lesnar (overall PPV record 25-15)

Overall a fun weekend of wrestling, that will lead to multiple storyline options headed into the new year. I always enjoy the RAW and Smackdowns after a PPV.  I was honestly shocked to see RAW sweep the night.  It really makes Smackdown look bad. It will be interesting to see what happens going forward.

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I hope you enjoyed the read and as always thanks for checking out gohomepwb.com.


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