GoHomePWB Weekly Top Ten

A crazy week in the WWE with the TLC pay per view Sunday night and the return of the McMahon family who provided a much needed jolt to RAW and Smackdown. Personally, I didn’t care for either show this week. But it’s week one of a fresh start and I like to think I have a lot of patience. And patience is a virtue when it comes to getting a better product from WWE television.

We went through this before with the start of the attitude era over two decades ago and that was the best era in wrestling. So, I am willing to be patient with creative and see how this all unfolds. So now that RAW and Smackdown are over, it’s time for this weeks top ten.

10. The Miz

The Miz is still in a strange story line with Shane McMahon, but he was able to pick up a win against R-Truth on Smackdown. He is entertaining regardless of wether he has a match or not. His segment with Mr.McMahon was pretty funny and he always gets a reaction from the crowd. Let’s hope this storyline leads to something good for The Miz.

9. Dolph Ziggler

Dolph Ziggler comes in at number nine this week. Yes, I know he didn’t win or lose his match and yes, he did get his head nearly kicked off by Drew McIntyre, but up until then the match with Balor was great. Ziggler consistently has great matches and is taken for granted. Let’s hope he is not buried again like the past couple of years.

8. Jeff Hardy

Jeff Hardy, who is consistently in my weekly top ten didn’t even have a match last night. Be he not only got the better of Samoa Joe verbally, he got the better of him physically too. This is an interesting rivalry I am interested in seeing play out.

7. The Revival

Finally some respect for The Revival. They were able to pick up the win in a number one contenders fatal four way tag team match Monday night. Let’s hope this is the start of a revamped tag team division on RAW. And who better to help bring legitimacy back to the division than The Revival.

6. Daniel Bryan

Daniel Bryan gets the number six spot this week. Yes, he took the pin fall loss on Smackdown, but he beat AJ Styles clean on Sunday night at TLC. Not many men can say that especially considering the year Styles has had. Bryan was the victim of a botched 054 last night, so let’s hope he’s ok. I think he has a long run as champ ahead of him.

5. Finn Balor

After a big win at TLC Sunday night, Balor and Ziggler put on the best match on RAW. The match did not have a clear winner thanks to Drew McIntyre, but it ended the way it needed to. The match made both Balor and Ziggler look strong and set up what should be a great triple threat match for next week.

4. Mustafa Ali

Mustafa Ali has been getting quite the push lately. It was made official during last nights Smackdown that he is now a full time member of the Smackdown Live roster. And on his second week on the show he pinned the WWE champion. He did miss the landing on his finisher, so let’s hope he doesn’t get punished for it.

3. Natalya

Natalya is in a roll lately. Sunday night she put every member of the Riott Squad through a table and Monday night won a gauntlet match to earn a title match. That match will take place next Monday on RAW. I highly doubt she wins next week, but I think it would be good for both her and Rousey if she does. Rousey doesn’t need the title, she’s an attraction. Natalya could do great things for the title as champion.

2. Dean Ambrose

Your new intercontinental champion Dean Ambrose is on fire right now. He is great as a heel and despite the “boring” chants at TLC, Dean Ambrose usually has great matches. He also beat a game Tyler Breeze in an I-C title open challenge on RAW. A big week for the new morale compass of the WWE.

1. Asuka

Another person to be crowned as a new champion Sunday night is the Empress of Tomorrow, Asuka. She has been rolling lately, and her push culminated in a Women’s Championship win at TLC. She then put her title on the line last night and was able to beat Naomi in the match of the night.

Things are honestly a little weird in the WWE right now. It’s basically a clean slate for both shows and one would think it could only get better. I hate to see what happens if they get worse, I’m not sure they can get much worse.

Thanks for checking out this weeks top ten, and as always thanks for reading gohomepwb.com!