AEW Still Making Noise

After the rally in Jacksonville, Florida last week I personally thought that AEW would not have as much note worthy news this week…man, was I wrong.  AEW continues to make waves in the pro wrestling community with breaking news nearly everyday.  Some interesting insights about the upstart promotion were given this week, but it’s news coming out of WWE that has me even more excited about AEW.

There have been multiple reports that several WWE wrestlers have asked for their release and/or have decided not to re-sign a new contract, most notably Dolph Ziggler.  It doesn’t necessarily mean that he is going to AEW, but it certainly leaves the door open for something along those lines.

Ziggler who will be 39 this year, may be winding down his pro wrestling career.  As many know he sidelined as a stand up comic during his WWE days and it would appear he is going to focus on that for a while.  I wouldn’t rule out an AEW signing in the future though, as a lighter schedule with that company would allow more dates for his comedy.

A few other wrestlers reportedly asking for their release from WWE were The Revival and Mike and Maria Kanellis.  All of these wrestlers have been underutilized or booked wrong in my opinion.  The Revival in NXT was great to watch and always put on great matches… on the main roster, not so much.

The Kanellis’ have rarely been seen on t.v. since their debut, and it would appear that WWE doesn’t have much for them.  Again keep in mind these are all reports and nothing has been confirmed or denied, but it just goes to show the uproar that AEW has caused.  In time I wouldn’t be surprised if we see  a few of these “reports” come to life.

As for AEW, they are doing things in an unorthodox manner when it comes to some of the decision-making of their promotion.  Which so far, has been to their benefit.  Wrestlers want to come work for AEW and they haven’t even put on a show yet.  Cody and The Young Bucks are a part of an organic movement in wrestling that a lot of people want to be a part of.

I say organic because most of the “movements” in WWE have been produced.  With the exception of the “YES” movement.  But I am not talking about one wrestler, I am talking about an era of wrestling.  Your; rock ‘n’ wrestling, new generation,  attitude era, ruthless aggression era, pg era and the universe era.  All of these movements were decisions by a company head that we as fans were forced to accept.

Ok, so forced is a little strong but hopefully you know what I mean.  Outside of maybe the attitude era, all those other era’s in wrestling were not change because the fans wanted it, but change because that was, as they say “best for business.”  So when Cody and the Bucks do things as independent wrestlers and it catches on like it has, that’s an organic movement.

Being the Elite was seen by thousands, perhaps hundreds at first, and now it has become a global sensation.  I sincerely hope that we get to see AEW on a live weekly basis.  I don’t think it would be wise to compete with WWE on Monday or Tuesday Nights, but maybe a Thursday or Friday.

The problem is, Monday night is the best night of the week for wrestling.  Pay per views are typically on Sunday nights, and we want the fallout the following night.  Or maybe RAW has been on for so long, that we are trained to believe that.  I don’t think it would be wise to start a Monday night war again, and I don’t think AEW will.

Going with their “against the norm” decisions, I’m sure AEW will find a way to get eyes or their product.  I found it interesting that Cody Rhodes mentioned that there is no plans for writers in AEW for now, and that wins and losses are going to matter.  For me, this makes AEW completely different from WWE and that’s the idea.

I’m sure by the time some of you read this, we will have more new news on AEW.  They have been the talk of the wrestling town, even with WrestleMania right around the corner.  The best time of the year to be a wrestling fan is from January to April.  But I thought we would be talking WWE, not AEW.

New York/New Jersey will host WrestleMania this year, and the nice thing about WrestleMania weekend is it’s not just a WWE thing anymore.  A lot of wrestling promotions will be in the area for the weekend trying to get eyes on their product.  It will be very interesting to see what AEW will be doing that first weekend in April.

If you tuned in for a Royal Rumble blog, I apologize.  I couldn’t help but talk AEW again.  The plan for Monday is to be about the Royal Rumble.  Also I am in the progress of updating the website, so I ask for your patience as it is a work in progress.  But as always thanks for checking out  Have a great weekend!


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