I’m a Pro Wrestling Guy

So I get it, yesterday was the day of the Super Bowl. The WrestleMania of the NFL as I like to call it. And most people are probably discussing the game and the commercials, but not me. Why? Because I’m a pro wrestling guy! You know what always blows my mind? When I try to talk to people about wrestling, that don’t typically watch it, they always ask me, “you still watch wrestling?” They then follow up with a “you know it’s fake, right?”

After a quick roll of my eyes, I respond with a simple “yes, I still watch it.” In most cases they will add “I just can’t watch that fake stuff.” In my head I have already hit them with a stone cold stunner, two super kicks and power bomb off the top rope through a table. But on the outside, in my customers service voice I say, “well it’s not for everyone.”

But the truth is, I am lying to them. Today’s wrestling is not like it was twenty years ago. As a matter of fact it’s changed drastically over the last five to ten years. I like to believe that there is a wrestling product out there, right now, that anyone can enjoy. If you can’t get what you want from WWE, then try Ring of Honor, New Japan or Impact wrestling.

Now more than ever, pro wrestling is popular and is becoming more mainstream. Most WWE wrestlers are recognized even when not in the realms of a WWE show or event. They are in movies and hosting award shows. They are in music videos and even producing their own music. Wrestling shirts are some of the most sought after merchandise in the world.

So with all things moving up and forward in the world of professional wrestling, why are so many people so quick to laugh at the thought of someone being a fan of it? The answer is simple… ignorance. Now I get that may be strong, but in a nut shell, that’s what it boils down to.

I’m in no way shape or form saying that I’m not naive or ignorant to other things in the world, for instance, politics. I don’t understand why people from the left, hate the people on the right and vice versa. Shouldn’t we be trying to work together? But instead of trying to figure out why one hates the other, I get tired of the bickering and shut it off.

So when it comes to politics, I’m a lot like the people that don’t follow wrestling and respond with, “why do you follow it if it makes you so upset?” And for fun I will add, “you know it’s all fake, right?” I will admit that I am ignorant when it comes to politics. But unlike politics, wrestling to me anyways, is fun. I have never heard of anyone getting death threats because of their wrestling beliefs, but I digress.

Wrestling brings me joy, plain and simple. It has for thirty plus years and hopefully it will for another thirty. I don’t have a problem with anyone that doesn’t, I have a problem with people who try to rain on my parade with their smirks or comments. I am proud to call myself a wrestling fan, and if you love something, be proud of it!

Ninety percent of the wrestlers today will tell you they got into it because they were a fan. I have a question for all hardcore wrestling fans, isn’t it weird how you can remember the exact moment you became a fan? I have heard that from several wrestlers who grew up as fans, that they can remember exactly what happened, and when they said they were going to grow up and do that.

I can’t remember the match I was watching, but I certainly remember the circumstances of when I fell in love with wrestling. Way back in 1988, I was an ornery six year old kid, getting on my dads nerves when he made me sit on the couch and settle down. Just so happens he was watching wrestling and the rest is history.

I’m sure when I pass away, hopefully not for many more decades, one thing that will be mentioned at my service will be my love for professional wrestling. No matter what is going on in my life I can always count on wrestling to take my mind off of it for a while. And trust me, I need a break from my mind every now and then.

If you have read this and are a wrestling fan, I would love to here about the moment when you became a wrestling fan. And if you’re not, I implore you to give it a chance. If you want to start by following this blog, I would be happy to help. (Wink Wink). In all seriousness whether it’s wrestling, politics, NFL or whatever you may love, be proud of it and be happy!

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2 thoughts on “I’m a Pro Wrestling Guy

  1. Great post 😀 to answer your question on how I started becoming a fan of wrestling, well i’ll try and make a long story short, when I was younger I didn’t really have a choice when it came to watching it, because my brother was pretty invested in it, he’d watch it all the time and we shared a room during this time so I couldn’t change the channel when it was on.

    The last episode I remember watching with him, was the draft when Cena went from I believe Raw to Smackdown and back to Raw in the same night, then I went off it for a bit and I think I came back to it around 2013-14 around that time I think.

    I don’t remember the matches or anything like that, I just remember watching wrestling one day seeing the Shield and wondering who they were and then being drawn to Seth Rollins first within the Shield and then from there I just started watching non stop, before I went off it again for a good while………..sorry for the long message there, hope you’re having a good day ^_^

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  2. Thanks for reading the post! Wrestling, is like a classic song, I can remember where I was and what I was doing when I hear a song from my early years. I can actually remember the John Cena draft from RAW to Smackdown and back to RAW show. As for Seth Rollins… great choice! He is going to be the one to watch over the next few months.


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