All Elite Wrestling is at it again

All Elite Wrestling is ALL the wrestling world has been talking about over the weekend. At the Double or Nothing ticket announcement held in Las Vegas last Thursday, we learned that Kenny Omega was the latest addition to the growing AEW roster. I think a lot of people saw this coming, but now we know it’s official.

Omega reportedly turned down a seven figure offer from the WWE in order to become apart of AEW. It could be the relationship he has with Cody Rhodes and The Young Bucks, the buzz that AEW has or the miserable first run Omega had in WWE developmental that helped him make his choice.

Whatever the deciding factor was, AEW has landed one of the hottest free agents in the wrestling industry. I feel like there will be more news on signings in the very near future. A lot of talk over the last month has been, who will leave WWE when their contract expires? One big name was Dolph Ziggler, but that was not to be.

I honestly can’t believe some of the names I am hearing that are reportedly interested in signing with AEW. I’m talking about wrestlers like; Zack Ryder, Mike and Maria Kanellis, Luke Gallows, Karl Anderson, The Uso’s, Rusev, Finn Balor, AJ Styles, Randy Orton, Dean Ambrose and even The Undertaker. Yes, you read that right, The Undertaker.

Now the odds of some or any of those superstars jumping ship is probably pretty slim. Dean Ambrose is one that I would say is likely to go, but I think it’s unlikely unless news about a tv deal comes out soon. Which leads me to wonder… when are we going to find out about a tv deal? And is it an actual tv deal or a streaming platform?

Rumor has it there are negotiations between two top cable networks comparable to the USA network. If that’s true, I think more than Ambrose is going to be jumping ship. AEW has to have something big in the works, or I don’t think they would be employing so many wrestlers with lucrative guaranteed contracts.

I’m also wondering for those wrestlers who decide to stay in WWE, when they re-negotiate their contracts if they get more creative control. Obviously money is not an issue for WWE and if need be could offer high end salaries. But for wrestlers who have been unhappy with their character direction, it’s either deal with it or leave.

Ambrose has stated that creative direction is the biggest reason he did not re-sign a contract. If he actually sticks to his guns and leaves, I think that is going to do wonders for those who hang around WWE and want a little more creative control. One plus for WWE is how they handle the women’s division.

The women’s roster is deep within WWE and there is a lot of opportunity. Almost all of the women on the main roster are showcased on a weekly basis. And there is a fifty-fifty chance that the women will main event WrestleMania. With the exception of a couple women, I don’t think AEW is the better option. With that said, I have thought of five wrestlers on the WWE roster that should go.

1. Dana Brooke

Dana Brooke has never really been given the chance to showcase what she can do since coming to the main roster. She started as a Charlotte Flair lackey and then was an analysts or something for Titus Worldwide. Yikes! Now that Titus Worldwide has disbanded, maybe she will be given an opportunity to be successful, but I’m not optimistic about it and think she would be better off in AEW.

2. Tye Dillinger

When is the last time Tye Dillinger was on tv? Is he injured? Is he making a movie? I don’t think either of those are the case, I think he is just not being used, plain and simple. Here’s a guy that was on to something with the “perfect 10” gimmick. The crowd was into it, but WWE shut it down. AEW would be a better place for someone like Dillinger who could thrive with that gimmick and it wouldn’t be shut down by management.

3. Bobby Roode

Glorious is the last thing that comes to mind when I think of Bobby Roode’s stint on the main roster. He was great in NXT, but for some reason can’t seem to get it going on the main roster. The glorious theme is trademarked by WWE, but I’m sure he could come up with something similar for AEW and be given time to put on the type of matches long time Roode fans are accustomed to.

4. Asuka

What a waste of talent Asuka has been since joining the main roster. Yes, she’s the current Smackdown women’s champion, but she hasn’t been on tv, since making Becky Lynch tap out at the Royal Rumble. I mean c’mon, I get that WWE wants everyone to forget that she made Lynch tap out, but fans forgot about it an hour after the match, when Lynch won the women’s Royal Rumble. I like to think if AEW were to land a talent like Asuka, they would use her talents properly.

5. Samoa Joe

In any other promotion Samoa Joe would be their world champion. Granted he has been in some big matches over the past year against AJ Styles, albeit predictable losses. Joe gets the tv time, but does anyone really feel like he’s going to be a WWE or universal champion? Joe is a great heel, and in a promotion like AEW, he would be a sure fire world champion.

Those are just a few thought I have on AEW this week. I am sure in the weeks to come we will know more as far as a tv deal and more signings. It will be interesting to see more unfold going into Double or Nothing this May, and the matches on the card. I think they are on pace for another sell out like All In was.

Check out the website Wednesday for the top ten and on Friday, my Elimination Chamber predictions. As always thanks for checking out, the people’s wrestling blog!


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