Elimination Chamber Review

WWE Elimination Chamber took place from Houston, Texas last night. And like the saying goes “everything’s bigger in Texas”, Elimination Chamber was a big night for the WWE. We saw the first ever women’s tag team champions crowned as well as two other title changes. A night that was full of “predictable surprises” if I may use an oxymoron.

Nearly every match on the card was great and I think everyone is a Kofi Kingston fan now. What a week it has been for the New Day member. He went over sixty minutes on Smackdown last week and put forth a great performance at Elimination Chamber. But he wasn’t the only one who had a great performance. My predictions were pretty close to perfect. So let’s take a look at the matches and see how things went.

Cruiserweight Championship Match

Unfortunately this match was put on the kickoff show and I am not sure why? The cruiserweights never disappoint and go all out during the title matches. Akira Tozawa went one on one with reigning champion Buddy Murphy. The match was really good with a lot of back and forth and false finishes, but in the end it was Murphy who hit his Murphy’s Law finisher to win and retain.

GoHomePWB.com pick: Buddy Murphy Winner: Buddy Murphy (Overall PPV Record 40-26)

Women’s Tag Team Championship Match

The first match inside the chamber was to crown the inaugural women’s tag team champions. The match started with the first two teams of Sasha Banks and Bayley versus Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville. The Riott squad entered third and The IIconics entered fourth and tried to pin everyone, but was not successful in eliminating any team. Naomi and Carmella entered next but, ended up being the first team eliminated by the IIconics.

Tamina and Nia Jax were the last team to enter the match and came in with a vengeance, beating on every women in the match. Nia and Tamina put a hurting on the IIconics swinging them by their hair off the steel chains of the chamber. They drug Peyton Royce and Billie Kay back in the ring, and hit them with double Samoan drops to get the pinfall and elimination.

Nia and Tamina were not done yet as they endured a double flying cross body from the the Riott Squad, and managed to eliminate them next after Tamina hit a Snuka splash on both Liv Morgan and Sarah Logan to get the pin. A misstep by Jax that put her through one of the pods of the chamber left Tamina by her self.

Banks, Bayley, Rose and Deville would quadruple team Tamina and pin her to eliminate her and Jax. That left the same teams that started the chamber to finish it. Rose and Deville really put it to Banks and Bayley, but it was the bank statement finisher on Deville that would force her to tap and crown the first ever women’s tag team champions, Sasha Banks and Bayley.

GoHomePWB.com pick: Boss n Hug Connection Winners: Boss n Hug Connection (Overall PPV Record 41-26)

Smackdown Tag Team Championship Match

Before the match even started it was announced that The Miz and Maryse were having another child, so congratulations to them. But The Uso’s were all business and determined to win the tag team championships for a sixth time. The Houston crowd was clearly behind the The Uso’s and despite The Miz and Shane McMahons best efforts the crowd would not cheer for them.

Shane McMahon put on a show reminiscent of the attitude era. A coast to coast drop kick and a flying elbow from the top rope through Jey Uso and the announce table. But inside the ring Jimmy Uso was able to reverse a few of The Miz’s moves and get the pin on the Miz and win the tag team titles for the sixth time.

GoHomePWB.com pick: The Miz and Shane McMahon Winners: The Uso’s (overall PPV record 41-27)

Intercontinental Championship Match

Lio Rush and Intercontinental champion Bobby Lashley were able to work as a team to take on Finn Balor for the championship. The match was quick paced and fun to watch, with the feeling of an upset. And an upset is exactly what we got when Finn Balor was able to pin Lio Rush to win his first intercontinental championship.

GoHomePWB.com Pick: Finn Balor Winner: Finn Balor (Overall PPV record 42-27)

RAW Women’s Championship Match

Ruby Riott got an opportunity to win the RAW women’s championship and throw a wrench in everyone’s WrestleMania plans. But to no ones surprise, Rousey won easily in about two minutes. I thought this match would be a show stealer, but I was dead wrong. The segment after however, may have stolen the show.

After the match “The Man” Becky Lynch came to the ring and attacked Charlotte, who was sitting at ringside for the match, and Ronda Rousey. Lynch pummeled both women with her crutch and then was escorted from the ring and building leaving the Houston crowd in a frenzy. A triple threat match for the RAW women’s championship at WrestleMania certainly appears to be in the works.

GoHomePWB.com Pick: Ronda Rousey Winner: Ronda Rousey (Overall PPV record 43-27)

Baron Corbin vs Braun Strowman

Before Rousey and Charlotte could even leave the ring, Baron Corbin came to the ring in preparation for his no disqualification match with Braun Strowman. I had a feeling once it was announced that it would be a no dq match, it would be bad news for Strowman. I still thought that Strowman would find a way to win.

I was wrong, but I did call a run in from Drew McIntyre. It was the run in by Bobby Lashley that I didn’t see coming. The trio of Corbin, McIntyre and Lashley put an absolute beating on Strowman. The beating eventually led to Strowman being put in a triple power bomb through two tables. That was too much for him to overcome and Corbin was able to pick up the win.

GoHomePWB.com Pick: Braun Strowman Winner: Baron Corbin (Overall PPV Record 43-28)

WWE Championship Match

First of all, let’s take a moment and say… finally! The WWE championship finally was the main event match on a pay per view. The first two competitors to start the match were Samoa Joe and WWE Champion “The New” Daniel Bryan. The match started with Joe displaying a barrage of submission moves until the third entrant of the match, Kofi Kingston, made his way out of the pod.

Kofi, who was put in the match in place of the injured Mustafa Ali, was clearly the fans choice to win the match. He put on quite the ariel display before the phenomenal AJ Styles entered the match and went directly after Daniel Bryan. Styles was in control for a lot of the match and even eliminated Samoa Joe after hitting him with the phenomenal forearm.

Jeff Hardy was the next entrant and much like Styles came out hot and with high octane offense. He even hit a swanton bomb off the top of a pod onto AJ Styles. However, as soon as he got up he was hit with a running knee of Daniel Bryan and eliminated. Leaving Kofi, Bryan and Styles in the ring.

The last entrant was “The Viper” Randy Orton. Much like the men before him, as soon as he entered he unloaded some powerful offense. Even hitting AJ Styles with a RKO to eliminate him. It wasn’t much longer and Orton was hit with a trouble in paradise kick from Kofi and eliminated.

Kofi Kingston and Daniel Bryan were the final two in the match with the crowd still firmly behind Kofi. The two men went back and forth in a great match. A lot of false finishes and reversals, but in the end it was a crash and burn landing and a running knee from Bryan that ended the match. A successful title defense by Daniel Bryan.

GoHomePWB.com pick: Daniel Bryan Winner: Daniel Bryan (overall PPV record 44-28)

Overall I thought Elimination Chamber was pretty good. It wasn’t very long compared to the past few pay per views. The matches were all pretty good with the exception of Rousey and Riott. But it was quick so we could get the crutch segment in. Corbin and Strowman caught me off guard, but I like where that storyline is going.

One more pay per view before WrestleMania and that’s Fastlane in March. Fastlane takes place only a few hours away from me in Cleveland. It would be nice to find a way to be at the show. Hopefully you enjoyed Elimination Chamber and hopefully you enjoyed this review. Be sure to check the top ten on Wednesday and thanks for checking out GoHomePWB.com, the people’s wrestling blog!


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