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I am a sucker for the drama that is the NCAA championship tournament that takes place every March.  Thankfully the tournament is on Thursdays thru Sunday and I don’t really miss much wrestling.  So to make things fun, I created my own WWE March madness tournament, which includes sixty-four of WWE’s current main roster superstars.


Over the next few weeks I will go through the match ups on the bracket and see who is the best on the WWE main roster.  To determine the winner of the match ups I will take into consideration there current WWE run and how I would see the matches go down.  It’s just for fun, and feel free to play along.

Today I will be working on part one of the first round and this is how I would see the following play out.  And before I forget, yes there are female versus male match ups.  So lets take a look at the top left bracket.

Becky Lynch vs Dash Wilder

I don’t think there is any upset alert needed on this one.  Becky Lynch is one of the hottest superstars on the WWE roster and although currently ‘injured’, I think she finds a way to win after the Lucha House Party, gets involved and distracts Dash Wilder.  Becky wins vis school boy pin fall.

Rusev vs Big E

This is a great first round match up, and actually wouldn’t mind seeing it play out on Smackdown Live.  Obviously, Shinsuke Nakamura and Lana would be in Rusev’s corner and The New Day would be in Big E’s.  But I think at some point Rusev would get the better of Big E and pick up the win.

Jeff Hardy vs Mustafa Ali

Another great first round match up that I would love to see.  Mustafa Ali is Jeff Hardy from twenty years ago.  Taking into consideration the current status of both wrestlers, I think it’s a very even match up.  A coin flip is the only way to pick a winner on this one.  Heads-Hardy, tails-Ali … it’s tails.  Ali wins it.

John Cena vs Natalya

Two long time veterans in the WWE John Cena and Natalya.  I think Cena is a little under seeded in the tournament, but considering he hasn’t really been a round too much, that’s how I justify a four seed.  With that said, no way Natalya wins.  Sorry.

Dolph Ziggler vs Jey Uso

Dolph Ziggler hasn’t been seen on WWE television since the Royal Rumble and Jey Uso is killing it right now.  Not only is he involved in some the best tag team matches in wrestling right now, he’s killing it on the mic.  But Ziggler is one of the best technical wrestlers of all time and even though he’s been off tv for two months, I think he could surprise Uso with a super kick and pick up a win.

Samoa Joe vs Chad Gable

I would watch this match.  I think Chad Gable would put a good fight, maybe even hitting Samoa Joe with that amazing rolling German suplex he uses.  But at the end of the day Joe is just too much for Gable to handle and would make him pass out to his finisher.  Samoa Joe wins by submission.

R-Truth vs Cesaro

The always entertaining R-Truth versus Cesaro is probably a match I’ve seen before.  I like the little run R-Truth has been on, but I think in a one on one match up, Cesaro would pick up the win in a hard-fought match up.  Winner by pin fall… Cesaro.

AJ Styles vs Apollo Crews

Finishing up the first round in the top left bracket is AJ Styles vs Apollo Crews.  I think this would be a good match up, but I don’t see an Apollo Crews upset here.  AJ Styles is a crafty veteran and would hit all the classics on Crews, probably hitting him with the phenomenal forearm for the pin fall win.


That’s it for today.  I don’t want to spoil the entire bracket in one day, I need content for the slow days. (wink)  This is the first time I have done anything like this, but I am actually having fun with it and I hope you do to.  Thanks for checking out GoHomePWB.com, the people’s wrestling blog!


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