Is Dean Ambrose and AEW a Possibility?

News broke over the weekend that Cody will take on his brother Dustin Rhodes at next month’s double or nothing.  A great addition to a card that is already poised to make ‘All In’ look like a kick off show.  Matches like Chris Jericho versus Kenny Omega, Hangman Page versus Pac, Cody and Dustin and the over the budget battle royal to name a few, will be well worth the price.

My hope, as we get closer and closer to Double or Nothing, is that we hear more definitive news about a tv deal.  I like the roster so far, I like the ‘being the elite’ videos and I like that money is not an issue for this company.  With the apparent departure of Dean Ambrose from WWE, one has to wonder if he will show up at Double or Nothing?

My personal opinion is that WWE is ‘working’ us on Ambrose leaving.  I mean think about it… when is the last time the WWE gave this much attention to a departure?  When is the last time the WWE acknowledge the pending departure of a superstar?  When is the last time a network special was given to broadcast a talents last match?  The answer is simple… never.

Now I know some of you are thinking what about the ‘curtain call’?  Well from everything I’ve read and learned about that night in Madison Square Garden, that was not scripted and not intended to be shown.  Remember this was well before cell phones with cameras on them.

I am sure most fans believe that in some form or fashion Ambrose will appear in AEW.  And let’s be honest Ambrose could really give the company a boost.  I may be totally wrong here, but I think WWE is a couple steps ahead of fans on this one.  I really think that the WWE assumes most fans are expecting Ambrose to sign with AEW.

To my knowledge, there has been no mention from Ambrose or AEW of a signing or intentions to sign.  There also has been no mention from Ambrose or WWE about a signing.  The entire situation reeks of Brian Pillman circa 1995/1996.  Pillman tried working WWE, WCW and ECW against one another to get the money he felt he deserved.

Where money is probably not the issue for Ambrose, character direction most likely is.  The funny thing about this situation is both WWE and AEW have deep pockets.  If Ambrose plays his cards right he could be the talk of every major wrestling promotion out there.  AEW giving him the best opportuninty to have more character control.

WARNING, WARNING, WARNING Big red flags for me as far as letting wrestlers have more control of the direction of their character.  This may be unpopular but WCW promised a lot of creative control for their stars and it was a miserable work environment.  Guys couldn’t wait to get out of there.

My hope is that AEW is run differently and that if wrestlers have control of the direction of their character, that there is a non biased mediator to bring storylines and matches together. That was one of many faults of WCW, and to an extend could lead to the separation of many more current WWE stars. (cough cough, Sasha Banks)

From a fans point of view, I think Ambrose showing up at Double or Nothing would be a ‘mark out’ moment. From a writers point of view, this has swerve written all over it. Either way, I think the biggest winner here is Dean Ambrose. He is the talk of most wrestling websites and dirt sheets. If he goes to AEW that would be by far he biggest signing for that company and could launch that company off like a rocket.

If everyone is swerving us and he stays in WWE, he’s going to be paid whatever he wants. It’s an interesting spot for Ambrose to be in and good for him. So, is Dean Ambrose and AEW a possibility? Absolutely! Is it going to happen? I have not the slightest clue. If you were to ask me what I would like to see him do, I’d love to see him in AEW. What’s left for him to do in WWE? I say go for it Ambrose! Show up at Double or Nothing and win the Over the Budget battle royal.

Or form a tag team with CM Punk. Hey, one can hope can’t they?

Thanks for checking out today’s blog, I hope you enjoyed it. Let me know what you think about where Dean Ambrose will be come May. What are your thoughts on how the WWE is handling his departure? And as always thanks for checking out, the people’s wrestling blog!