NXT TakeOver Review

The twenty fourth NXT TakeOver took place in Brooklyn last night and as always the wrestlers brought their A game. Five titles were on the line and these matches did not disappoint. The Brooklyn crowd was into every match and didn’t seem to lose steam at any point during the show and neither did I. Let’s take a look at the matches and see how my predictions went.

NXT Tag Team Championship

The first match of the night was the NXT tag team champions, the War Raiders putting their titles on the line against Ricochet and Aleister Black. The match was good and although losing the crowd to some type of fan distraction, these four men were able to regain their attention with incredible moves. Including a fallaway slam onHansen from the much smaller Ricochet.

The high flying offense in this one was incredible and not just from Black and Ricochet, but the War Raiders as well. This was a great match to start the show that set the tone for the night. After several false finishes from both teams it was the War Raiders who were victorious and respectful in the end. It was a great send off for Aleister Black and Ricochet, as the fans showed their respect after the match.

GoHomePWB.com Pick: War Raiders Winners: War Raiders (Overall PPV prediction record 52-28)

NXT North American Championship

A tough task for Velveteen Dream and Matt Riddle to follow the tag team title match, but these two men were up to the challenge. The crowd split pretty much fifty fifty on these two with a slight edge towards Velveteen Dream. Halfway through the match Riddle started to use heel like tendencies and multiple MMA like maneuvers.

Riddle was in control for the majority of the match scoring multiple near fall pins. Finally after several minutes Velveteen Dream ‘Hulked up’ and had a flurry comeback. Matt Riddle pulled out all the stops but it was a reversal of Riddle’s submission finisher into a pin fall victory.

GoHomePWB.com Pick: Matt Riddle Winner: Velveteen Dream (Overall PPV prediction record 52-29)

United Kingdom Championship

The longest reigning champion in all of WWE, the ‘Bruiserweight’ Pete Dunne put his title on the line against WALTER. There’s only one word to describe the chops of WALTER… OUCH! WALTER had ‘ring general’ stitched on the back of his trunks and that is exactly what he was in this match as he was in control for most of the match.

Pete Dunne was able to mount a comeback with some high flying offense and some joint manipulation maneuvers. But after a long and very, very physical match it was WALTER who was able to pick up the win. This would end the six hundred eighty five day title reign of Pete Dunne.

GoHomePWB.com Pick: WALTER Winner: WALTER (Overall PPV prediction record 53-29)

NXT Women’s Championship

The NXT women’s championship was on the line in an incredible fatal four way match. This match was full of action with the Japanese women stealing he spotlight. Io Shirai flys through the air like no one I’ve ever seen. At one point during the match all four women were laid out in the middle of the ring.

Kairi Saine and and Shirai teamed up for most of the match putting a double team attack on Bianca Belair and champion Shayna Baszler. Belair hit a double K.O.D. on Saine and Shirai, but when going for the pin, Baszler was able to lock in her submission finisher. After a great action packed match, it was Baszler that picked up the win and retain.

GoHomePWB.com Pick: Shayna Baszler Winner: Shayna Baszler (Overall PPV prediction record 54-29)

NXT Championship

A great main event as two of NXT’s top stars went head to head in a two out of three falls match. These guys went a good twenty minutes before Adam Cole picked up the first fall after hitting Johnny Gargano with a knee to the back of the head. I have to say, I was wondering what these guys had left. They both looked blown up before the first fall in my opinion.

As it would turn out they were just getting started. They would go back and forth for another ten minutes displaying some devastating maneuvers. Gargano was in desperation mode, due to the first fall loss. Gargano hit an unbelievable slingshot DDT to the ring apron and could have picked up a fall via count out, but he broke up the count. He then pulled Cole in the ring and was able to get Cole to tap to win the second fall.

And then it was sudden death, the next fall wins. These two really put it all on the line, multiple back and forth shots, multiple high impact moves and multiple reversals. Unbelievable false finishes, ridiculous super kicks and even a Canadian destroyer! The Undisputed Era even came to the ring and got involved.

Gargano was able to take out all of Undisputed Era then Cole hit him with two super kicks and a running knee and Gargano STILL kicked out! After close to an hour long five star match it was Johnny Gargano that was able to get Adam Cole to tap out and become the first ever NXT triple crown winner. Amazing match and well deserved championship win for Johnny Gargano. Gargano’s best friend and best rival Tommaso Ciampa would meet him on the entry ramp and congratulate him and his wife on the accomplishment.

GoHomePWB.com Pick: Johnny Gargano Winner: Johnny Gargano (Overall PPV prediction record 55-29)

Man oh man did NXT set the tone for the weekend. A great show and unbelievable matches. I’m telling you if you are not watching NXT TakeOver’s you need to start immediately. I can’t say enough about the effort put forth from these wrestlers. I picked four out of five matches correct tonight and was happy with every match. Tomorrow is WrestleMania and we will see just how many of the sixteen matches I picked correctly. Thanks for checking out GoHomePWB.com, the people’s wrestling blog!


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