WWE WrestleMania Review

What a night! It started with host Alexa Bliss and her WrestleMania moment when she snapped her fingers and magically, Hulk Hogan appeared. We had a lot of surprise appearances including a return of the Dr. of ‘thuganomics’. My personal favorite John Cena gimmick. He interrupted Elias and gave an old school rap battle promo.

The night was a long one, no doubt about it. But it was a lot of fun and honestly the match placement was spot on. Every time I started to get tired, they gave me a match to bring me back. I loved the show and although I picked the majority of the winners correctly, I was pleasantly surprised by the thirty-fifth WrestleMania.

Cruiserweight Championship Match

The very first match of the night was the cruiserweight championship match. A pretty good match, although I’ve seen better cruiserweight matches. Champion Buddy Murphy was busted open early in the match and it seemed to effect his performance in my opinion. Tony Nese was up for the challenge and was able to dethrone Murphy and win his first cruiserweight championship.

GoHomePWB.com Pick: Buddy Murphy Winner: Tony Nese (Overall PPV prediction record 55-30)

Women’s Battle Royal Match

The second match on the card was the women’s battle royal. Obviously picking a correct winner in this one was near impossible. I really thought Asuka would win it and she made it to the final four along with Sarah Logan, Sonya Deville and Carmella. Carmella was on the outside of the ring as Logan eliminated Asuka and thought she had won. Carmella then came back in the ring and picked up the win after eliminating Logan.

GoHomePWB.com Pick: Asuka Winner: Carmella (Overall PPV prediction record 55-31)

RAW Tag Team Championship Match

This match was a late addition to the card, but I am glad to see the RAW tag team titles being defended on the show. Zack Ryder and Curt Hawkins put the challenge out and The Revival accepted. I have to say, I’m now a Dash Wilder fan after the punch he gave to the guy that attacked Bret Hart at the hall of fame. This was a really good match, the best on the kickoff show. My pick was that The Revival would retain, but for the third straight match I was wrong. What a moment for Zack Ryder and Curt Hawkins!

GoHomePWB.com Pick: The Revival Winners: Zack Ryder & Curt Hawkins (Overall PPV prediction record 55-32)

Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal Match

A mass of humanity, with Braun Strowman cleaning house for the majority of the match. Saturday Night Live weekend update host, Colin Jost and Michael Che we’re also in the match, but hid for most of it. They came in at the end but were both eliminated by the eventual winner Braun Strowman.

GoHomePWB.com Pick: Braun Strowman Winner: Braun Strowman (Overall PPV prediction record 56-32)

Universal Championship Match

In a bit of a shock, the Universal championship was the first match on the actual pay per view. Before the match even started Brock Lesnar put a beating on challenger Seth Rollins. After the referee was knocked out of the ring, Rollins hit Lesnar with a low blow. That turned the tide and three curb stomps later, Rollins won the Universal championship.

GoHomePWB.com Pick: Brock Lesnar Winner: Seth Rollins (Overall PPV prediction record 56-33)

AJ Styles vs Randy Orton

The match I was looking forward to the most was second on the card. Honestly, it was just ok. The unfortunate thing about a loaded card, is matches are rushed. A rushed match doesn’t help guys like Orton and Styles who are storytellers in the ring. Although rushed and just ok, I did pick the winner correctly.

GoHomePWB.com Pick: AJ Styles Winner: AJ Styles (Overall PPV prediction record 57-33)

Smackdown Tag Team Championship Match

Smackdown tag team champions The Uso’s, put the titles on the line in a fatal four way against; Shinsuke Nakamura and Rusev, Aleister Black and Ricochet and The Bar. A chaotic match that included the longest big swing from Cesaro I have ever seen. This match was given more time than I thought it would and The Uso’s retained in a fun match.

GoHomePWB.com Pick: The Uso’s Winners: The Uso’s (Overall PPV prediction record 58-33)

The Miz vs Shane McMahon

This very personal rivalry came to a head at WrestleMania. A falls count anywhere match that I figured would get interesting. The Miz’s dad even got in the ring to fight Shane, and Shane got several good shots in on him. The Miz then went crazy and put a beating on Shane as the match left the ring side area.

They fought through the crowd and the international announcers area, when Shane was knocked off the area on top of a golf cart and on to the concrete floor.  The finish came when a super plex from The Miz off the scaffolding onto another platform that was about a fifteen foot high. Shane ended up landing on top of The Miz and picked up the win.

GoHomePWB.com Pick: Shane McMahon Winner: Shane McMahon (Overall PPV prediction record 59-33)

Women’s Tag Team Championship Match

The first ever women’s tag team title defense at WrestleMania was a pretty good match. Champions Sasha Banks and Bayley put the titles on the line against; Natalya and Beth Phoenix, The IIconics and Nia Jax and Tamina. I went on a bit of a risk with picking the IIconics, but I felt like they could do more for the titles.

The match broke down as all eight women were in the ring for most of the match. Natalya was able to lock in a double sharp shooter submission and Nia Jax nearly hit a top rope splash. After Beth Phoenix hit a top rope finisher, Billie Kay of the IIconics was able to enter the ring on a blind tag and pick up the win. Keeping my upset prediction picks perfect through all pay per views since September of last year.

GoHomePWB.com Pick: IIconics Winners: IIconics (Overall PPV prediction record 60-33)

WWE Championship Match

Kofi Kingston and Kofi-Mania was running wild. Eighty thousand fans firmly behind Kingston as he took on WWE champion Daniel Bryan. Not only was the entire WWE universe behind Kofi, much of the locker room was as well. Daniel Bryan was in control for most of the match, especially after Kofi came crashing down onto an announce table.

After a long match and a terrific comeback from Kofi, the eleven year journey culminated with a WWE championship! It was an incredible scene as Kofi celebrated with his New Day brothers Big E and Xavier Woods, as well as his kids. This match was a lot of fun and I may have marked out a little for Kofi.

GoHomePWB.com Pick: Kofi Kingston Winner: Kofi Kingston (Overall PPV prediction record 61-33)

United States Championship Match

Rey Mysterio went one on one with United States champion Samoa Joe in the quickest match of the night. I will blame this one on Rey Mysterio’s ankle injury. Joe locked in his finisher and Rey Mysterio passed out. Joe retains the title as expected and I think it’s best for the under appreciated title.

GoHomePWB.com Pick: Samoa Joe Winner: Samoa Joe (Overall PPV prediction record 62-33)

Roman Reigns vs Drew McIntyre

At this point of the pay per view, I’m starting to bog down a little, but this match brought me back… kind of. It was a slow match and honestly a predictable one. I didn’t think for one second that Reigns would lose and he didn’t. I wonder if it wouldn’t be a good idea to turn Reigns heel tonight on RAW? I feel like he’s headed towards getting booed again. That’s just my observation of the crowd at Mania.

GoHomePWB.com Pick: Roman Reigns Winner: Roman Reigns (Overall PPV prediction record 63-33)

Batista vs Triple H

Despite Batista falling through the ropes, both he and Triple H had a couple of really cool entrances. A big fight feel in this one where no holds were barred and Triple H’s in ring career was on the line. Triple H started the match as if he knew this was going to be his last match. He even took needle nose pliers and ripped Batista’s nose ring out.

Batista was able to mount a comeback and was able to match the physicality. They went back and forth with some very painful looking, high impact maneuvers. But then Ric Flair showed up and handed Triple H a sledgehammer, which he then used to hit Batista with. He followed up that with a pedigree for the win. I should get extra points for calling the Ric Flair run in, don’t you think?

GoHomePWB.com Pick: Triple H Winner: Triple H (Overall PPV prediction record 64-33)

Kurt Angle vs Baron Corbin

Kurt Angles last match was against, yep, Baron Corbin. I was surprised they actually went through with Corbin being his last opponent, but it worked. Corbin was a great opponent that made sense in the terms of the storyline. Kurt Angle went for a moonsault and missed and Corbin was able to hit his ‘end of days’ finisher and ruin the night for all Kurt Angle fans. A classy move by Angle to give Corbin the rub.

GoHomePWB.com Pick: Kurt Angle Winner: Baron Corbin (Overall PPV prediction record 64-34)

Intercontinental Championship Match

Champion Bobby Lashley put the title on the line against ‘The Demon’ version of Finn Balor. I figured this would be a quick match as the crowd was getting anxious for the women’s main event. Balor came out of the gate hot, but Lashley withstood the onslaught and put forth quite a physical offense.

The match went a little longer than I thought it would as there were multiple false finishes. Then Balor showed an impressive amount of strength and power bombed Lashley. Balor then hit his finisher and won his second Intercontinental championship as predicted.

GoHomePWB.com Pick: Finn Balor Winner: Finn Balor (Overall PPV prediction record 65-34)

WWE Women’s Championship

Finally, after seven hours of wrestling, and nearly midnight on the east coast at the time of the match, we made it to the first ever women’s main event. A helicopter brought Charlotte Flair to the arena. A freaking helicopter! Joan Jett performed Bad Reputation for Ronda Rousey and Becky Lynch’s entrance was no pomp and circumstance, just her music and a confident walk to the ring.

What a great match these three women put on. A lot of great moves and false finishes, rough landings and painful submissions. This match was certainly worthy of main event at WrestleMania. After wrestling fairly wasn’t really working for them, the match became hardcore when Becky introduced a table into the match.

The table was in play but didn’t really pan out the way it was expected to. Charlotte was intended to be sent through the table but it didn’t break. Becky Lynch then reversed a Rousey move for an awkward pin fall for the win. Rousey’s shoulders were not down for three, but the referee called it a pin fall. ‘The Man’ wins the match in controversial fashion.

GoHomePWB.com Pick: Becky Lynch Winner: Becky Lynch (Overall PPV prediction record 66-34)

A record crowd of 82,265 fans attended WrestleMania and millions watched around the world as history was made. It was a fun night and a fun weekend. TakeOver Friday night was an incredible show with spectacular matches. The Hall of Fame was very entertaining, despite the idiot that tried to attack Bret Hart. And WrestleMania… a marathon pay per view that made history.

I hope you enjoyed the weekend as much as I did. I look forward to a crazy, unpredictable, entertaining RAW tonight, that will be full of surprises. Thanks for following GoHomePWB.com’s first WrestleMania. I hope you enjoyed the posts and just know that I sincerely appreciate all of you that follow this blog! Here’s to a new WWE season!


4 thoughts on “WWE WrestleMania Review

  1. Great WrestleMania review, we had similar predictions for WrestleMania, some of mine were on the nail and some well…….not so much ha……but overall I too thought WrestleMania was a pretty good show, of course some matches could’ve been better, but at least we can say some weren’t too bad.

    Kofi’s match against Daniel was pretty amazing, Seth winning the title from Brock that was good and the main event to with Charlotte, Becky and Ronda was pretty great as well, there’s other matches I could list that were good, but we’ll say that WrestleMania was a good show!!

    Anyway, you have a good day ^_^

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I enjoyed your review as well. You’re a really good writer. As for WrestleMania my favorite matches were, Kofi vs Daniel Bryan and I really enjoyed The Miz vs Shane McMahon. McMahon took some incredible bumps and who wasn’t happy to see Kofi win?

    I like the main event match as well, but I was so tired by the time the match came on, it was hard for me to get into it, despite it being a great match. The finish was a little wonky but otherwise great.

    Thanks for reading the review! Have a great day!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Awwww thanks i’m glad to hear you enjoyed it ^_^ Well thank you, that means a whole lot to hear really, you’re a pretty good writer yourself too by the way!! Yeah Kofi vs Daniel was one of my favorite matches as well, it was just a very entertaining, you could tell that both Daniel and Kofi wanted that match, they both performed well!! As for Shane Vs The Miz, that match was pretty insane, but very enjoyable!!

    Yeah he sure did, although this is Shane we’re talking about, when it comes to taking a few bumps it doesn’t seems to faze him, I mean the mans middle name is pretty much daredevil haha!!

    I thought it was interesting seeing Miz’s dad get involved in the match although, the minute Shane put his hands on his dad, the whole atmosphere of the match changed, I enjoyed it though and with the Kofi part, that is very true, the whole MetLife stadium was behind Kofi!!

    Well in all fairness it was a 7 hour show, I always just watch the main card, sometimes the kickoff depending whether I want to, but I mainly just watch from the main stuff, I didn’t even watch the main event until the next day, so I could understand your tiredness lol, but it was a good main event I agree, yeah it was quite controversial, but at least Becky won and at least we got a good main event from it!!

    Awwww you’re very welcome, thank you for checking out my review as well, I really do appreciate it and thanks you too ^_^


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