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RAW and Smackdown were just ok this week. As a matter of fact RAW had very low viewership this week. It’s no secret that I am not a fan of a three hour RAW, it’s a lot to digest. Two hours is perfect and with the RAW roster basically the same size as Smackdown, there’s no reason why they couldn’t fit it all in a two hours. Alright, enough complaining, let’s get to this weeks top ten.

Kairi Sane (1)

Kairi Sane has been on a little bit of a roll since coming to the main roster. Two weeks in a row now she has been able to pin Peyton Royce. Royce, who is one half of the women’s tag team champions, is probably better on the mic than in the ring. Nonetheless, pinning any type of champion two weeks in a row is worth a spot on the top ten.

The Viking Raiders (2)

Yes, the WWE changed their name… again! The War Raiders was a really good name in my opinion, however The Viking Experience, which is what they were called last week, is horrible. So settling on The Viking Raiders is ok… I guess. Anyways, they beat the bricks off of the Lucha House Party in convincing fashion.

Kofi Kingston (7)

Kofi Kingston had his first singles match as the WWE champion and although it was a good match the ending was a little bit surprising. Kingston took on Shinsuke Nakamura in a really good match. There was no decision as Rusev interfered, and then a may lay ensued.

Robert Roode (1)

What a difference a shave makes. Robert Roode, formally known as Bobby Roode has a new look, a new attitude and a new tally in the win column. Now sporting a mustache that would make Tom Selleck jealous, Roode handed his opponent Ricochet his first singles loss since joining the main roster.

Cesaro (1)

With his move to RAW it would appear that the successful tag team of The Bar is splitsville. Honestly, I think their run was running on fumes anyway. Cesaro took on Cedric Alexander in what was Alexander’s debut match as a member of the RAW roster. I’d like to see Cesaro get pushed to the main event picture on RAW.

Charlotte Flair (6)

Charlotte has been a mainstay on the top ten and this week is no different. She had an excellent match against Bayley last night on Smackdown and the win earned her a title shot against Becky Lynch at Money in the Bank. I look for her to win the title as Becky now has two matches scheduled for Money in the Bank.

Kevin Owens (3)

And Kevin Owens is back. He was an honorary member of the New Day, until the end of Smackdown last night when he turned heel. Owens is a natural heel and is the perfect opponent for Kofi Kingston. Although the match is not official, all signs point to Owens versus Kingston for the WWE championship at Money in the Bank.

Finn Balor (16)

The man who sits atop the list of most times on the weekly top ten, adds another week to his belt. I defy anyone to watch a Finn Balor match and not be entertained. He and Andrade put on a great match last night on Smackdown, and Balor avenged his loss to Andrade from the week before.

Baron Corbin (4)

Baron Corbin came very close to earning the number one contender spot for the Universal title. He was able to defeat The Miz and Drew McIntyre in an incredible triple threat match early on RAW and then went on to take on AJ Styles in the main event, but came up short.

AJ Styles (9)

AJ Styles had a big night Monday as he picked up two victories and earned a shot at the Universal title at Money in the Bank. Styles defeated Rey Mysterio and Samoa Joe in the opening match on RAW and then went on to defeat Baron Corbin in the main event. AJ Styles versus Seth Rollins will be a classic at Money in the Bank.

Smackdown was a better show this week in my opinion and it probably has everything to do with a more comfortable two hour show. There were a couple great matches on RAW, but the Kevin Owens turn on Smackdown will be all the talk today. Thanks for checking out GoHomePWB.com, the people’s wrestling blog!


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