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First of all, what’s the deal with RAW? If I’m being honest, I fast forwarded through most of it and I thought the Seth Rollins AJ Styles contract signing would be interesting, but nope. Smackdown, which took place forty five minutes from where I live, was ok. Better than RAW, but just ok is all I will give it. I’ll save my gripe with the current WWE product for another day, for now let’s take a look at this weeks top ten.

10. Asuka & Kairi Sane

Asuka and Kairi Sane are in the top ten mostly because there wasn’t a lot to choose from on Smackdown. Asuka and Sane were accompanied by manger Paige, and made short work of the enhancement talent they faced. It looks as if they will take on the IIconics at Money in the Bank for the tag team titles.

9. Ricochet (3)

Ricochet had a pretty good night Monday, basically carrying his team to a win. The funny thing is that his partner was ‘the monster’ Braun Strowman. You would think that with a partner like Strowman, you would have an easy night, that was not the case. After the team of Baron Corbin and Drew McIntyre fell apart, Ricochet took advantage and picked up the pin-fall victory.

8. The Uso’s (11)

The Uso’s were in action Monday night and had a great match against Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson. The Uso’s hit all the classics in their match and went on to pick up the win. The singing on the way to the ring was unpleasant, and I for one, hope that they don’t continue to do that. Wow was it bad.

7. The Viking Raiders (3)

So, it would appear as if we have a winner on the official name for this team. One thing we know for sure is that they look absolutely unstoppable. Granted their match was against the Lucha House Party, but there is no denying the destruction the Viking Raiders can and will cause. Future RAW tag team champions for sure.

6. Ali (2)

Ali hasn’t quite been able to get back on track since his injury earlier this year. He was added to the money in the bank ladder match, and he and Finn Balor were able to defeat Randy Orton and Andrade. Ali will need to put on quite the show at Money in the Bank to win the fans back, and I personally think he can do it.

5. Lars Sullivan (2)

Lars Sullivan didn’t have a match, as a matter of fact he hasn’t had an official match on the main roster. He once again made an impact as he took out Matt Hardy and R – Truth. He is also being blamed for injuring Jeff Hardy although I believe it was actually injured during a match at a live event. Nonetheless Sullivan has quite the future ahead of him in WWE.

4. Naomi (2)

I am glad they moved Naomi to RAW. She was growing stale on Smackdown, and although her character didn’t change, the scenery did. Sometimes that’s all it takes to get things rolling again. Naomi went one on one with Alexa Bliss and picked up a clean win over Bliss in what some may call an upset.

3. Roman Reigns (5)

Roman Reigns had an impressive night last night picking up a win in what was basically a three on one match. He handicap match was put on by Shane McMahon, but Reigns was able to predictably defeat the B-Team. Even with Elias as a special enforcer.

2. Becky Lynch (13)

Becky Lynch, or ‘Becky two belts’ as she likes to call herself, had a terrific match against Bayley on Smackdown last night. Not to mention she was in a brawl on RAW against Lacey Evans. She doing double duty lately, but that doesn’t appear to be a problem for ‘ The Man’.

1. Rey Mysterio (9)

The ageless one, Rey Mysterio was able to avenge his embarrassing WrestleMania loss to Samoa Joe Monday night. And yesterday marked thirty years since Mysterio began his wrestling career. It’s great to see him still going and performing at a level that’s comparable to what he has been doing for his entire career.

Some pretty lame shows this week. RAW hit a new record low viewership Monday night and Smackdown really wasn’t that great of a show. Truthfully I was watching more of the Bluejackets playoff game. Hopefully WWE can get it together, but I feel like we’ve been saying that for nearly a year now.

Let me know if you agree with this weeks top ten and as always thanks for checking out GoHomePWB.com, the people’s wrestling blog!


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