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I’m not sure if RAW was good or just better than the previous couple of weeks. And the previous couple RAW’s… horrendous! I was very entertained by Bray Wyatt and the ‘funhouse’. He has completely revitalized himself and his character. Smackdown was solid as always and the go home shows for Money in the Bank were decently booked. I will have my official predictions on Friday, as for today … the weekly top ten.

Bray Wyatt (1)

As mentioned, I am absolutely entertained by Bray Wyatt and his new character dimensions. This guy gets it, he knew his previous character had become stale. So he took some time off and came up with a creepier, scarier and more dimensional version if Bray Wyatt. For that, he’s in the top ten this week.

Lacey Evans (2)

Lacey Evans didn’t have a match this week, put still made an impact. With the assistance of Charlotte Flair, Evans put a beating on Becky Lynch Monday night. This was after she cut a scathing promo on her. Evans then had a lot to say during a promo on Smackdown. I think the match between her and Lynch at Money in the Bank will surprise a lot of people.

The Kabuki Warriors (3)

Asuka and Kairi Sane have a new team name of … yep, the Kabuki Warriors. Seems a little cliche, but it is the WWE. Anyways, The Kabuki Warriors won their match last night against Fire and Desire. A weird name, but a legitimate tag team that will soon challenge foe the women’s tag team championships.

Kofi Kingston (10)

Kofi Kingston has hit double digits on the number of times he’s made my top ten. Last night he was able to get the better of Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn when they tried to attack him at the close of the show. Kofi will be defending his WWE title this Sunday at Money in the Bank.

Nikki Cross (3)

I honestly thought Nikki was on NXT UK. I hadn’t seen her on RAW and Smackdown since the shake up. Although she was somewhat tricked into wrestling Monday night, she made the best of the opportunity. She was able to beat Dana Brooke, Natalya and Naomi in a fatal four way.

Baron Corbin (6)

Baron Corbin irritates me. I guess that means he’s a good heel, but I honestly can’t stand watching his matches. But, he continues to win week after week. He defeated Ricochet on Monday night and he did it clean. I wouldn’t be totally surprised if he wins the Money in the Bank this Sunday.

Shane McMahon (2)

Shane McMahon has been very busy lately on both RAW and Smackdown having funds with both The Miz and Roman Reigns. Last night he picked up the win for his team even though he was on the benefiting team of a handicap match. I look for a great cage match between him and The Miz this Sunday.

Sami Zayn (1)

I’ve wondered what direction the WWE was going to send Sami Zayn and now I have an answer. Zayn, whom recently returned from injury, appears to be getting quite the push as a heel. I don’t think he wins Money in the Bank, but he was able to defeat Braun Strowman, albeit with help, to get into the match. That’s impressive in itself.

Rey Mysterio (10)

Rey Mysterio and Cesaro had the best match on RAW Monday night. A lengthy match that Mysterio won clean after hitting his finisher the ‘619’. Mysterio built a lot of momentum headed into the Money in the Bank pay per view. Hard to believe this man is well into his forties. He can go like he’s twenty something. A future hall of famer for sure. The go home shows are in the books and now we focus on Money in the Bank this Sunday.

Andrade (4)

Andrade picked up a ton of momentum headed into Money in the Bank. He was able to beat ‘The Viper’ Randy Orton, Ali and the intercontinental champion Finn Balor. I really like Andrade and I think if anyone should win the briefcase, Andrade would be my pick. Check back on Friday for my official prediction.

The first pay per view since WrestleMania, but if I’m being honest I’m kind of looking past it and impatiently waiting on AEW’s Double or Nothing. But as always I will have my official pay per view predictions up on Friday. Thanks for checking out GoHomePWB.com, the people’s wrestling blog!


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