NXT TakeOver 25 Review

An excited crowd filled the arena as the twenty-fifth NXT TakeOver was to start. It was a fun night and a card that didn’t disappoint. We saw the NXT crown a couple new champions and for the most part my predictions were correct. But go ahead and take a look at the matches and see how things went down at NXT TakeOver twenty-five.

Roderick Strong vs Matt Riddle

The first match of the night was Undisputed Era member, Roderick Strong against the original bro, Matt Riddle. This match was a great start to the night as it went back and forth and became very physical as it went on. In the end it was the original bro who was able to pick up the win via pin fall as predicted.

GoHomePWB.com pick: Matt Riddle Winner: Matt Riddle (Overall PPV prediction record 73-39)

NXT Tag Team Championship Ladder Match

Four teams in a ladder match for the coveted tag team titles. The Street Profits, The Forgotten Sons, Danny Burch and Oney Larcan and The Undisputed Era members, Bobby Fish and Kyle O’Reilly. Everyone of these guys brought it in this one, and let me just say I have a brand new respect for Kyle O’Reilly.

He took a beating like nothing I’ve seen before, and the bumps that each man took were unbelievable. After about a half hour of painful falls and ladder bumps, it was he street profits who won the match and became NXT tag team champions for the first time.

GoHomePWB.com pick: Undisputed Era Winners: Street Profits (Overall PPV prediction record 73-40)

NXT North American Championship Match

NXT original Tyler Breeze returned to NXT to go after the North American championship. But Velveteen Dream wasn’t about to lay down for “Prince Pretty”. After a lengthy and slow match, it was Velveteen Dream that was able to pick up the win and retain his NXT North American championship.

GoHomePWB.com pick: Velveteen Dream Winner: (Overall PPV prediction record 74-40)

NXT Women’s Championship Match

Long time women’s champion Shayna Baszler put her title on the line once again against Io Sharai. Baszler manipulated the arm and wrist of Sharai for most of the match before Sharai mounted a comeback. However the comeback was not enough for her to overcome Baszler and her submission finisher. Baszler wins and retains as predicted.

After the match Sharai snapped and beat Baszler with a kendo stick and then hit a moonsault off the top rope with a chair and landed square on Baszler. Clearly this rivalry is far from over and is heating up. I look for a rematch to take place at the next TakeOver.

GoHomePWB.com pick: Shayna Baszler Winner: Shayna Baszler (Overall PPV prediction record 75-40)

NXT Championship Match

The main event of the night was NXT champion Johnny Gargano one on one with Adam Cole. Umm. This was the best match I’ve seen in any promotion so far this year. Honestly one of the best matches I’ve seen ever. A very lengthy match that went back and forth with about four hundred false finishes.

Ok, so not that many, but a lot and for the last twenty minutes of the match the crowd was on their feet. I picked Adam Cole in an upset and my Pick was correct. After about a forty minute match Cole was able to pick up the win over Gargano and become the new NXT champion and the second man to become the NXT triple crown winner.

GoHomePWB.com pick: Adam Cole Winner: Adam Cole (Overall PPV prediction record 76-40)

A really fun night that culminated in what was simply put, an instant classic NXT championship match. That match is probably in my top five favorite matches of all time. Adam Cole is a much deserved champion in my opinion and will represent NXT well. Thanks for checking out the review and be sure to check out the weekly top ten on Wednesday.


2 thoughts on “NXT TakeOver 25 Review

  1. Great review, one of the best Takeovers yet. Cole and Gargano stole the show and I think Cole will lead NXT into an even bigger era. I would appreciate if you’d follow and check out my content as well. Thanks!


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