WWE Super Showdown Results

Jeddah, Saudi Arabia was the setting for Super Showdown as we were graced with a pay per view at two o’clock in the afternoon on a Friday. The set, entrance ramp and ring area was set up very similar to this year’s WrestleMania. And the card rivaled a WrestleMania card and the matches didn’t disappoint. I posted my predictions yesterday, so let’s take a look at the matches and how things went down.

Universal Championship Match

I was a little surprised that this was the first match of the night, but if you’re not going on last, you may as well go first. A back and forth physical match that often felt like Brock Lesnar was going to interrupt at any minute. He didn’t appear during the match and it ended somewhat surprising with a schoolboy pin for the win from Rollins.

After the match an angry Baron Corbin hit Rollins with an end of days finisher and then Brock Lesnar’s music hit. He came to the ring with the intention of cashing in money in the bank. However, Rollins would turn the table and get the better of Lesnar, hitting him with several chair shots and a curb stomp onto the briefcase. Rollins escapes with his Universal championship.

Ryan’s Pick: Seth Rollins Winner: Seth Rollins (Overall PPV prediction record 77-40)

Intercontinental Championship Match

Andrade went one on one with “The Demon” Finn Balor for the intercontinental championship. This was a really good match, but the fans were somewhat quiet during the match. I feel like if this match was in a hot wrestling city it would have been even better. Finn Balor picked up the win as predicted, but hopefully they will have this match again.

Ryan’s Pick: Finn Balor Winner: Finn Balor (Overall PPV prediction record 78-40)

Shane McMahon versus Roman Reigns

In what has become a personal rivalry Shane McMahon, with Drew McIntyre in his corner, took on Roman Reigns. The match was somewhat slow as predicted, but not bad. It went back and forth for a while before the ref was accidentally poked in the eye. The ref was out just long enough for McIntyre to run in and hit a Claymore kick and for Shane McMahon to get a cover and pin fall win over Reigns.

Ryan’s Pick: Roman Reigns Winner: Shane McMahon (Overall PPV prediction record 78-41)

Lucha House Party versus Lars Sullivan

Yes it’s a three on one handicap match and yes, my prediction was for the one. Lars Sullivan would take on the Lucha House Party in a quick and unnecessary match. It didn’t end how I thought it would, Sullivan did win albeit by disqualification, but I was impressed that Lucha House Party ganged up on Sullivan. End the end Sullivan got the better of all three members by laying waste to them one by one.

Ryan’s Pick: Lars Sullivan Winner: Lars Sullivan (Overall PPV prediction record 79-41)

Randy Orton versus Triple H

A near two decade long rivalry between Randy Orton and Triple H came to a head in Jeddah. It was the longest match on the card and it took a long time to heat up. Both men hit their finishers and both opponents kicked out. Both men were slammed on the announce table which did not give, but it was a second RKO out of nowhere that proved to be the difference.

Ryan’s Pick: Randy Orton Winner: Randy Orton (Overall PPV prediction record 80-41)

Bobby Lashley versus Braun Strowman

Two big dudes in Bobby Lashley and Bran Strowman, probably two of the strongest in all of WWE. Both men put on a decent match in triple digit temperatures and didn’t get lazy with the physicality. After three power slams it was Braun Strowman that was able to pick up the win as predicted.

Ryan’s Pick: Braun Strowman Winner: Braun Strowman (Overall PPV prediction record 81-41)

WWE Championship Match

The returning Dolph Ziggler took on Kofi Kingston, who had Xavier Woods in his corner, for the WWE championship. I felt like going into this one that it would be the match of the night, but it was just ok. I don’t think they got the time they needed to make it work.

Xavier Woods got involved and distracted Ziggler long enough for Kofi Kingston to hit his trouble in paradise finisher for the win as predicted. After the match Byron Sexton stopped Ziggler backstage and Ziggler demanded a rematch and demanded it be in a steel cage. I would like to see it and expect it to happen at the next pay per view.

Ryan’s Pick: Kofi Kingston Winner: Kofi Kingston (Overall PPV prediction record 82-41)

Fifty Man Battle Royal

Fifty WWE superstars made their way to the ring with The Miz, Samoa Joe, Cesaro, Titus O’Neil and Elias all got their own entrances. Well I picked R-Truth to win and he wasn’t even in the match. I knew going into it picking the winner would be a long shot. What a moment for the hometown Monsoor, to win the largest battle royal in WWE history.

Ryan’s Pick: R-Truth Winner: Mansoor (Overall PPV prediction record 82-42)

Goldberg versus Undertaker

The main event of the long day was two icons going one on one for the first time ever. Goldberg and Undertaker, who collectively had the longest entrances I’ve ever seen on a pay per view, really turned back the clock in this one. Goldberg was busted open early in the match and even withstood a tombstone pile-driver.

After Undertaker was in control for most of the match, Goldberg hit a few spears and a dangerous looking jackhammer, but Undertaker kicked out. Goldberg then went for a tombstone on Undertaker but botched it. Undertaker then hit another choke slam on Goldberg and eventually picked up the win.

Ryan’s Pick: Undertaker Winner: Undertaker (Overall PPV prediction record 83-42)

A decent pay per view that was for the most part predictable. The match of the night might have been the fifty man battle royal with Mansoor winning. It was a really neat moment for the fans in Jeddah. I feel like Undertaker and Goldberg underwhelmed, but I honestly didn’t expect to see as much as they gave. A couple dangerous botches made me start to think they should end the match quickly and they did just that after the tombstone attempt by Goldberg was botched. Aside from that an ok match with super long entrances.

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2 thoughts on “WWE Super Showdown Results

  1. Good review, Goldberg and Undertaker’s match was a mess and disappointing. I agree in wishing that Andrade and Balor will have a rematch. I feel Andrade deserves a title run and would make a great IC champ. Lesnar’s failed cash in makes his storyline one of the hottest of the summer. Kofi and Dolph had a good match, but had better in the past.

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  2. Thanks! Goldberg and Undertaker was uncomfortable to watch. Knowing Goldberg knocked himself silly early in the match justifies it, somewhat. Honestly their age and not having many matches in the last couple of years is the probable cause for such a poor performance.
    I am a huge Ziggler fan, but even I am not buying into him as a legit contender for the WWE title. I agree with you that both have had better matches. Thanks for checking out the blog. I appreciate it!

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