Pro Wrestling Weekly Top Ten

Is it just me, or is WWE bringing a little more edge to their product? I am hearing more curse words, seeing more blood and noticing some “attitude” on their programming. Not sure if it’s working as far as ratings go, RAW had yet another record low viewership and Smackdown was hard to get through in my opinion. Hopefully they do something to get fans watching again. But with another Wednesday comes another top ten, so let’s take a look at this weeks top ten.

Ricochet (7)

Ricochet is back in the top ten this week after picking up he win for his team Monday night on RAW. He hit his finisher on Cesaro to pick up the win. It looked as if he may have legitimately injured Cesaro in the process as Ricochet landed on Cesaro’s knees instead of mid section. Nonetheless a solid win for Ricochet.

Seth Rollins (12)

Seth Rollins didn’t win his match Monday night, but with the situation he was in, I didn’t expect him to. However he certainly made a statement when he beat up Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn. Rollins wore Zayn out with a steel chair and hit him with a curb stomp, sending a message to Brock Lesnar and Baron Corbin, that he is not to be messed with.

Sonya Deville (3)

In a rare singles match, Sonya Deville took on Carmella. Although she was helped by Mandy Rose, Deville was able to pick up somewhat of an upset win. I don’t think this will be a trend for Deville, but it’s nice to see her get some tv time.

Bayley (4)

The current Smackdown women’s champion picked up a win last night against the crazy lady, Nikki Cross. Cross had Alexa Bliss in her corner, but Bliss didn’t get involved. Bliss and Bayley will do battle for the Smackdown women’s championship at Stomping Grounds.

Drew McIntyre (14)

Shane McMahon’s right hand man Drew McIntyre picked up a big win over The Miz last night on Smackdown Live. Drew McIntyre is scheduled to take on Roman Reigns at Stomping Grounds in a couple of weeks, and I feel like it’s been there done that but hopefully they have a better match than they did at WrestleMania.

Lars Sullivan (2)

Lars Sullivan is living up to the moniker of “freak”. He completely dismantled the Lucha House Party Monday night. He even gorilla press slammed Kalisto onto the Steel ring steps. He is a force to be reckoned with and it won’t be long before he is in a meaningful feud.

Lacey Evans (3)

I like Lacey Evans, I think she has Charlotte Flair like potential. She great in the ring and on the mic, looks amazing and has a character that people just don’t like. She is a future women’s champion without question. On Monday night she was able to pin Bayley, in her hometown of San Jose, California, after connecting with a women’s right.

Randy Orton (12)

Randy Orton wasn’t on tv this week, but he had a big win last Friday over Triple H, in what was probably the best match on the card. Orton is now a seventeen year veteran and a little unappreciated in my opinion. He hasn’t really had a decent rivalry in years and I personally think he has at least one more WWE title run in him.

Kofi Kingston (14)

Kofi Kingston has been on the best stretch of his career in recent months. Friday at Super Showdown he was able to defeat Dolph Ziggler to retain his championship and last night on Smackdown, he hit Sami Zayn with trouble in paradise to pick up the win for the New Day!

The Revival (8)

The Revival picked up a huge win Monday night, and in the process won their second RAW tag team championship. They were able to defeat them champions Zack Ryder and Curt Hawkins as well as The Uso’s in a triple threat tag team match. I look for The Revival to hang onto the titles a little longer this time around.

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