Pro Wrestling Weekly Top Ten

After taking a couple weeks off due to traveling for work and then vacation, I am back and ready to unveil a new weekly top ten.  In the two weeks off I must say that WWE stepped up their programming.  Not so much this week, but last week I was pleasantly surprised with what was put on television on both RAW and Smackdown.

As far as the in ring competition goes for this week, I feel went well.  WWE is really wearing out the two out of three falls stipulation recently, but other than that I like a lot of the directions they are taking storylines.  This weeks RAW and Smackdown are over with as we look forward to Evolve and Extreme Rules this weekend, but until then lets take a look at this weeks top ten.

10. The Uso’s (12)

Without question The Uso’s are the best tag team on the WWE roster, and arguably the best tag team in the world.  I think it would be best for WWE to use them in less of a comedy role and more of a no nonsense team.  Along with The Miz, The Uso’s picked up a big win in a two out of three falls match over Elias and The Revival Monday night.

9. Becky Lynch (15)

Becky Lynch teamed with her boyfriend Seth Rollins in an intergender elimination match and made quick work of Zelina Vega. She then hung around ring side and had a scuffle with Extreme Rules opponents Baron Corbin and Lacey Evans. The stipulation of winner take all at Extreme rules has brought some intrigue to the match and it should be a good one.

8. Cesaro (3)

In a squash match the underutilized Cesaro beat enhancement talent star, No Way Jose.  I hope they get something going for Cesaro, his matches are always great and the big swing maneuver he uses is over like nothing else.  He’s proven he’s great as a singles guy or a tag team guy, but I think it’s time to push him to the WWE or Universal title picture.

7. Nikki Cross (5)

Nikki Cross has been busting out of Alexa Bliss shadow and had a great couple of nights. Monday night she beat Dana Brooke quicker than Bayley beat Sarah Logan. And last night she picked up a win over Carmella, and now will be in the Smackdown women’s championship match at Extreme Rules.

6. Seth Rollins (14)

On paper Seth Rollins and Andrade sounds great, but in actuality, for me, it was just ok Monday night.  I think the intergender tag match was good, but I would have rather seen a one on one between Rollins and Andrade.  Rollins and real life girl friend Becky Lynch will team up in a winner take all match this Sunday at Extreme Rules against Baron Corbin and Lacey Evans.  Check out my prediction blog on Friday for my prediction on this match.

5. Otis (1)

Otis picked up a big win last night beating Xavier Woods and Daniel Bryan. This guy is a star and has a bright future. His “caterpillar” move is a cross between the worm and the people’s elbow. He along with his partner Tucker, will be in a tag team triple threat match Sunday at Extreme Rules.

4. Roman Reigns (9)

The odds were stacked against Roman Reigns on both Monday night and Tuesday night. Monday night he had to have a tag team partner that Shane McMahon picked to fight him and Drew McIntyre. And last night he had Dolph Ziggler in the main event, but McMahon, McIntyre and Elias were all at ringside to get involved. In the end Reigns was able to find a way to win and defeat Ziggler.

3. Ricochet (9)

Ricochet had a great night Monday night beating both Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson. The week before he was able to beat AJ Styles and now will put his United States title on the line this Sunday at Extreme Rules. His opponent is the now heel, AJ Style in their third match in a month.

2. Shinsuke Nakamura (5)

So out of nowhere Shinsuke Nakamura came back to TV. Not only did he return he beat the intercontinental champion Finn Balor. I like the win by Nakamura and hope the win builds to a rivalry between Balor and Nakamura. Both men are underutilized and deserve more in WWE. Perhaps this is the start of a long overdue push?

1. Kevin Owens (4)

Kevin Owens is starting a new character that I am liking. It resembles that of Stone Cold Steve Austin, especially since he’s using the Stunner. He took matters into his own hands last night on Smackdown and got into a fight with Dolph Ziggler before the show started, then came out and verbally gave Shane McMahon the “what for” and finished the night by hitting Shane McMahon with a stunner.

My personal opinion was that Smackdown was a better show than RAW this week. I really like where the Kevin Owens angle is going, and I feel like he will be getting involved in Shane McMahons match Sunday at Extreme Rules. Check out on Friday for my official predictions.

As always thanks for checking out today’s blog!



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