Pro Wrestling Weekly Top Ten

After a couple of Summerslam go home shows, the pay per view for this Sunday is really heating up.  What doesn’t seem to be heating up, despite their best efforts, is the ratings.  I personally think both RAW and Smackdown have been better in recent weeks, but a very flat crowd in Pittsburgh Monday night, made RAW come across as … awkward.

Goldberg came out at the end and livened up the crowd a little bit, just in time for them to go home.  It was a decent show with some decent matches, but I couldn’t get over how bored the crowd came across.  But there were some great matches and some great stories that helped me come up with this weeks top ten.

10. Trish Stratus (1)

Hall of Famer Trish Stratus has made the top ten for the first time as she got the better of her Summerslam opponent, Charlotte Flair. Not so much physically, but verbally and mentally. It’s a dream match Sunday as these two who are a couple of eras apart clash in a what should be a good one.

9. Viking Raiders (7)

Week after week these guys continue to pummel their competition, and I think its time for them to start wrestling more talented and established tag teams.  Their move set individually and as a team is impressive, I would like to see how they fair against The Revival or The Uso’s.  Nonetheless, another impressive outing gives them a top ten nod.

8. Shawn Michaels (1)

Although retired, the “Heartbreak Kid” can still get a crowd going.  On RAW he was apart of Miz TV and the Dolph Ziggler/Goldberg swerve.  After it was announced that Goldberg would be the one facing Ziggler at Summerslam, Goldberg came to the ring and everyone scattered.  Just as Ziggler got to the top of the ramp, he was met by Michaels and some “Sweet Chin Music.”

7. The O.C. (2)

AJ Styles, Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson are back together as a stable and they have been cleaning house ever since they reunited.  Gallows and Anderson have won the RAW tag team championships and Styles is the United States champion.  They teamed up last night to defeat Big E, Xavier Woods and Ricochet Monday night and looked impressive doing so.

6. Aleister Black (4)

Aleister Black was to go one on one with Sami Zayn at Summerslam, but instead that match came last night on Smackdown. Zayn was caught off guard by the impromptu match and lack made short work of him hitting him with his patented “Black Mass” finisher.

5. Dolph Ziggler (10)

Dolph Ziggler has taken on the role of “legend basher” as of late. He’s taken out wrestlers like Shawn Michaels and Rey Mysterio and at Summerslam has the opportunity to end the in ring career of Goldberg. Last night after he dismantled Mysterio, he went on to beat Ali building momentum toward Summerslam.

4. Shane McMahon (3)

Shane McMahon is as ruthless as he’s ever been. Last night on Smackdown he got that better of his Summerslam opponent, Kevin Owens. Of course it was with a little assist from Elias, but regardless, McMahon stooped to old fashioned McMahon tactics and trapped Owens under a table and kicked him in the face with a chair.

3. Daniel Bryan & Rowan (2)

Daniel Bryan and Rowan didn’t win their match against Big E and Xavier Woods, but they had the best match on the show last night. After they were disqualified, they beat up both Big E and Woods and then it we found out that Rowan was the one who attacked Roman Reigns. Things are about to get interesting in that storyline.

2. Andrade (5)

This guy has mega star written all over him.  A throwback of Eddie Guerrero and Alberto Del Rio, Andrade went one on one with the great Rey Mysterio Monday night.  Even though I have seen this match a half a dozen times, they never disappoint when in the ring together.  In the end, it was Andrade, with help from Zelina Vega, who got the win after a great match.

1. Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross (1)

The WWE women’s tag team titles were on the line Monday night as the reigning champs the IIconics took on, the teams of; The Kabuki Warriors, Fire and Desire and Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross.  After a great match, it was the strange relationship of Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross that proved to be the best team Monday night as they went on to win the match and the titles.

That’s it for this week, be sure to check out my predictions this Friday for NXT TakeOver in Toronto and Summerslam.  As always thanks for checking out, the people’s wrestling blog!


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