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For the first time in weeks, I think I am going to give RAW the better show award. In recent weeks RAW has recorded all time low ratings. Think about that for a second… all time low. Over twenty five years of RAW and we have seen the worst shows in history the past couple weeks.

It would appear that the WWE finally listened to their fans and gave us a pretty good show Monday night, even addressing the record low ratings. I know Baron Corbin is taking the brunt of the ridicule, but most fans realize it’s the writers that got it wrong. Yes, RAW is dealing with injuries, but they showed us Monday they can overcome them.

Smackdown Live was just ok for me this week. The rap battle was not something I really cared for and I don’t get The Miz and Shane McMahon angle. The main event was really good for a smoz ending and I thought Daniel Bryan and Mustafa Ali had a pretty good, but predictable match. Kind of curious as to why they brought Ali in, but it was good to see him on Smackdown.

The top ten this week wasn’t all that tough for me to pick, so let’s take a look.

10. Bayley

Bayley has been winning consistently in recent weeks even if it is against Alicia Fox. I will be glad when the mixed match challenge is over with and Bayley and Sasha are used in relevant story lines. Until then, at least she is picking up some victories.

9. Rey Mysterio

Rey Mysterio returned last night to put a beating on Randy Orton with a chair. It was nice to see because it’s the first time in a long time that Orton was punished. Fifty fifty booking tells me who is going to win this Sunday at TLC, but check out gohomepwb.com on Friday for my official prediction.

8. Ember Moon

Ember Moon is another woman on RAW who has been picking up quite a few victories lately. Not to mention she has been teaming with the RAW women’s champion Ronda Rousey. I have a feeling if she can build enough momentum over the next month she will be a favorite to win the women’s Royal Rumble.

7. Rusev

It looks as if Rusev will be next in line to challenge Shinsuke Nakamura for the U.S. championship. I am not sure if the match is happening at TLC or not yet, but I would like to see it. I feel like Rusev has lost some steam since the Aiden English split, but a pin fall win over Nakamura last night earned him a spot on the top ten this week.

6. Charlotte

Is Charlotte a heel or baby face? The lines are very blurred when it comes to her and Becky Lynch and who to root for. Wether you boo or cheer Charlotte, you have to respect the match she had with Asuka last night. Even though she was dis qualified, it was a heck of match leading up to the finish. I’m not sure she will get the women’s title for an eighth time this Sunday, but we can bank on a great match for sure.

5. Drew McIntyre

Drew McIntyre got back on the winning track defeating my favorite wrestler Dolph Ziggler Monday night. It was a predictable match and after Ziggler got the win last week, I knew McIntyre was going over to look strong headed into his TLC pay per view match with Finn Balor this Sunday. I wouldn’t be surprised to see it become a triple threat including Ziggler by Sunday.

4. Asuka

Asuka picked up a main event win last night over Charlotte. Yes it was by dis qualification, but it’s good to see Asuka back in the title picture. I was worried we had seen her best days prior to last years Wrestlemania. She looked great as Smackdown went off the air last night beating up both Charlotte and Becky Lynch.

3. Bobby Roode and Chad Gable

I will be the first to admit, I hated this pairing when it started. Honestly, I’m still not crazy about it, but I’m glad the titles are off A.O.P and Drake Maverick. I said in my decline of RAW blog that, they needed to reboot the tag team division and I think this is the start of it. It was a big win for Roode and Gable and hopefully it’s a sign of better things to come for the RAW tag division.

2. Daniel Bryan

Fickle! Fickle! The NEW Daniel Bryan is a great heel, and he not only had a great match last night but he also had a great promo prior to it. He beat Mustafa Ali in a very predictable match, but he managed to make Ali look good in the process. And at the end of the day it’s a win win for the WWE universe. It should be a great match this Sunday when he puts the title on the line against AJ Styles.

1. Seth Rollins

I don’t think there is any surprise that Rollins is at number one this week. If he’s not number one on everyone’s list this week, then they didn’t really watch RAW. He started off the show with some much needed truth and finished with a much needed great title defense. It’s time to put the Universal title on Rollins, and quick.

That’s it for this week. Check out Friday’s writing as I breakdown the matches for TLC on Sunday and give my official predictions.

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Wrestlers we’ve lost too soon

Last week has been a sad one in the world of professional wrestling with the passing of The Dynamite Kid and Larry “The Ax” Henning. Henning lived a long life passing away at the age of eighty two, but the Dynamite Kid passed on the day of his sixtieth birthday. In the grand scheme of things, sixty is not really that old.

I am not sure what the average life span is these days, but last I heard it was somewhere between seventy five and eighty. And the more I thought about it, the more I realized most wrestlers don’t live that long. It doesn’t seem like most wrestlers make it to sixty-sixty five.

I often wonder why that is? Why do wrestlers who are in peak physical condition pass away before their golden years. Some of them well before their golden years. Multiple wrestlers have passed away before the age of forty. 2018 has been a year where we saw a lot of wrestlers go to the ring in the sky.

Along with The Dynamite Kid and Larry Henning; Bruno Sammartino, Brian Christopher, Jim Neidhart, Johnny Valiant, Matt Cappotelli, Nikolai Volkoff and Vader are just a few that have passed away this year. Cappotelli was thirty eight and Brian Christopher was forty six.

Sammartino and Henning were the only ones in their eighties, everyone else was below the average life span. Why do wrestlers rarely seem to make it to a full life span? I know wrestling is hard on your body and the traveling is exhausting, but there are a lot of people who work seventy hours a week and have physically demanding jobs.

I think a big reason why the wrestlers I grew up watching are dying so young is being a product of the era. I grew up in the eighties and nineties and watched wrestlers like, Andre the Giant, Randy Savage, Roddy Piper, Vader, The Ultimate Warrior, Crush, Eddie Guerrero, Chris Benoit, Brian Pillman and The Z-Man.

All of the wrestlers I just named have passed away. Almost everyone has heard about the death of Chris Benoit. If not just google it, I don’t want to get into the details of the murder, suicide tragedy he was involved in. That’s a writing for another day. Pillman and Guerrero died of heart attacks in their thirties.

How does someone in there thirties and in great physical health die of a heart attack. Is it a hereditary issue, a fluke or a lifestyle of drugs and alcohol that lead to their premature death? For a lot of wrestlers, I’m sure it’s a combination of all. Guerrero had a well known issue with drugs and alcohol, but was clean at the time of his death.

Brian Pillman was also clean from alcohol and street drugs at the time of his death. It has been noted he was taking a lot of pain killers to deal with a bad ankle, but it appears that his heart attack was a hereditary heart disease issue. Randy Savage and The Ultimate Warrior also passed away due to heart attacks. Both men were in their fifties at the time of their death.

It’s no secret that there were little to no rules when it came to drugs and alcohol in the seventies, eighties and nineties in professional wrestling. Just listen to any podcast or documentary from a wrestler during those decades. They will tell you it was done in the locker room. Wrestlers lived like rockstars during that era.

Sex, drugs and wrestling. Ric Flair said in his 30 for 30 documentary that he has slept with thousands of women. He also said that he drank every day, like a lot of drinking, like every day. He was just one of many that lived and worked like that. Wrestle, go to the next town, party, repeat.

I often wonder just how many wrestlers lived the fast life like that? I often wonder how many wrestlers who manage to make it to their golden years, regret it? Ric Flair has been having a lot of health issues in recent years and rumor has it, he is still drinking. You ever wonder how Flair is still going at seventy years old, but Eddie Guerrero dies at thirty eight?

A lot of wrestlers were and are victims of substance abuse. Another eye opening cause of death for pro wrestlers is suicide. Most notably Chris Benoit, but there are others that have taken their own life such as; Kanyon, Brian Christopher, Crash Holly, Kerry Von Erich, Mike Awesome and Sean O’Haire.

I won’t speculate as to why they decided death was better than life, only they and God know what they were thinking in those moments. I often wonder if it was the physical toll wrestling took on their bodies or personal demons that led them to that decision. From every thing I’ve read and watched about Chris Benoit, know one ever thought he was capable of such a monstrosity.

Some say it’s concussions other say it’s steroids. Some say it’s mental illness others say it’s selfishness. No matter the issues that lead someone to that decision, it’s always the people who are left to grieve who hurt the most. Even fans of Benoit or Kerry Von Erick or Brian Christopher are left wishing there was something they could have done to help.

I do have to give the WWE credit for really stepping up their wellness policy. Especially after the Benoit tragedy, they have been more vigilant in detecting concussions. They have been stringent on the testing of concussions and other injuries that come up with a pro wrestler.

They may have even saved some life’s with their testing. Wrestlers like Edge,who had to retire in 2011 due to neck injuries, have publicly thanked WWE and their medical staff for noticing the his issues and telling him not to wrestle anymore. Daniel. Ryan and Paige are two that come to mind that the WWE have taking measure into keeping them from doing permanent damage to their bodies.

They are quick to pull a wrestler from an event when there are injury issues, opposed to twenty years ago when it was, you work no matter what. I can vividly remember Stone Cold being dropped on his head by Owen Hart during a match. Stone Cold lost feeling in his limbs momentarily and still finished the match.

Something like that would never happen in today’s WWE, and that’s a good thing. If we never see another ten bell salute on RAW or Smackdown, that would be great. I think that today’s wrestlers are in a better situation to live a longer life and not have as many health issues later in life.

Unfortunately, the wrestlers and wrestling companies had to learn the hard way. Hopefully we will stop seeing wrestlers pass away before they are supposed to. My concern is for those in the independent scene. Watching the matches are incredible, but in my opinion, the risks they take in the ring are unnecessary.

I get it, they are trying to get noticed, but no one will know your name if you can’t wrestle long enough to make it to the big leagues. I’d like to see them in the WWE or Ring of Honor someday, but if they are barely able to walk by the age of twenty five, no company is going to take a chance on them.

I’m not a pro wrestler, I am just a fan who gets to write about the industry. And all of this is just my opinion, but there is some incredibly talented men and women that no one has heard of yet, killing it at small gymnasiums and bingo halls around he country. One day they will get a contract from a big league wrestling business.

And if for some chance there is an indy wrestler reading this, I ask you to be safe and strategic in your journey. Stay healthy and determined, and I will be writing about you one day.

Top ten coming Wednesday and TLC predictions on Friday.

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GoHomePWB.com Weekly top ten

RAW managed to keep me a little more interested this week. I’m not saying it was a great show, but it was better than last week. I still think Smackdown Live put on a better show this week. The storylines on Smackdown just make more sense to me. So after a below average RAW and a decent Smackdown, let’s see who made this weeks top ten.

10. Bayley and Sasha

Bayley and Sasha are actually a pretty good tag team. I wish they would do away with the in ring questions hosted by Alexa Bliss though. They went on to have a pretty good match against Alicia Fox and Mickie James picking up the win.

9. Finn Balor

Finn Balor got back on the winning track this week defeating Jinder Mahal. He did however get brutalized by McIntyre before the end of RAW. It would be nice to see Balor go on a run and get back in the main event picture or at least the intercontinental title picture.

8. Sonya Deville

Sonya Deville has cracked the top ten for the first time since I started it. She was able to pin Charlotte last night in a tag match. Granted, it was Asuka and Charlotte as a team which was doomed from the get go. But a pin fall over Charlotte in any fashion is quite a notch on the belt.

7. Randy Orton

A mainstay on the top ten is “The Viper” Randy Orton. He has not lost very many matches this year and last night was no different. Although Samoa Joe was able to distract Ortons opponent, Jeff Hardy, he was able to get a fairly clean win against him.

6. Jey Uso

The match of the week for me was the triple threat match between Jey Uso, Cesaro and Xavier Woods. A really good match that I wish had gone about five to seven minutes longer, if I am being picky. I look for the triple threat tag match at TLC to be a show stealer. The Uso’s are on a roll lately and I wouldn’t mind seeing them take the titles at the pay per view.

5. Ronda Rousey

Ronda Rousey had a pretty good night Monday night. Even though she is not my favorite, I can’t deny the improvements I am seeing from her. She had a new climbing kick she used Monday night that looked incredible. She and Ember Moon were able to get the win over Tamina and Nia Jax. Giving her the momentum headed into TLC’s title defense.

4. Dean Ambrose

Dean Ambrose as a heel is amazing. He’s easy to hate and the gas mask is a very clever way to get heat from any crowd. He continues to get the better of Seth Rollins every week, which leads me to think Rollins will win at TLC, but that’s for next week. The sky is the limit for a heel Ambrose.

3. AJ Styles

AJ Styles picked up a rebound win against The Miz last night. Although he did take a beating from Daniel Bryan after the match ended. This feud is heating up and I like the direction it is headed. AJ will probably get a little revenge next week.

2. Dolph Ziggler

Dolph Ziggler has been around forever and he’s been putting guys over forever. I thought that was going to be the case last night when he went one on one with his former friend Drew McIntyre. Until last night McIntyre had never been pinned or submitted since coming to RAW. Ziggler was able to get the job done earning him a runner up spot on the top ten this week.

1. Daniel Bryan

The NEW Daniel Bryan is a strange one. The NEW Daniel Bryan is also a dangerous one. He not only gave a great promo during Miz TV, he went on to put quite a heel beat down on AJ Styles. The WWE champion has a new persona and I think it’s here to stay. I can’t wait to see the Daniel Bryan and AJ Styles feud play out.

That’s it for this weeks top ten. A couple new entrants and some old favorites. TLC is really starting to take shape and I think we are pulling out of the driveway onto the road to Wrestlemania.

My All Time Favorite Match

One of the things I’m asked, once people find out I’m a wrestling fan is, what’s is my favorite match of all time? Before 2009 I would have had to think about it, but since Wrestlemania twenty five, there is only one match that still takes the cake for me. Shawn Michaels vs The Undertaker at Wrestlemania twenty five.

That day is a day I will always remember, not so much because of the Wrestlemania pay per view, but of a phone call I received that day. Now anyone who know me knows to not bother me during my wrestling shows, especially Wrestlemania, but I kept getting a call from an old high school friend during the pay per view.

I tried to ignore it and planned to call him back as soon as the pay per view was over. However he was persistent and probably called me four or five times. Finally during the Jeff Hardy vs Matt Hardy match I answered the phone. When I did, I had learned that one of my good friends from high school was in a horrible automobile accident.

The accident put my friend in the hospital for months, nearly costing him his life. Luckily I didn’t lose my friend from the accident, but the accident left him paralyzed from the waist down. Next year marks ten years since that day, and my friend has been through a lot. But he’s a positive guy and a fighter who is thankful to be here.

The only thing that could take my mind off the news I had just learned was the pay per view. And maybe that plays a part into why Taker vs HBK is my favorite match. For most of the pay per view the only thing on my mind was my friend. Then The Undertaker vs Shawn Michaels match started.

The Undertakers entrance was as dark and evil as always, and the reborn christian Shawn Michaels, descended from the rafters in all white and in angelic form. A true good vs evil scenario was about to play out. Adding to the intrigue was the fact that both men were in their 40’s at the time and still competing at a high level.

With the two veterans nearing the end of their everyday wrestling careers, I had a feeling we were going to see something special. Both HBK and Taker pulled out all the stops. We saw all the classic moves, including a spot where the Undertaker nearly ended his career performing a dive over the top rope.

Every now and then the Undertaker would do a move where he would run across the ring, hit the ropes, and run back to the other side of the ring leap over the top rope and hit his opponent with a clothesline or body press. I don’t know what went wrong during the move but The Undertaker jumped and missed badly.

So bad that I thought he was done, not just done like he’s going to lose, but done he will be lucky to walk again done. When he jumped over the rope, HBK moved and pulled the cameraman in the way. I think the cameraman was supposed to drop the camera and break his fall.

The cameraman was not able to break the fall and when I say the Undertaker dove over top rope, that is not an exaggeration. He dove over the top and fell probably ten feet to the floor and landed directly on his head. The Undertaker folded up like an accordion and would lay there for several minutes as referees checked on him.

Luckily, he was able to continue the match and man did that match live up to expectation. It was one of the first matches that I seen have so many false finishes. It was also one of the first matches I’d seen where finishers were kicked out off. No one ever kicked out of the tombstone pile driver but HBK did that night.

The Undertaker was still undefeated at Wrestlemania at that time and Shawn Michaels was known as Mr. Wrestlemania. It was the first time in many years where some thought The Undertakers streak might come to an end. If anyone was going to end it, it was going to be Mr. Wrestlemania.

False finish after false finish after false finish and still no victor. There were multiple sweet chin music kicks, moonsaults and elbow drops from HBK. And there were also multiple tombstone piledrivers, running clothesline’s and choke slams from the dead man. The fans were on a figurative roller coaster during the match.

But it was one moonsault to many that caught up with HBK. Literally. After about a twenty five minute match, Michaels climbed to the top rope and went for a moonsault. He leaped, did a back flip in mid air and was caught by the waiting Undertaker. Taker caught Michaels and Michaels was in the perfect position for the tombstone.

Taker hit the tombstone piledriver one more time, crossed Michaels arms on his chest and finally got the 1-2-3. The Undertakers winning streak at Wrestlemania would live on. I will say, it was the first time I’d seen the Undertaker vulnerable during a Wrestlemania match.

Shawn Michaels took Taker to his limit that night. I feel like after that match, both men started winding down their full time schedules in the WWE. As we would find out Michaels was only in contract with the WWE for one more year. And at Wrestlemania twenty six, these men would wrestle again.

This time the match was streak vs career, and to me it didn’t live up to the match the year prior. It would also be Michaels last match for nearly a decade as he would lose that night and was “forced” to retire. Although in wrestling retire usually means go away for a while and return when the time is right.

As for the Undertaker he would remain undefeated until Brock Lesnar finally broke the streak, much to the chagrin of most the WWE universe. Ten years later and the Undertaker still wrestles at Wrestlemania, defeating John Cena in record time this past year.

The match at Wrestlemania twenty five will probably always be one of, if not my all time favorites. It was a great match and for about a half hour, I was able to suspend my worries for my friend and enjoy my favorite program of the year. In the weeks that followed, my friends and I would make several trips to Columbus hospitals to see our friend and pray and wish him well.

A crazy night indeed, but a night I will never forget. If you get a chance get on WWE network and search for the match. It’s a really good match and probably a match I watch at least once a year. I’m sure someday, a match will come along and just blow my mind, but until then Taker vs HBK, Wrestlemania 25 is my all time favorite match.

The Decline of Monday Night RAW

The last Monday night RAW was abysmal. That’s the only way to describe it. And after thinking about it, RAW for the majority of 2018 has not been as enjoyable for me as in years past. So, I am trying to figure out why it is. When did it start to be less entertaining? How long do I keep watching? Why has it become so predictable?

So after putting some thought into it, I believe there is a combination of things that have led to a less enjoyable RAW. First thing I have noticed are the injuries. Right off the top of my head I can think of five wrestlers that are out due to injury. Obviously Roman Reigns is out for the foreseeable future and Braun Strowman is out for a few weeks.

Right there are two of the biggest names in the industry. Not to mention wrestlers like Sami Zayn, Kevin Owens and Alexa Bliss. Now I realize Bliss is still on tv, but when is the last time she was in the ring? She’s great on the mic and maybe they are on to something with her being the leader of the women’s division. But she is one of the top stars who needs to be competing in a lackluster women’s division.

Smackdown clearly has the better women’s division. Becky Lynch, Charlotte and Asuka will compete in a TLC triple threat match at the TLC pay per view. Yes please! RAW women’s title match will be an overrated Ronda Rousey vs an even more overrated Nia Jax. If that match comes on after the Smackdown women’s title match, expect to here some “boring” chants.

Speaking of weak divisions, RAW’s tag team division is weak as well. A.O.P. are the current tag team champs and there biggest competition is Bobby Roode and Chad Gable. Seriously? Really?? I mean RAW has buried their entire tag team division. The titles have become insignificant and the teams in the division are laughable.

The Universal title is back on a part time schedule. Not putting the title on Strowman at Crown Jewel was probably the better option at the time. Strowman needs more time to get his popularity back to where it was before the questionable heel turn in late summer/early fall. Perhaps they had different plans for Strowman before Reigns’ illness, but I feel like WWE was trying to turn him face again just prior to Reigns announcement.

There have been a lot of questionable decisions made creatively this year. Obviously the brief Strowman turn is one of them. Some others that made no sense to me are Matt Hardy and Bray Wyatt team. Whatever happened to Wyatt anyway? How about Finn Balor being used as enhancement talent most weeks, or Baron Corbin as RAW general manager elect?

How about the misuse of Bobby Lashley for the majority of the year. He was floundering to say the least, until he turned heel. And Lio Rush as his hype man is weird to me. Much like Drake Maverick as manager of A.O.P., I don’t understand the use of 205 Live guys as managers. They have their own show for crying out loud. To me, seeing Maverick pee his pants and Rush constantly being made fun of for his size is indirectly hurting the entire 205 Live brand.

Aside from all that, being three hours long does the show no favors. It’s hard to sit through anything for three hours, especially this day and age. Twenty years ago during the attitude era, I would have loved a three hour show. But at the same time only being two hours long added to the intrigue of the show. I don’t like a three hour RAW. Period.

Before I get into suggestions on ways to make RAW better, I want to address the rumor that Vince McMahon has lost touch with what entertains a wrestling fan. I am on the fence with this. About twenty one years ago McMahon aired a video message stating that the WWE would be moving on from super hero type wrestlers to a more edgy product. I feel like that was more out of necessity opposed to a creative direction.

At the time of the video, circa 1997, WWE was losing ratings to WCW. Not to mention ECW was gaining traction at the time with their hardcore style. So, he changed his direction to remain competitive with those wrestling companies that were already finding success with the hardcore shoot style of show.

With no real competition in 2018, there is no need to change creative directions. The PG formula which has been used for probably fifteen years, was and is a successful formula. But I think any long time wrestling fan will tell you, it has become stale. Certain moves are banned, certain words are banned and certain gestures are banned.

There are a lot of rules in a politically correct 2018 Monday night RAW. It has watered down the show and I know Vince doesn’t need to change direction, but would it really hurt to try? Like I said, he has no real competition. Smackdown has been dabbling in some attitude era angles and characters and the show is without question a better show.

So, has Vince lost touch with the current wrestling fan? Na, I don’t think so. I think it’s time for Vince to take some more risks creatively, but I don’t think he has lost touch with fans. So if I had Vince’s money and knowing that there is no real threat to ratings what would I do to make RAW more entertaining? Well, I am glad you asked.

The first thing I would do is go back to two hours. And if going to two hours is not an option due to network obligations, I would use the first hour of RAW as a NXT platform. Yes, I know NXT has their own show, but it’s not on network television. I would still build for RAW during the first hour with vignettes and interviews with the wrestlers, but keep them vague and interesting so that I have to watch a second and third hour to see what happens.

The second thing I would do is a brand draft. Clearly Smackdown has a more entertaining roster. I know injuries play a factor, but who wouldn’t want to see a match like AJ Styles vs Braun Strowman. Or Randy Orton vs Drew McIntyre and what about a Jeff Hardy vs Seth Rollins. So many options with a loaded roster and all the talent is on Smackdown.

Another thing I would do, since RAW is three hours, is bring back the Hardcore title. Something that can be defended each week, multiple times on the show and it’s a anything goes situation. Falls count anywhere and anyone on the can be a contender. You could have some legends return every now and then to win it.

RAW also needs to beef up there tag team division. This would take some time, but it’s not impossible to do. Honestly, I would wipe the slate clean with the current state of the RAW tag division and start over. The Revival, Ascension and B-Team could all be teams that are capable of being legit contenders if booked right.

I would start by setting up a several month long tournament for the tag team titles. But not a traditional tournament. Maybe a double elimination or round robin style tournament. And have matches that fans want to see tag teams in, such as cage, ladder or tornado tag matches. Give the teams time to look strong instead of losing in a minute or two like they normally do.

Another thing RAW needs is some comic relief. It’s a very serious and dramatic show anymore. Smackdown has the NEW DAY! who always do some funny things. They also have The Miz who gets a laugh every now and then. Everyone on RAW has to be a bad ass, and I get you want to be taken seriously, but it makes for a one dimensional show.

Dolph Ziggler is a stand up comic and he doesn’t use any of his stuff on RAW. I would like to see him be more witty and use some comedy in his promos. Elias is about the only one on the roster who makes the crowd laugh anymore. He and his guitar are about the only comedy on the show.

The last thing I would do is keep the Universal title off of Brock Lesnar. Lesnar doesn’t need a title. He’s an attraction anytime he’s in a match. He doesn’t need a title to appear legitimate, he just needs to kick the crap out of someone. I would put the title on a weekly work horse like Rollins, Balor, McIntyre or Ziggler. Or bring Orton, AJ or Daniel Bryan from Smackdown to carry it.

Those are just a few things I would do. If I could hit reset on the current state of RAW I would totally do it. As much hate as WWE got for this past weeks RAW, hopefully they take notice. I mean if 15,000 people in an arena screaming refund at the end of the show doesn’t tell you something, then maybe it’s time for hearing aids.

RAW was once a can’t miss show, now it’s something I dvr and fast forward through most of. The flagship show is sinking and if things don’t change life boats will need to be deployed. Hopefully things start to change and RAW will become easier to digest. I’m optimistic that a positive change is coming, especially as we inch closer to the road to Wrestlemania.

WWE is a very successful business and will right the wrongs. I think we will have to be very patient with RAW over the next few months. Hopefully we start seeing some wrestlers return from injuries, and hopefully we start seeing something worth watching again.

GoHomePWB.com weekly top ten

First off, let’s be honest…RAW absolutely sucked. So I begrudgingly put RAW superstars in this week. Outside of Dolph Ziggler and Seth Rollins, RAW was forgettable.

Smackdown Live on the other hand was great. Starting with The Man Becky Lynch and a couple of good matches including The Bar vs The Uso’s and the Women’s battle royal.

Let’s take a look at this weeks top ten:

10. Lucha House Party

The Latino version of the NEW DAY! has been on quite the roll lately. They have had The Revival’s number in recent weeks and… I’m not really that impressed. But a win is a win and I can at least give them credit for that.

9. Ember Moon

Ember moon won. She beat Alicia Fox. My gawd, RAW was awful.

8. A.O.P.

A.O.P. successfully defended their RAW tag team championships Monday night. It’s bad when the highlight of the match was Drake Maverick pissing on Bobby Roode’s robe. Did I mention how bad RAW was Monday night?

7. Dolph Ziggler

Although he lost Monday night Dolph Ziggler is on the list for being part of probably the match of the week. I think the ending of the match was quite predictable, but as always Ziggler had us believing he may come out of the match a 7 time champ. I hope this is not the start of a decline for Ziggler, but it sure looks that way. Regardless, Ziggler’s matches are must watch.

6. Randy Orton

Randy Orton continued his dastardly ways last night, putting a beating on Rey Mysterio. Probably the best heel on the main roster, Orton seems happy being the bad guy that just bullies others around. He hasn’t been mentioned in a potential title match and I wonder why? He could be a WWE champion again with his current heel run.

5. The Uso’s

I’ve said it before and I still firmly believe that The Uso’s are the best tag team in wrestling. ALL of wrestling! They picked up a big win against The Bar last night and I wouldn’t be surprised to see a title match between the two teams at TLC.

4. Asuka

Could Asuka be back? Two weeks in a row she has looked strong and now she is back in the Smackdown Live Women’s title picture. It’s a weird addition, but I wouldn’t put it past WWE to put the title on her. It’s good to see Asuka back in meaningful storylines.

3. Becky Lynch

The man is back! I know she was only off t.v. for a week, but she was sorely missed. The mere mention of her name incites a reaction. Becky is the hottest wrestler in the entire industry, just ask her, she will tell you. All I can say is she didn’t even wrestle and she is number 3 on my list. If she is on any show…take my money and give me Becky Lynch.

2. Seth Rollins

Rollins was victorious Monday night against Dolph Ziggler in what was the match of the week in my opinion. I like the feud between Rollins and Ambrose, but it’s so white hot I feel like the intercontinental title is an after thought. Rollins is a staple on Monday night and with Strowman out of the picture for a minute RAW needs Rollins more than ever.

1. Jeff Hardy

Twenty years in the business! WWE said twenty years with WWE, but we know that’s not true. Hardy has given wrestling fans a lot to cheer for over the years. Perhaps the most happiest moment for Hardy fans is his current state. He’s sober! That alone is worth cheering. I hope that Hardy has many more memorable moments in WWE!

A weird week for wrestling. RAW sucked, but Smackdown was pretty good. Let’s hope RAW picks it up next week and gives my fast forward button a break.

Thanks for checking out this weeks top ten. Let me know what you think and as always thanks for reading gohomepwb.com

Dolph Ziggler

First off, I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving spent with family and friends. I am finishing up my series on my all time favorite wrestlers. In late September I started my first blog about my first favorite wrestler Brian Pillman. After Pillman, it was Lex Luger, Ultimate Warrior, Crush, The Rock and Edge. Now that brings me to my current favorite wrestler, Dolph Ziggler.

Ziggler first came to WWE as a caddy for Kerwin White aka Chavo Guerrero. He then resurfaced as a member of the Spirit Squad. After the run with the Spirit Squad he went back to developmental and was repackaged. I want to say it was a round 2007, 2008 when he showed up as Dolph Ziggler.

I can vividly remember when he first came to WWE as Ziggler he would walk around introducing himself. “I’m Dolph Ziggler”. I want to say he picked up his first win against Batista via count out. A win is a win, and a win over Batista in one of his first matches is quite impressive.

When he started I immediately liked his in ring style. His offense was good, but it was the selling he did that I thought was very Shawn Michaels like, and I loved that. Nobody was selling like he was and it started to get noticed. His character was always the sleaze ball, better than you, ladies man type. The best way to describe his character is a mixture of Ric Flair, Shawn Michaels and Rick Rude.

He made a great heel and when Edge was no longer the “love interest” of Vickie Guerrero, Dolph Ziggler was next. Vickie help catapult Ziggler into the main event picture. He was becoming one of the best heels in the business. Then something happened. He started gaining and earning respect from the fans.

April of 2011 my favorite wrestler at the time was Edge. He was forced to retire due to injury, and even though I was sad to see Edge go, I knew Ziggler was the wrestler I would be rooting for next. And once I started rooting for Ziggler, I noticed I wasn’t the only one. By late 2012 early 2013, I would say he was getting more cheers than boos on a regular basis.

Then, in 2013 the night after Wrestlemania, something amazing happened. It was one of the most memorable moments in WWE history. Dolph Ziggler had won Money in the Bank the year prior and cashed in on Alberto Del Rio. When he won the title that night, that was the loudest I have ever heard the WWE universe.

From that night on Ziggler went on to begin a baby face turn. The next pay per view he put his newly won World title on the line against Del Rio in a rematch and then the turn was official. It was a double turn that night as Alberto who as supposed to be a fan favorite, beat Ziggler in ruthless fashion. Using short cuts and cheap shots, Del Rio was able to regain the World title.

The next night Monday night RAW was in Grand Rapids, Michigan and yours truly was in attendance that night. Del Rio started the show and immediately turned on the fans. Ziggler would come out towards the end of the night and attack Del Rio. Ziggler was on his way to becoming one of the most popular guys on the roster.

A little side note about RAW from Grand Rapids that night. That was the night. Mark Henry gave his infamous fake retirement speech. I can tell you first hand, that man had everyone in that arena fooled that night. If someone tells you that they knew it was a rouse, they’re lying to you.

Back to Ziggler who is now a good guy and embracing his new role. He went on to have some feuds with some of the top heels, but was starting to lose… a lot. So much so that it was becoming predictable. Although Ziggler could have you interested in any match he was having, you knew he was going to lose.

For what seemed like years, he was putting anybody and everybody over. New guys from NXT, old vets and even jobbers who Ziggler should have easily beat we’re getting victories over him. You could see Ziggler was starting to get frustrated and I think he was close to leaving WWE on a couple of occasions.

It wasn’t until the brand split that Ziggler got somewhat of a reboot. He started to win matches and even went on to wrestle Dean Ambrose for the WWE title at Summerslam 2016. But it was a feud later that year with The Miz that really helped Ziggler get over the losing slump he had been on.

Ziggler and Miz had a several pay per view rivalry and it was also during the feud that Ziggler gave one of, if not the best promo of his career. Ziggler had multiple chances to win the intercontinental championship from The Miz and was unsuccessful. It was a Smackdown from Cleveland, Ohio when Ziggler asked for one more chance at the title. He said if he didn’t win he would leave WWE. Ziggler was emotional that night and you could tell the guy legitimately loves wrestling. I believe the promo he gave that night was from his heart. The career on the line angle was storyline, but the words he used that night had to be his own.

Ziggler went on to win the title and save his career at Backlash, only to lose the title back to The Miz a few weeks later. Ziggler started losing on a regular basis again. This led to a frustrating heel turn. He would spend most of 2017 as an irrelevant heel until the end of that year.

Ziggler was placed in a United States Championship match at TLC that year and won the title. The following Smackdown he came to the ring to celebrate and in a shocking move, relinquished the title and walked out of WWE. I think there was some serious thoughts of leaving WWE at this point.

No one had heard anything from Ziggler until he was the 30th entrant in the 2018 Royal Rumble. Although he didn’t stay in the match long, I was relieved that he was back. I would later learn that he signed a multi year, multi million dollar deal with the WWE.

2018 has been one of the best years in Ziggler’s career. He left Smackdown for RAW and aligned himself with Drew McIntyre and has been in the main event picture all most all year long. He had an amazing rivalry with Seth Rollins over the summer. The two of them put on some classic matches including an iron man match.

He also won the RAW tag team championship with Drew McIntyre and has had some of the best matches of his career. Earlier this month he was in the World Cup tournament and should have won it, but Shane McMahon foiled those plans. Still he picked up wins against hall of famer Kurt Angle and Seth Rollins in the same night.

I feel like Ziggler is entering a cool down phase of his career very soon. It will be within the next few months that he and McIntyre are split. I would be ok to see Ziggler do one more face run before he calls it a day in wrestling. I think he could incorporate his comedy into his character and be a huge fan favorite again.

I will always be a fan of Ziggler the wrestler. But he is growing on me as a comedian too. I love that he is an Ohio guy and that he in some fashion pays homage to his hometown of Cleveland. Here’s hoping we get several more years of Ziggler in the WWE.

I hope you have enjoyed the favorite wrestler series. All seven wrestlers on this list have impacted me in some way. Thanks for checking out gohomepwb.com and be sure to check us out on Wednesday for the weekly top ten.