WWE Hall of Fame

With the turn of the new year comes the Royal Rumble and the road to Wrestlemania. One of my favorite events during Wrestlemania weekend is the WWE Hall of Fame. In recent years we have seen some long overdue introductions such as Randy Savage, Ultimate Warrior and Bruno Sammartino.

Although there is no physical WWE Hall of Fame yet, it’s still an honor that WWE wrestlers long for. This year has been a big question as to who may be inducted. A lot of those great 80’s wrestlers have been inducted already and those stars of the early nineties such as Bret Hart and Razor Ramon are already in.

So the question now, is it time to start thinking of inducting some “PG era” stars? I mean who else from the 80’s and 90’s should be in? So after giving it some thought I have come up with five wrestlers who I believe have a chance to be inducted this year. And keeping in mind it’s in New York, and location has seemed to play into the decision for inductions.

Brooklyn Brawler

The most famous WWE jobber of all time, the Brooklyn Brawler is almost a guarantee to be in. I mean the hall of fame ceremony is held in Brooklyn for crying out loud. Let’s face it, for those of us that spent our Saturday or Sunday morning catching wrestling on tv, Brawler was losing to somebody on it. Don’t be surprised to see him put in this year.

Hart Foundation

It’s time! I know here has been a rift between WWE and the Hart family, especially with the tragic death of Owen back in 1999. But this faction was a major part of WWE in the 90’s and was an entertaining one at that. I’m not sure if Wrestlemania will be held in Canada anytime soon, if so, perhaps wait until then. But if there are no plans for Canada soon it’s time that Owen, Bulldog, Neidhart and Pillman join Bret in the WWE Hall of Fame.

Bam Bam Bigelow

Again a product of the location, Bam Bam a New Jersey native and former Wrestlemania headliner, would be a great addition to the hall of fame. Not only did he headline Wrestlemania, he did it with another famous New Yorker, Lawrence Taylor. I wouldn’t be totally surprised to see Taylor inducted into the celebrity wing. A long shot but not out of question in my opinion.


Another long shot would be the 9th wonder of the world Chyna. She was without a doubt the strongest woman in wrestling during the attitude era and is the only woman to hold the intercontinental title. Although her career after WWE has probably been the only reason she’s not already in, I think it’s time WWE look at her talent and her contributions to the industry and not her personal struggles.

The Rock

I know WWE has not been keen on inducting “active” wrestlers into their Hall of Fame, but The Rock is someone who should already be in. One of the most recognized names in the world now, The Rock set the wrestling world on fire during the attitude era with his over the top promos and unmatched charisma. The people eye brown, the people’s elbow, the people’s champ should and could be in the people’s hall of fame this year.

Those are just five of what will probably be closer to 10 inductions into the 2019 Hall of Fame. It will be interesting to see who gets in this year and to hear the stories during the induction speeches. A great night that I look forward to almost as much as Wrestlemania it’s self.

Over the years I have heard countless stories from wrestlers who have gone into the WWE Hall of Fame. The Fabulous Freebirds a few years ago was a memorable induction. Mr. T cracked me up as well as the Dudley Boyz from last year, and Ric Flair’s stories will live on forever. I can’t wait to see who goes in this year!

Thanks for checking out today’s blog and be sure to check out gohomepwb.com on Wednesday for the top ten. Let’s hope RAW will deliver this week and that Smackdown stays interesting. Thanks again!