Smackdown Live Review


Smackdown episode one thousand and one is in the books, and let’s be honest, it was not as good as last week.  But it was to be expected, you can’t have a celebration smackdown every week.  So, for a cool down episode, it was solid with a couple of good matches.

Kofi vs Big Show

Kofi Kingston went one on one with the Big Show last night… kind of.  By the end of the match, both the New day and The Bar were all fighting in the ring.  Big Show absolutely dominated Kofi, putting him in three or four choke slams, before Big E and Xavier Woods had seen enough.  I am not sure what Big Show’s role is with The Bar yet, but I like the direction it is going.  I think with the Big Show as their “bodyguard”, The Bar will be tag team champions for a while.

The Uso’s continue winning

The Uso’s vs AJ Styles and Daniel Bryan in a re-match from Smackdown 1000, was another great tag team match.  I love that the writers are not letting the Uso’s lose.  They are multiple time tag team champions and they should beat AJ and Bryan as a tag team.  As far as AJ and Bryan, the slow burn of the mutual respect is really starting to heat up.  Last week it was Daniel Bryan that “accidentally” hit AJ to cost them the match, and this week vise versa.  After the match both Bryan and AJ were in an interview segment and both men were frustrated by their performance.  I think next week on the Smackdown prior to Crown Jewel, they will come to blows.  I think this will be a great match and look forward to watching it.

Becky Lynch and Charlotte altercation

It was reported over the weekend that Becky Lynch and Charlotte were involved in an altercation at the performance center for NXT last weekend.  On Smackdown last night, we got to see the video footage of the incident.  Clearly it was a scripted segment, that was evident after the footage.  Charlotte was giving a speech to the up and coming female wrestlers when Becky interrupted and went after Charlotte.  I wasn’t a fan of this segment, and I am still hopeful for a double turn at Evolution this Sunday.

Rusev gets his revenge

Rusev went one on one with Aiden English and totally decimated him.  The match was quick and one-sided with Rusev picking up the submission win.  It would appear that this angle is over.  The rivalry, if we can call it that, was very lame.  I am not sure why they split the tag team.  The rivalry started out hot, with the one night in Milwaukee storyline.  It did not live up to the hype, and ended quicker than it needed to.  At the same time, I don’t think anyone would think Aiden English is a realistic threat to Rusev.  Which in my opinion is why this rivalry has ended so quickly.

The Miz vs Rey Mysterio

Miz TV was how this match came about.  Rey Mysterio was a guest on the show, and of course The Miz used the time to tout himself and call Rey a disappointment.  Rey responded by saying he was disappointed, because he thought he was supposed to be a guest on Truth TV.  That statement made The Miz mad and a match ensued.

The match was actually pretty good, with The Miz in control for most of the match.  But the baby face picked up the win in this match with his patent six one nine finisher.

Crown Jewel

Shane McMahon came out to promote the World Cup tournament at Crown Jewel.  The pay per view that is supposed to take place in Saudi Arabia is not being billed from Saudi Arabia on WWE tv anymore.  Eight days from the event and there have not been any ticket sales and the location of the pay per view has not officially been announced.  It will be interesting to see where it ends up and the backlash of WWE’s decision.  I do not believe it will take place in Saudi Arabia, because it has been reported that both John Cena and Daniel Bryan have said they will not go to Saudi Arabia.  Both men are still being promoted for the pay per view and are in marquee matches.  I am sure we will hear something very soon as to the location.

Main Event

Jeff Hardy and Randy Orton closed the show last night with another great match.  Orton was in control for most of the match, even putting his finger through Hardy’s ear-piercing again.  Hardy was able to get a little offense in and hit some classic moves on Orton, but missed a swanton from the ring apron to the floor.  Hardy hit with a splat, and was never able to recover.  About a minute later, Orton hit Hardy with the RKO to win the match.

Smackdown was fairly basic last night, and it was not going to be anything close to what RAW offered the night before.  RAW was an emotional roller coaster with the Roman Reigns news and the Ambrose turn at the end of the show.  Smackdown had no choice but to go on cruise control last night.  I look for next week to be better because we will have the aftermath of Evolution and the go home show for Crown Jewel.

Tomorrow is the weekly top ten and on Friday, Evolution predictions.  I will continue my favorite wrestler writing very soon.  A lot of news and a lot going on in wrestling right now that needs to be discussed.  I would love to hear your thoughts on anything and everything that is going on in wrestling right now.  Feel free to comment or like this writing and as always, thanks for checking out Weekly WWE Top Ten

There are a lot of honorable mentions this week, especially with Smackdown Live airing episode one thousand.  But after much thought I have narrowed it down to ten.  Five from RAW and five from Smackdown Live.  So let’s get to it.

10. Drew McIntyre


Although McIntyre lost his World Cup qualifier match, he showed us a lot at the close of the show Monday night when he knocked the monster among men off his feet with the Claiborne kick.  He is going to be a player for the Universal title very soon.

9. Braun Strowman


It would appear as if Braun Strowman is done with Ziggler and McIntyre after he put Ziggler in his finisher Monday night.  I think we all knew it was a matter of time before this faction split.  It would better suite WWE to have Strowman as a babyface.  But if he does turn face again, don’t expect him to win the Universal title until Wrestlemania.  But at least we get the real Braun Strowman back.

8. Edge


That’s right, go ahead and hate on it, but I have Edge at number eight.  The guy looks great and I think if it wasn’t for his neck injury he could still go.  He still has great mic skills and I think if Edge wanted to the WWE could use him in a GM role.  I don’t think that will happen, but one could hope.  So because Edge is one of my all time favorites, he made the list!

7. Dolph Ziggler


Dolph Ziggler comes in at number seven this week.  He won his World Cup qualifier match against Dean Ambrose and then went on to wrestle again in the main event of RAW.  Not only did he take a triple powerbomb from The Shield, he also took a running powerslam from Strowman.  So perhaps it’s a pity ranking, but nonetheless he is number seven this week.

6. Seth Rollins


Number six this week is the Intercontental champion Seth Rollins.  He was able to beat Drew McIntyre to qualify for the World Cup tournament at Crown Jewel, all be it by a count out.  A singles win against McIntyre in any capacity is huge right now.  He then went on to wrestle for a second time in the Main Event of RAW where he was on the winning side of the six man tag between The Shield and Strowman, Ziggler and McIntyre.  I would anticipate Rollins making a decent run in the World Cup tournament.

5. The Uso’s


The Uso’s out of nowhere picked up a big win against WWE champion AJ Styles and number one contender for the WWE title, Daniel Bryan.  Granted Styles and Bryan are not a tag team, but together you could assume they are a force to be reckoned with.  However, they were no match for the tag team specialists Jey and Jimmy Uso.

4. Becky Lynch


Becky Lynch has been a mainstay on the weekly top ten since I started it a few weeks ago.  She continues to impress week after week and is a deserving champion.  Although no match this week, she was able to bury WWE Hall of Famer Edge verbally on Smackdown Live one thousand.  Her mic work, attitude and new look is very popular amongst the WWE Universe and I have to admit, I am a mark for Becky as well.

3. Rhonda Rousey


Not to be out done on the mic by the blue brands womens champion, is RAW womens champion Rhonda Rousey.  Her mic work on Monday night was amazing!  The Bella twins were put in there place by Rousey.  Rousey is doing much better in the ring than I expected, but her mic work always made me nervous for her.  Monday night she killed it and that’s why she is number three this week.

2. The Bar


The Bar is quietly becoming one of the most decorated tag teams of all time.  On Tuesday night they became five time tag team champions.  Granted with the help of the Big Show, which leaves me curious as to his role with the team.  Cesaro even took a nasty bump that looked as if it knocked him out briefly, or it was just a great sell.  But congratulations to The Bar!  New Smackdown tag team champions.

1. Rey Mysterio


The return of Rey Mysterio was a successful one.  He was able to beat U.S. champion Shinsuke Nakamura on Tuesday night to secure the last spot in the World Cup tournament.  Rey Mysterio looks better now than he did five or ten years ago.  Hopefully he has a great run with the WWE, and stays healthy.

That’s my top ten for this week.  Let me know what you think by liking or commenting on this blog.  As always thanks for checking out

Smackdown Live 1000 Review

One thousand episodes of Smackdown Live!  That is hard to image, but it is now the second longest weekly episodic show in television history.  What is number one?  Monday night RAW.  WWE has been a staple on cable television for over twenty-five years.  The celebration of the one thousandth episode of Smackdown Live did not disappoint.  A lot of special guest, and some great matches too.  So let’s get into it!

Truth TV Returns!


Truth TV made its return last night, much to the delight of the Washington DC crowd and the WWE universe.  I personally love R-Truth and Carmella together, and their dance breaks are hilarious.  Also, Carmella is very easy on the eyes, so anytime Truth TV is on, it has my undivided attention.  The guests last night were some pretty important names in the WWE.  The McMahons, Stephanie, Shane and Vince were all guest and even participated in the dance break suggested by Vince McMahon.  Fun and entertaining segment and a great start to Smackdown Live 1000.

Huge win for the Uso’s

img_0208AJ Styles and Daniel Bryan will wrestle one on one at Crown Jewel, but last night they teamed up to take on one of the greatest tag teams of all time, The Uso’s.  The Uso’s haven’t been on TV for a few weeks, but always deliver when they are.  A great match that saw Daniel Bryan inadvertently hit AJ Styles adding to the growing tension between the two.  The Uso’s then hit AJ with a superkick, and then they both hit Daniel Bryan with a double superkick to win the match.  Hopefully that catapults the USO’s into the tag team title picture.

Evolution back for one night

img_0209Evolution were back together last night and I have to say, everybody still looks great!  Including sixty-nine year old Ric Flair, who has been through the ringer with his health over the last year.  I heard last night that there are forty-nine world championships between the four men.  All will be WWE hall of famers one day.

Every superstar got a chance to speak, and put each other over.  With the exception of Randy Orton who is really playing up to his current heel character.  Orton cut heel promos on the other three members of Evolution.  Batista had the most mic time last night.  It honestly went a little long in my opinion, and Batista was a little awkward on the mic, but got his point across.  He even had a funny line when he told Ric Flair to “keep that thing in your pants.” which got a huge pop from the DC crowd and even the other three men in the ring.  Probably didn’t make Vince to happy since WWE is PG now, but it probably made him chuckle at the same time.  But it was when he told Triple H that “he has done everything in this business, except beat me.” that received an even bigger reaction.  Clearly seeds have been planted for a future match between the two.  Who knows when it will be, or if it will even happen, but the wheels for that storyline are now in motion.  Great segment that went a little long, but was very entertaining.

Miz is in the World Cup

The quickest match of the night goes to The Miz vs Rusev.  The match was probably supposed to be longer, but I think the Evolution segment went a little longer than it was supposed to.  I would be surprised if the match was a minute long.  Aiden English ran down to the ring and disrupted Rusev and The Miz was able to roll up Rusev and get the quick victory, making him the seventh entrant into the World Cup tournament.

After the match, Lana had a few choice words for English and then kicked him in the man parts.  Rusev then came out of the ring and put a beating on him.  Throwing him into the steel steps and the ring post.  Rusev was able to get a little revenge on English, but I think it will take a gimmick match like a no DQ or maybe something like, winner gets Lana for 30 days.  I doubt they would go that route in today’s WWE but it would make this rivalry a little more interesting.

The Cutting Edge


The Cutting Edge returned last night with WWE Hall of Famer Edge making an appearance.  By the way Edge is one of my all time favorites, so it was great to see him and listen to his entrance music.  The best entrance music of all time, yes even better than Real American.  Edge’s guests last night were supposed to be Smackdown Womens champion Becky Lynch and number one contender Charlotte Flair.  Becky was introduced and came to the ring to quite the ovation from the DC crowd.  Edge was surprisingly playing the role of moral compass last night.  He was explaining to Becky that he sees a lot of himself in her current attitude.  He told Becky that the attitude worked for him, he has all the championships he ever wanted.  But when your time in wrestling is done, that’s all you have.  You have no friends and you sit alone looking at all the titles on your wall.  He also said that “the kicker is, you won’t even like yourself!”  Becky responded with “You’re right, I don’t like myself… I LOVE myself!  Now quit being so condescending to the champ and get out of my ring.  And don’t re injure your neck again going through the ropes.”  She absolutely buried one of the greatest wrestlers of all time.  A clear heel statement and the DC crowd went nuts, still cheering for Becky.  Charlotte came out and was booed through out her promo, and even the scuffle between the two incited a Becky chant.

The double turn has to happen, Becky will not get booed no matter what they do.  She could punt puppies across the arena and still get cheered.  Look for Charlotte to take the title from Becky at Evolution, and turn heel in the process.  This is the hottest rivalry in the WWE right now and if it doesn’t close the show at Evolution it will be a crime.

New Smackdown tag team champions


The Smackdown tag team titles changed hands last night, when The Bar was able to enlist the Big Show as a back up.  The New Day has always been a three-man group where any man could defend the titles at anytime.  I wonder if this will be a similar situation or if Big Show will act as more of a body-guard or manager for The Bar.

The match itself was really good, but a dangerous bump from Cesaro had me wondering if he injured himself.  Big E lifted him up and dropped him on the back of his head and neck.  It was either a great sell by Cesaro or he legit looked to be knocked a little senseless.  The match went back and forth for a while until The Bar tried to put Kofi through a table when The Big Show’s music hit.  The Bar looked as if Big Show was coming after them.  But Big Show picked up Kofi and choke slammed him through an announce table.  This distracted Big E, and when he turned around he caught a brogue kick to the face, and lost the match and the tag team titles.  The Bar is now five time tag team champs.

How great is the tag team division on Smackdown Live?  The Bar, The New Day and The Uso’s just to name a few.  Great teams that could all put on great matches.

Rey Mysterio earns final spot in World Cup tournament


The returning Rey Mysterio took on the U.S. champion Shinsuke Nakamura last night in the main event for the final spot in the World Cup tournament, that will take place at Crown Jewel.  Mysterio looks great for a guy in his mid forties.  He looks like the same Rey Mysterio from a decade ago.  He had a solid clean win against Nakamura last night.

My concern is for Nakamura.  He has been somewhat irrelevant since winning the U.S. title a few months ago.  Even more irrelevant than Nakamura, is the U.S. title.  I am not sure how to make the title mean something.  It is probably the least prestigous title on the main roster.  If you were to ask me what would make it relevant again I would say put it on a babyface, like Rusev and have him defend it week after week in an open challenge again.  Or put it on someone like The Miz who has a history of restoring titles to their glory.

As far as the World Cup tournament, the field is stacked!  All wrestlers involved are former world champions.  My pick right now is for Orton to win it.  His heel character right now is fire, and he could use this tournament to put him in the WWE title picture.  The wrestler I would like to see win it is Dolph Ziggler.  He has been portrayed as the weak link lately, and I think winning the tournament would be great for his career.  No matter what the turn out, it’s the first time since the 1998 Survivor Series tournament, that I have been this invested in a tournament.  I typically am not a fan of one night tournaments, but this one will be good.

Undertaker makes an appearance


The Undertaker made an appearance to close the one thousandth episode of Smackdown Live last night.  His entrance was longer than his promo as all he said was “When it comes to DX and Crown Jewel, I only have three words for you, Rest In Peace!”  It was rushed due to timing but, that is all you really want from the Undertaker.

Crown Jewel


Still on mention of Saudi Arabia on WWE television.  Crown Jewel is being heavily promoted, but the location is not.  When it comes to the tragic events involving Saudi Arabia the WWE’s only comment is “They are monitoring the situation.”  WWE has a ten-year contract with Saudi Arabia to bring their product there.  But now that the tragedy has become political, WWE is treading lightly on the situation.  There are still a couple of weeks before the show is to take place.  The question is still the location.  I personally think the show will go on. However I wouldn’t be surprised if a few wrestlers back out on going.  Like the WWE, I will be monitoring the situation.

Thanks for checking out  Comment or like this article and let me know what your thoughts on Smackdown 1000 or how you think Crown Jewel will play out.  Tomorrow, the weekly top ten.  Thanks for reading!

Smackdown Live Review

Smackdown started out with the Women’s championship re match from Super Show-Down.  We didn’t even get to see the entrances, the women were already in the ring when the show started.

Charlotte vs Becky Lynch for the Women’s championship


The Charlotte vs Becky saga continues.  The stipulation for this match was if Becky gets disqualified, she will lose her championship.  Another great match from Charlotte and Becky, with Becky the clear fan favorite.  Charlotte didn’t let it phase her as she was very focused during the match.  Her only mistake was a badly missed moonsault from the top rope to the outside.  The women then fought on the outside until they were both counted out and the match ended to a chorus of boos from the Indianapolis crowd.  However, the fight was not over as Becky and Charlotte threw each other around until they reached the top of the entrance ramp.  As you can see in the photo above Charlotte hit Becky with a spear through the L.E.D. board.  It was nasty to watch, as I believe the panels did not break away as intended, causing both women to have several lacerations on their arms and back.  Charlotte appeared to be in a lot of pain as she was holding her arm, but ended up being ok.  She went on to wrestle in her mixed matched challenge match after Smackdown.  This has been a great rivalry to watch, but I think it will culminate at the Evolution PPV later this month.  I am still hoping for a double turn, but the longer this feud plays out, the more I start to think it will not happen.  Either way, the last women standing match at Evolution should be a match to remember.

Jeff Hardy Returns!


Jeff Hardy made his return to the ring last night as he took on Samoa Joe, with the winner receiving a spot in the World Cup Tournament that will be held at Crowned Jewel in Saudi Arabia.  Once I first heard this match was going to take place, I thought there is no way Hardy wins, but I was pleasantly surprised.  Samoa Joe came to the ring still favoring the knee that was injured at Super Show-Down in the WWE title match with AJ Styles.  Joe was vicious as usual, but Hardy had a target on the Joe’s knee.  Hardy went after the knee every chance he got, and eventually it was enough for Hardy to pick up the win as Joe was not able to stand on his leg.  The referee then called off the match and awarded Hardy the match, saying Joe was not physically able to continue.  The World Cup is shaping up to be a great tournament.

Next Week on Smackdown 1000 Rey Mysterio Jr. returns to wrestle Shinsuke Nakamura for a spot in the World Cup tournament.  So far, every wrestler in the tournament has been a former WWE World Champion.  I think all eight wrestlers in the tournament will be top-tier wrestlers.  I can’t wait to see how this plays out.

Speaking of Smackdown 1000 next week, it was also announced that Evolution will return.  I am somewhat puzzled by this announcement because Evolution was on RAW.  It makes me wonder who else may show up on the blue brands 1000th show.  Personally I hope to see Edge and Christian and The Undertaker and Kane.  All staples to the foundation of Smackdown.  I think we are in for a few surprises.

Miz TV


Miz TV is a segment that almost never disappoints.  The Miz’s guest last night were the two superstars that will do battle for the WWE title at Crowned Jewel.  Challenger Daniel Bryan and reigning WWE Champion AJ Styles.  Bryan and Styles planted a few seeds for their upcoming match, but for the most part took shots at the Miz.  Miz then went on an epic tangent burying both Bryan and Styles verbally.  When it comes to in-ring action give me DB and AJ any day of the week, but when it comes to talking on the mic, no one does it better than The Miz.  I look for The Miz to get involved in this feud somehow over the next few weeks, and eventually the match at Crowned Jewel will be a triple threat match.  Honestly, I would like to see a one on one contest between DB and AJ before we get that triple threat, but either way it will be fun to see how this angle plays out as well.

AJ Styles went on to have a match with Shelton Benjamin after Miz TV.  Benjamin had a big win last week against Daniel Bryan, all be it by distraction from the Miz.  Benjamin looked to continue his winning streak this week against AJ, but was not successful.  The match was great as both competitiors had a crip, clean match.  AJ eventually hit the phenomenal forearm for the win.

One night in Milwaukee part two

Aiden English came out to try to add a little more gas to the dumpster fire that is One Night in Milwaukee.  He played a little more of the video, and then Rusev and Lana came out.  Aiden said he would throw away the tape if Rusev dropped Lana and joined him to reunite Rusev Day.  However, Rusev and Lana hacked his phone and played the rest of the video which showed English clearly trying to come onto Lana.  Lana declined and left immediately.  After the video played, Aiden said that if Lana ever got tired of Rusev Day, she could come enjoy an Aiden night.  A great line, that infuriated Rusev as he then chased him around the ring trying to bring harm.  English got away, setting up a future feud with Rusev.  Hopefully it will be quick, and Rusev could go after the U.S. title very soon.

Big Show returns to wrestle Randy Orton


The Big Show returned to the ring last night for the first time in over a year after having surgery.  He had the unfortunate task of wrestling Randy Orton for a spot in the World Cup.  Big Show put up a great fight, but it was a poke to the eye followed by an RKO to end the match.  Orton with a big win last night to put him in the World Cup tournament along with John Cena, Kurt Angle and Jeff Hardy, all men former World champions.  Orton is a great addition to the tournament.  I thought originally that the World Cup tournament was going to have wrestlers from different countries, however it is becoming more and more apparent that the World Cup is featuring wrestlers that were former world champions.  Spoiler alert, look for Rey Mysterio to win next week against Shinsuke Nakamura.

Another great show from Smackdown last night.  The rivalries are on a cool down for a week as next weeks 1000th show will be more of a celebration.  Lets just hope Smackdown will not go to three hours from here on out like RAW did after their 1000th episode.

Check out tomorrow for my weekly Top Ten rankings.



Smackdown Live Review

AJ Styles and Samoa Joe

The rivalry between AJ Styles and Samoa Joe is boiling hot right now. These two have been in quite the storyline over the past few months. A very personal storyline, that has Samoa Joe threatening the family of AJ Styles. It was mention by Smackdown Live GM Paige last night that she was going to fire Joe. But after speaking with Styles he begged her to keep him on the roster, so that he could unleash punishment on him at Super Showdown. The match is scheduled to be a no DQ, no count out. A winner must be crowned. Check out on Friday for my prediction of this match.

R-Truth and Carmella with a big win

Anybody else really enjoying the Fabulous Truth right now? A very entertaining duo, who I would like to see win the mixed match challenge…if I watched it.  Last night the Fabulous Truth took on Andrade Cien Almas and Zelina Vega.  The match was actually pretty good.  There was even a dance break in the middle of the match, which the crowd really ate up.  I actually preferred to see Carmella and Vega wrestle oppose to their male partners.  Vega and Carmella were great in the ring, and an amazing reversal by Carmella into her finisher for the submission win, is the start of what I feel is going to be a big push for Truth and Carmella.  A big win for the popular duo.

New Day Cooking Show?

The New Day was out next in somewhat of a forgettable segment in my opinion.  They were going to give away the secret recipe to their pancakes.  Mr. Bootyworth was about to reveal the secret, when The Bar interrupted.  The Bar got the better of the New Day and proceeded to dump the pancake batter all over Mr. Bootyworth.  I think we all kind of seen that coming, but I suppose it was a necessary segment to add fuel to the feud.  Should be a great tag team match this Saturday, again check out on Friday for my prediction of the match.

Orton is at it again

img_4993Tye Dillinger went to Paige earlier in the show and demanded a match with Randy Orton.  Randy “out of nowhere” attacked Dillinger last week setting up a battle for last nights Smackdown.  The match never really got started as Dillinger attacked Orton before he even got in the ring.  They went back and forth for a minute, before Orton got the upper hand and hit the hangman’s DDT on the floor.  Orton then exposed part of the turnbuckle and put Dillinger’s finger in and tried to break it.  Another spot where Orton pushes the envelope on PG violence which is somewhat of an oxymoron in the first place.  A very uncomfortable spot as it looked as if he snapped Dillinger’s finger.  This could lead to a match at Super Showdown, but I don’t know if fans are invested in the rivalry enough to put it on a card that is already stacked.  No disrespect to Dillinger, but I don’t think anyone is really buying him as a threat to Orton.  Orton is looking like a top heel on the show and should be going after the WWE title soon.

What happens in Milwaukee doesn’t stay in Milwaukee

A much-anticipated segment this week was what happened in Milwaukee?  We finally see the footage that Aiden English promised, but it was not very revealing in my opinion.  It showed Lana coming into Aiden’s hotel room, and she says “I want you.”  Then the footage stops.  It would appear there is more to the footage, but it was cut off there.  I don’t think anyone, with the exception of Rusev, thought there was any infidelity.  But they are dragging the story out, and giving us small bits of the story.  Perfect writing!  Although its apparent there is more to the footage, it has us wondering whats next in the storyline.

Shelton Benjamin is still employed with WWE


Daniel Bryan vs Shelton Benjamin was the next match.  The Miz of course was at ringside on commentary.  We haven’t seen Benjamin on TV in quite sometime.  I think he could do more on Smackdown, possibly going after the U.S. title.  Going into the match I thought to myself there is no way Benjamin gets the win.  The match was a back and forth affair.  But a scary moment in the match was when Daniel Bryan was going for his flying headbutt.  I think Benjamin was supposed to move out-of-the-way, but instead rolled right into the path of the falling Bryan.  It appeared that they legitimatly hit heads.  Something like that makes me extremely nervous, especially for Bryan who has had a well-known concussion issue, nearly costing him his career.  Thankfully, it looked as if both Benjamin and Bryan were ok after the spot.  Towards the end of the match, to no one’s surprise, The Miz got involved distracting Bryan.  The distraction allowed Benjamin to hit his finisher and pick up a very surprising win over Bryan.


After the match The Miz put a beating on Bryan, further intensifying the rivalry.  I have my thoughts on how their match at Super Showdown will go.  Again, check out gohomepwb. on Friday for my predictions.

Asuka picks up a win

Asuka with Naomi in her corner, went one on one with Iconics member Peyton Royce.  Royce of course had Billie Kay in her corner.  Asuka picked up the win, pretty quick in a “meh” match.  I think the match in Australia this Saturday, will be a little more interesting.  As the Iconics are from the land down under.  I am curious to see the reaction they get.

Becky Lynch is doing horrible as a heel


Let’s be honest Becky Lynch sucks as a heel.  I mean she should be getting booed out of the building, based on her actions and new personality.  The problem is it’s not working.  She is supposed to be hated, but is probably the most loved wrestler on the roster.  She came out to close the show last night to quite the ovation.  She is doing and saying things that put her over, but one thing I have noticed is that she doesn’t direct any comments towards the crowd.  She doesn’t say anything to them to get boo’s.  She reminded me a lot of CM Punk last night, complaining about not getting magazine covers, or PPV posters.  She referred to herself as the champ, which I love, but so does everyone else.  That’s why it’s hard for us to buy her as a heel.  Early this past summer, Becky started to pick up some momentum.  The crowd reacted positively to her.  We all wanted to see her win the championship from Carmella.  Enter Charlotte Flair.  Out of nowhere Charlotte returns and Paige puts her in the title match at Summerslam.  Charlotte wins.  Everyone wanted to see the underdog Becky win the title that night.  So when Charlotte won, the crowd was disappointed.  Then when Becky attacked her, the crowd went crazy.  It was supposed to illicit boo’s, but I don’t think anyone has booed Becky since.  Fast forward to last night, Becky was putting herself over like a heel is supposed to do, and Charlotte had heard enough.  She came running down to attack Becky to a chorus of boo’s.  Charlotte got the better of Becky last night, but I think we seen the beginning of the double turn.  If it doesn’t happen this Saturday, I would almost bank on it coming at Evolution.  And that is the right thing to do.  People want to boo Charlotte and cheer Becky.  If WWE is not careful, we may have a Roman Reigns type of reaction for Charlotte.  Turn her heel before it’s too late.

Tomorrow I will give my first ever WWE top ten rankings.  Friday I will give my predictions for Super Showdown, and Saturday I will be up at 5am checking out the PPV. I will have a review as soon as the show is over.  A lot of great reading coming this week.  As always thanks for checking out!

Attitude era vs Current era?

There has been a lot of talk this week about which era of wrestling is better?  The attitude era or the current era.  Attitude era, which included The Monday Night Wars, DX, The Rock, Stone Cold, sex and violence!  And the current era, which includes uber athletic wrestlers, great female wrestling, cutting edge production and billion dollar tv deals.

Lets start by talking about the attitude era.  To be honest, I don’t think we have the attitude era without the Monday Night Wars.  Prior to 1997 WWE which was WWF at the time was a very family friendly product.  With cartoon like characters and a product that was still living off the glory days of the 80’s.  By the mid 1990’s WWF was nowhere near the popularity it had ten years prior.  In 1996, WCW started Monday Night Nitro and the N.W.O. which took the wrestling world by storm.  Nobody was watching the WWF, and Vince McMahon took notice.

img_0163He made an announcement that explained how the WWF was headed in a new direction.  A direction with more attitude!  And shortly after the announcement, we started seeing the transformation of characters and WWF programming.  Guys like Bob “Sparkplug” Holly were now being called “Hardcore” Holly.  Rocky Miavia, was now The Rock!  The Roadie Jesse James went from being a roadie for Jeff Jarrett who was a country music singing character to Road Dogg  who went on to be apart of one the best tag teams of all time the New Age Outlaws.  Jeff Jarrett dropped the singing act and started using the guitar as a weapon and wearing shirts that said “Don’t Piss Me Off!”  Even Road Dogg’s partner Billy Gunn went from a cowboy gimmick to the Badd Ass.  You started to see the transformation of the product and it was going in a direction that was competitive with WCW’s Nitro.  From late 1997 to the end early 2002 we had an era of wrestling that was in my opinion, the best ever.  So, yes I would say the attitude era was much better than the current product.

I will admit that the WWF from ’97 to ’02 catered to my age range.  I was 15 to 20 during those years, and what late teenage boy isn’t interested in the violence, women in very little clothing, the beer drinking, cussing and how cool the characters were.  Guys like Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Rock.img_0161img_0162

I was such a big fan of The Rock, that I started acting like him on a daily basis, but I will save that story for another day.  The way that Stone Cold Steve Austin disrespected authority is probably one reason why to this day I have never had long-term employment…that and the movie Office Space, but I digress.  From ’97 to ’02 I can say with confidence, that I never missed a Monday Night Raw.  From 9pm to 11pm every Monday night, there was no question where I was or what I was doing.  The video games at the time were great as well.  Nintendo 64 had Wrestlemania 2000 and No Mercy and those are games that my friends and I would play til four or five in the morning.  Those are games that my friends and I will still play some twenty years later.  I am curious to know if the fifteen to nineteen year olds today would be as interested in that era as I was?  I always thought as a youth, that I would change with the times.  Be the cool dad, always stay up to date with the new gaming systems, technology and music.  But I noticed that when I turned 35 that those things were passing me by.  My kids knew more about games than I did.  They knew what music was hip, and had to show me how to do things on my phone.  I am getting off subject again…sorry!  I don’t think teenagers today would find the attitude era as cool as I did.  When I was a teenager if the show got boring (which it rarely did) there was no phone to grab to check out social media.  We would have to sit it out.  There was no DVR to fast forward commercials, we had to sit it out.  For those reasons, I think I appreciated the product a little more.  You were seeing things back then for the first time.  Teenagers today have seen everything thanks to the internet.  And I just had an epiphany… maybe I have seen everything in wrestling because I have watched it for so long?  Especially, the WWF/E.  Maybe that’s why I prefer the attitude era opposed to the current era?  I know that I am not going to see now, what I saw then.  There is never going to be another Rock or Stone Cold.  There can’t be.  There is never going to be another faction like DX.  There is never going to be another Undertaker, or McMahon-Austin rivalry.  There will most likely never be another Monday Night War.  So, like many wrestling fans my age, the current era will never live up to the attitude era.  That’s not to say we shouldn’t appreciate the current era.

img_0164The current era, is not all that bad.  Just because I prefer my wrestling with a little more piss and vinegar so to speak, doesn’t mean that I am not enjoying todays WWE.  The athleticism of today’s wrestlers is far beyond what the attitude era had.  If you notice, you don’t see very many super heavyweights anymore.  There were 500 pound plus men in the ring during the attitude era, but not on today’s WWE product.  Guys like Seth Rollins, Dolph Ziggler, Finn Balor and AJ Styles are guys that I think could wrestle for days and not get tired.  You still have some very powerful guys like Cesaro and Sheamus, Big E, and Braun Strowman.

img_0165You still have factions as well, with the Shield and New Day.  There are some entertaining aspects to today’s product.  I have said that Smackdown Live has some of the best storylines I’ve seen since the attitude era.  And what about NXT?  Could that show get any better?  And isn’t it great how far the women of wrestling have come?  Now that I am an adult, I can appreciate the respect the WWE shows women.  In the attitude era, well… it was quite degrading the way women were treated in the WWE.  Now they are given equal opportunities, and I can say now that I would rather watch Becky Lynch and Charlotte go one on one in a cage, opposed to them fighting with pillows wearing only their underwear.  It just goes to show you how far not only wrestling, but society has come in the past twenty years.  Things that were on WWE programing during the attitude era, would not fly on today’s television.  Especially now that WWE is a publicly traded company with million dollar sponsors and a BILLION dollar network tv deal with Fox coming in 2019.

In closing, wrestling was great then, now and forever.  Just like the signature at the beginning of WWE shows.  WWE, like everyone else who is or has been successful has changed with times.  Although it is nice to go on the WWE network and check out those attitude era RAW and Smackdown’s, WWE is in a good place now.  I am glad I grew up watching wrestling when I did.  There wasn’t a better time to be a wrestling fan than in the late ’90s.  One could argue that now is the best time to be a wrestling fan as well.  Today’s WWE has something for everyone.  If you like womens wrestling, you got it!  If you like great storylines, check out Smackdown Live right now!  If you like rookies and up and comers who go out every night with nothing to lose, check out NXT.  If you want high-flying flips and death-defying leaps, check out 205 live!  If you want nostalgia, the WWE network has you covered.  The attitude era was great to watch live, and I don’t think any era before it, now or down the road will top it.  But just like they always say in wrestling…”Never say Never!”

Tomorrow is favorite wrestler Saturday.  I have been talking about my favorite wrestlers, in chronological order.  Last week talked about my first favorite wrestler Brian Pillman.  Tomorrow I will discuss why Lex Luger became my second favorite wrestler.  Thanks for checking out!

Smackdown Live review

Another great show put on by Smackdown. I swear it’s a much better show than RAW. I want to say it’s because it’s only two hours opposed to RAW being three, but the truth is… it’s clearly a better written show!  And speaking of truth, a new talk show debuted on Smackdown tonight.


Truth TV hosted by R-Truth and his mixed match challenge partner Carmella,  debuted tonight. Unfortunately it was cancelled minutes later. During its short-lived run, Truth TV was very entertaining. Their first guess was Daniel Bryan. They asked Bryan a great question, but before he could answer, Truth and Carmella cut to a seven second dance break. A very funny spot in which the crowd appeared to enjoy. However, the fun didn’t last as The Miz interrupted and spoiled the fun. This would lead to a R-Truth vs The Miz match with the loser getting their show cancelled.   The match was probably the best match of the night. It ended when Miz hit Truth with the Daniel Bryan patented running knee. Daniel Bryan was on commentary during the match and was none to pleased with The Miz’s actions. Thus continuing the feud between the two which appears to be headed for a cool down after the Super Showdown PPV next Saturday. The winner of their match will become the number one contender for the WWE championship. I would anticipate this feud picking back up after the Royal Rumble and it finishing at Mania next year. A great way to start Smackdown, but let’s hope Truth TV gets a second chance!

Sheamus gets a “Big” win

The second match of the night was Sheamus one on one with New Day member Big E. This was a really good match with both wrestlers having their tag team partners at ringside. The match was a back and forth affair with a few stiff shots by Sheamus. Both sides of teammates managed to stay clear of each other and Sheamus was able to Big E with a brogue kick to get the clean win. A great match, but if I know WWE like I think I do, we will see New Day get the better of the Bar next week.

That night in Milwaukee

Rusev and Lana came to the ring demanding answers from Aiden English about his actions a week ago. Aiden did come out to explain himself. He said that Rusev Day was working great until Lana came along. Aiden went on to further prove his point. And finished his speech with saying “Lana has always told you the truth Rusev. Just like she told you the truth about that one night in Milwaukee.”  This comment incited a lot of “ooohhs” from the crowd. Aiden dropped the mic and walked off. Later in the night Aiden said he had video proof of what went down in Milwaukee that night. Another form of great writing from the blue brand. Give us a tease so that we want to watch next week. I know I’m interested to see where this storyline is going.

Naomi & Asuka vs Deville & Mandy Rose

This match had longer entrances than in ring action. The match was lackluster with Naomi and Asuka picking up the victory. The Iconics were at ringside, but didn’t really get involved. Not a fan of this storyline, but it is nice to see Smackdown getting everyone involved. On a side note, how far has Asuka fallen?  She went from being undefeated for two years to barely getting TV time. Let’s hope she gets rolling again. I would like to see her Andrew Rhonda Rousey one on one sometime soon.

Orton strikes again!


Shinsuke Nakamura vs Tye Dillinger was the next match. The match itself was not horrible.  However, it was cut short when Randy Orton interrupted and viciously attacked Dillinger. Orton went crazy on Dillinger dropping him with a hangman’s DDT from the apron to the floor. Once Orton walked off, Nakamura hit the Kinshasa causing Dillinger to hit his head off the L.E.D. Board that is now the ring apron. It looked nasty, so let’s hope Dillinger is ok. It’s also nice to see Dillinger get some TV time. Dillinger is another wrestler who is being underutilized. Let’s hope this sets up some type of storyline for him.

After a commercial, Orton was stopped back stage and asked if Dillinger was his next victim?  Orton replied “No. It’s just the whole 10 thing pisses me off!”  Orton is very Stone Coldesk as of late. The crowd is begging for some more attitude I’m the WWE. I couldn’t agree more!  I don’t want full-blown attitude era stuff, but I like a little edge with my wrestling. The problem is…WWE believes that this type of attitude will induce a boo reaction. It’s not working.  People are cheering when wrestlers cuss or do something that should be seen as a heel move.  It as long as there is a reaction, it’s all that really matters at the end of the day.

Reactions is the perfect segway to my next wrestler. Becky freaking Lynch!  She is doing everything possible to be a heel. She screams heel with her attitude, backstabbing her friend and using profanity in her promos. But like I said, the WWE Universe is begging for more attitude. As hard as it is for me to root for Roman Reigns, it’s just as hard for me to boo Becky Lynch. Even when she attack’s Charlotte from behind at a photo shoot. Or demands that the photographer take pictures of “the champ” as she holds the title up high over the injured Charlotte. Don’t worry WWE universe, I’ve been calling it for weeks and I think very, very soon we will see the double switch.

Becky did have a quick match with Lana, which Becky won with ease. Throughout the match, you could clearly hear Milwaukee chants referring to Lana’s “one night in Milwaukee”.  Becky looked strong in the match and right now may be the most, must see wrestler on the roster.

Paige looking great!

img_0156I know Paige is not able to compete due to a neck injury, and she would rather be wrestling. But she is doing great as Smackdown GM. She has been through a lot in her short WWE career, but is looking better than ever right now. It would be nice to see her back in the ring as a wrestler some day, but if not, I think she could do a lot in WWE in a non physical role. She is proving that with her role as Smackdown GM.

Samoa Joe continues to keep it personal


Samoa Joe didn’t show up on Smackdown for the contract signing. Instead he showed up at the home of AJ Styles. Joe is a great heel!  Week after week he continues to attack AJ mentally taking shots at his family. Another example of great writing from the Smackdown writers. This storyline gets a little better each week, and AJ and Joe have barely fought since Hell in a Cell. Their rivalry continues to grow as a result of great storyline writing. The two can go for days in the ring, and when you put the story behind it…PERFECT!  Smackdown ended with Joe ringing the door bell at th Styles estate.  Again, another story that I want to turn into next week to see what happens!


In my opinion AJ will not drop the title to Joe. As matter of fact the WWE title is somewhat of an afterthought when it comes to this rivalry. It has become so personal you almost forget the WWE title is on the line. We learned on Smackdown that their match at Super Showdown will be no DQ. I am looking forward to the match, because the storyline is amazing and you know AJ and Joe will steal the show.

A great show put on by Smackdown!  The blue brand is head and shoulders better than RAW. You don’t get the type of stories on RAW like you do on Smackdown. RAW feels like more of a variety show. It’s something new every week. I don’t know of one cliffhanger that RAW gave me to want to watch for next week. Smackdown gave me several!  Can’t wait to see what happens next week!

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