Fantasy Wrestling League

A trial run of Fantasy Pro Wrestling is starting and will run until WrestleMania.  If all goes well, later this year FPW will be available on for free!  Check back later for me details.  I have attached a set of rules as a basic guideline at this point, if anyone has any suggestions please feel free to contact me.

Fantasy Pro Wrestling Rules

  1. All wrestlers must be drafted with no keepers at the start of each season.
  2. Six selections are to be made.  Three men, two women and one tag team.
  3. No trades during the season, wrestlers may be dropped and/or picked up with league approval.
  4. Tag teams must be used as such, cannot draft a tag team wrestler as a singles wrestler.  For example- Cannot select Jey Uso as a singles wrestler since he is a part of an established tag team.
  5. If a member of your tag team competes in a singles match, points will awarded for their performance.
  6. Freebird rules do apply.  For example- The New Day is a tag team with three members, all three members will earn points.
  7. Points are earned for appearance/performance on RAW, Smackdown Live and Pay Per Views events only. (205 Live and NXT are not eligible shows.)
  8. There are three seasons in a calendar year.
    1. WrestleMania Season- Between the night after the Royal Rumble until WrestleMania
    1. Summer Slam Season- The 2nd RAW after WrestleMania until Summer Slam.
    1. Survivor Series Season- The 2nd RAW after Summer Slam until Survivor Series.

Point System

Appearance- (In any fashion, once per show) — 1 point

RAW/Smackdown Live

Match — 2 points

Match win — 3 points

Additional points for match

win by pinfall + 1 point

win by submission  + 2 points

Match loss — -1 point

Additional points lost for match

loss by pinfall  -1 point

loss by submission  -2 points

Main Event match — 4 points

Main Event match win — 5 points

Additional points for match

win by pinfall +1 point

win by submission +2 points

Main Event match loss — -2points

Additional points lost for match

loss by pinfall -1 point

loss by submission -2 points

Title Match — 6 points

     Additional points for match

successful title defense (see titles point value)

title win — Title point value +5

title loss — Title point value -3

Titles point value

RAW tag team titles — 2 points

Smackdown tag team titles — 2 points

Women’s tag team titles — 2 points

United States title — 4 points

Intercontinental title — 4 points

Smackdown Women’s title — 6 points

RAW Women’s title — 6 points

WWE title — 6 points

Universal title — 6 points

***All points are doubled for pay per views***