KessellMania is a fictional wrestling promotion for a fantasy wrestling league.  2019 is the inaugural year for KessellMania (KMA) in the Over The Top Rope Fantasy Wrestling Draft.  The idea for me is to use the wrestlers acquired in the draft, or via trade/free agency and use them along with personal created wrestlers in the video game WWE 2K19 and WWE 2K20 when it is released this fall.

Below is the list of championships, roster and 2019 draft order.


KessellMania Championship History

KessellMania World Champion: Ryan Kessell 8/10/2019 defended 3x

Previous Champions

KMA United States Champion: Ray Stantz 8/10/2019 2x

Previous Champions

KMA World Tag Team Champions: Jaden Kessell & Cade (The Vikings) 8/10/2019 defended 3x

Previous Champions

KMA 2K Champion: Crush 9/13/2019

1. Triple H 8/10/2019 defended 2x

Previous Champions

KessellMania Women’s Champion: Tracy Kessell 8/10/2019 defended 2x

Previous Champions

KessellMania in the Bank

Previous Winners

KessellMania King of the Ring:

1. Dolph Ziggler




Baron Corbin
Bubba Ray Dudley
Buff Bagwell
D-Von Dudley
Dave LeGreca
Dolph Ziggler
Egon Spengler
Grandmaster Sexay
Jaden Kessell
James Bessler
Jeff Hardy
Jessamyn Duke
Jey Uso
Jimmy Uso
Justin Bessler
Kona Reeves
Matt Hardy
Miles Bessler
Peter Venkman
Ray Stantz
Ric Flair
Roman Reigns
Ryan Kessell
Ryleigh Kessell
Scott Norton
Scotty 2 Hotty
Shane McMahon
The Rock
Toni Storm
Tracy Kessell
Triple H
Tye Chapman
Vince McMahon
Winston Zeddemore

2019 OTTR Draft Picks:

  1. Ric Flair
  2. The Rock
  3. Edge
  4. Dolph Ziggler
  5. Triple H
  6. Chyna
  7. Matt Hardy
  8. Jeff Hardy
  9. Christian
  10. Bubba Ray Dudley
  11. D-Von Dudley
  12. Roman Reigns
  13. Jimmy Uso
  14. Jey Uso
  15. Crush
  16. Elias
  17. Toni Storm
  18. Buff Bagwell
  19. Vince McMahon
  20. Shane McMahon
  21. Carmella
  22. Fandango (via trade for R-Truth)
  23. Jessamyn Duke
  24. Grandmaster Sexay
  25. Scotty 2 Hotty
  26. Scott Norton
  27. Kona Reeves
  28. Naomi
  29. Baron Corbin
  30. Dave LeGreca
  31. Ghostbusters