WWE Money in the Bank Predictions

It has been awhile since I have had the opportunity to make a few pay per view predictions, but the time has finally come.  And it’s honestly a pay per view that I look forward to every year.  I will be honest, my mind is actually looking past this pay per view, and looking forward to AEW’s Double or Nothing pay per view next weekend.

I really like doing the predictions, and although the WWE is presenting a stale product on tv, I like to think they will step it up Sunday.  Especially with AEW’s pay per view next weekend.  So as for the Money in the Bank pay per view, lets take a look at the card and make some predictions.

Cruiserweight Championship

Tony Nese, who won the Cruiserweight championship at WrestleMania, will be putting the title on the line against Ariya Daivari during the kickoff show Sunday.  I will be completely honest, I haven’t been following 205 Live and really have no idea about the feud or rivalry here.  But if I know WWE, like I think I do, I would plan on Tony Nese retaining.

GoHomePWB.com pick: Tony Nese

Smackdown Tag Team Championship

The second match on the kickoff show is scheduled to be The Uso’s versus Rowan and Daniel Bryan.  It is unclear to me if this match is for the titles or not, and truthfully if I knew it would sway my decision.  But I am assuming the title are on the line, and for that reason I like Rowan and Daniel Bryan to win this match.

GoHomePWB.com pick: Daniel Bryan and Rowan

United States Championship

In a WrestleMania rematch, Samoa Joe will put his United States championship on the line against the ageless wonder, Rey Mysterio.  Their match at WrestleMania was not even a minute long, mostly because Rey Mysterio was injured.  Money in the Bank gives these two a platform to put on a great match and build on their rivalry.  Don’t be surprised in Dominique, Rey Mysterio’s son gets involved.  However I like Samoa Joe to retain his championship in this one.

GoHomePWB.com pick: Samoa Joe

Mens Money in the Bank Match

Four men from RAW and four from Smackdown will do battle for a future championship match.  Sami Zayn, Ricochet, Drew McIntyre, Baron Corbin, Ali, Finn Balor, Randy Orton and Andrade will put their bodies on the line in this one.  I look for a lot of spectacular high flying moves from Finn Balor, Ricochet and Ali, some sleazeball tactics from Sami Zayn and Baron Corbin and Orton, McIntyre and Andrade to come into the match the favorites.

This is a tough one to pick, the safe bet is to go with Orton, because no one else in the match has held a Universal/WWE title.  I would say count Ali and Ricochet out, and I think it’s unlikely Andrade wins, although he’s personally who I would like to see win.  If I had to bet a dollar, I would say Baron Corbin is going to win.  He’s won it before, and out of all these men, he seems to be getting the biggest push right now.

GoHomePWB.com: Baron Corbin

Women’s Money in the Bank Match

Just like the men, eight women will do battle in another ladder match for the preeminent briefcase.  It was announced yesterday that Alexa Bliss will not be able to compete and has been replaced in the match by Nikki Cross.  Joining Cross from the RAW brand are Naomi, Dana Brooke and veteran Natalya.

Representing Smackdown are Ember Moon, Mandy Rose, Bayley and Carmella.  An interesting group of women, none of which scream out to me as next RAW or Smackdown women’s champion.  I think this match could get awkward and I think Alexa would have won had she been able to complete.  But since she’s not I think I like Mandy Rose to win in this one.  She has been on a decent push, and I think she could hold onto the briefcase for a while as she get’s better in the ring.  Then when the time is right… cash in!

GoHomePWB.com pick: Mandy Rose

RAW Women’s Championship

Becky Lynch has a busy night in front of her Sunday.  She will be defending both the RAW and Smackdown women’s championship.  I don’t think “Becky Two Belts” leaves being able to call herself that.  However I think she keeps the RAW women’s championship and defeats Lacey Evans.

GoHomePWB.com pick: Becky Lynch

The Miz versus Shane McMahon in a Cage Match

Ahhhh, the old gimmick match, “nowhere to run, nowhere to hide”, cage match.  In what will probably be the end of this rivalry, a cage is the only structure suitable for The Miz and Shane McMahon.  And since it’s most likely the last chapter of this rivalry, I like The Miz to win.  Because every story has to have a happy ending, and The Miz is the good guy and the good guy has to win.  It’s story telling 101.

GoHomePWB.com pick: The Miz

Roman Reigns versus Elias

Roman Reigns and Elias will go one on one Sunday in what I think could receive a few boring chants.  Don’t get me wrong, both of these guys are very popular and can usually get a reaction, but neither one are what I would consider great in the ring.  They both have very basic moves and for some reason there is a disconnect for me in this rivalry.

I think a lot of it is, Roman Reigns.  I think fans want to boo him, because it was fun to boo Roman.  Now, since his return after a battle with leukemia, fans are apprehensive to boo him, out of respect.  I think it’s time for Roman to turn heel, I really do.  But WWE will continue to be predictable and Reigns will win this match after a superman punch and a spear.

GoHomePWB.com pick: Roman Reigns

WWE Championship

Kevin Owens will get a shot at the WWE Championship Sunday, when he challenges Kofi Kingston for the coveted title.  This rivalry has been growing in recent weeks, but since the Kofi win at WrestleMania, “Kofi-Mania” has gone from running wild, to a brisk walk.  I don’t think Kofi loses Sunday… at least not to Kevin Owens.  I think Kofi wins, but I think their will be a cash in on Kofi.

GoHomePWB.com Pick: Kofi Kingston

Universal Championship

In what is being considered by some to be a potential match of the year candidate, Universal Champion Seth Rollins will put the title on the line against AJ Styles.  On paper this match looks great, but sometime’s when two guys have similar styles, the match falls flat.  Hopefully that is not the case in this one.  As for the winner, I like Seth Rollins to retain in a really good match.  I would also expect a heel turn from AJ.

GoHomePWB.com pick: Seth Rollins

Smackdown Women’s Championship

In what will be Becky Lynch’s second match of the night, she puts the Smackdown Women’s title on the line against longtime friend/rival Charlotte Flair.  I don’t really know what, if anything, else these two ladies can show us in the ring.  We’ve seen them wrestle countless times and hey, what’s one more, right?

I mentioned earlier that I think Becky Lynch leaves Money in the Bank with only one belt.  I think it’s the red one.  Which means I like Charlotte to win this match and for the tenth time be crowned Women’s champion.  Let’s just hope that the match is something that we can remain invested in.

GoHomePWB.com pick: Charlotte Flair

Well those are my picks for this Sunday’s Money in the Bank pay per view.  Honestly, the show is better when I’m wrong, because hopefully it means the WWE is becoming less predictable.  I am optimistic it will be a fun night and hopefully we get a few surprises.  On a sad note, I learned yesterday of the passing of former WWE superstar Ashley Massaro.  She was only 39.  My thoughts and prayers go out to her family, friends and fans.

Be sure to check out GoHomePWB.com on Monday for the Money in the Bank review and as always thanks for checking out GoHomePWB.com, the people’s wrestling blog!