Pro Wrestling Weekly Top Ten

A lot of wrestling this week, that started with a really good NXT TakeOver, then a very entertaining Summerslam and a decent RAW and Smackdown Live. I have come up with a list that spans both NXT and the main roster. So lets take a look at this weeks top ten.

10. Samoa Joe (7)

Samoa Joe had a good couple of nights Monday and Tuesday, when he was able to pick up two wins. One over Sami Zayn and the other against Zayn’s good friend Kevin Owens. Granted his win over Owens was mostly in part to help from Elias, but it’s a win nonetheless. I think WWE has big plans for Samoa Joe in the coming months.

9. Edge (2)

The rated R superstar didn’t come out of retirement, but he did the next best thing. Elias was making fun of Edge’s hometown of Toronto Sunday at Summerslam, when Edge had heard enough. He came to the ring to a huge ovation, got in the ring and delivered a spear for the first time in over eight years. It totally “reeked of awesomeness!!”

8. Sasha Banks (3)

Another superstar that most thought was near retirement was Sasha Banks. She has been off tv since WrestleMania. But she’s back, and back with fury. She came to the ring and did quite the number on Natalya and Becky Lynch. She is now sporting blue hair and a new attitude. And I like it, I like it a lot!

7. Andrade (6)

Andrade had a big night on RAW when he was able to defeat Rey Mysterio, not once but twice. The two faced off in a two out of three falls match and Mysterio was not able to pick up even one fall. Andrade is destine for superstardom and Mysterio continues to give the young star the rub.

6. Drew McIntyre (16)

I am not real sure why there is not a title around this guy’s waist yet? He had a really good match Monday night against Cedric Alexander. The match was back and forth, lengthy and it really helped both guys look strong. Drew McIntyre officially won the match with his devastating finisher, but both guys left winners in my book.

5. Velveteen Dream (1)

It’s hard to believe but this guy is making his debut on my top ten list. He is one of the best wrestlers, not just in NXT but in the entire WWE. A lot of people want him to move up to the main roster, but I think he’s perfect in NXT. He was the winner of a crazy triple threat match Saturday night and in the process retained his North American championship.

4. Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross (2)

Making back to back appearances on my top ten list are the current WWE women’s tag team champions Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross. They put their titles on the line not once but twice this past weekend. Sunday the beat the IIconics and on RAW they defeated the Kabuki Warriors.

3. Charlotte Flair (7)

Charlotte Flair also had a big weekend. On Sunday she defeated the WWE hall of fame legend Trish Stratus in a really good match. Then the nine time champion went on to defeat Ember Moon in another great match last night on Smackdown. It’s only a matter of time before Flair is women’s champion again.

2. Seth Rollins (15)

The “Beast Slayer” did exactly that Sunday at Summerslam as he went one on one with “The Beast” Brock Lesnar. Rollins went into the match banged up after weeks of punishment dished out by Lesnar. Rollins was able to overcome adversity and beat Lesnar to regain the WWE Universal championship.

1. Adam Cole (2)

In what will most certainly be a match of the year candidate, Adam Cole put his NXT championship on the line in a two out three falls match against rival Johnny Gargano. It wasn’t your typical two out three falls match, it was a regular match for the first fall, then a street fight, then extreme rules in a cage. During the last fall these two men fell fifteen feet off the top of the cage and through two tables. An incredible match that Adam Cole Bay Bay was able to win.

That’s it for this week, I’m honestly a little wore out from a long weekend of wrestling, but I couldn’t have asked for better shows. My only complaint is that there was absolutely no intercontinental champion sighting. Real quick, who is the current intercontinental champion? See you had to think for a minute. That’s a problem, but an easy fix and I would anticipate a title defense next week.

Thanks for checking out this week for all the Summerslam and TakeOver post. I truly appreciate it!!