Smackdown Live Review

AJ Styles and Samoa Joe

The rivalry between AJ Styles and Samoa Joe is boiling hot right now. These two have been in quite the storyline over the past few months. A very personal storyline, that has Samoa Joe threatening the family of AJ Styles. It was mention by Smackdown Live GM Paige last night that she was going to fire Joe. But after speaking with Styles he begged her to keep him on the roster, so that he could unleash punishment on him at Super Showdown. The match is scheduled to be a no DQ, no count out. A winner must be crowned. Check out on Friday for my prediction of this match.

R-Truth and Carmella with a big win

Anybody else really enjoying the Fabulous Truth right now? A very entertaining duo, who I would like to see win the mixed match challenge…if I watched it.  Last night the Fabulous Truth took on Andrade Cien Almas and Zelina Vega.  The match was actually pretty good.  There was even a dance break in the middle of the match, which the crowd really ate up.  I actually preferred to see Carmella and Vega wrestle oppose to their male partners.  Vega and Carmella were great in the ring, and an amazing reversal by Carmella into her finisher for the submission win, is the start of what I feel is going to be a big push for Truth and Carmella.  A big win for the popular duo.

New Day Cooking Show?

The New Day was out next in somewhat of a forgettable segment in my opinion.  They were going to give away the secret recipe to their pancakes.  Mr. Bootyworth was about to reveal the secret, when The Bar interrupted.  The Bar got the better of the New Day and proceeded to dump the pancake batter all over Mr. Bootyworth.  I think we all kind of seen that coming, but I suppose it was a necessary segment to add fuel to the feud.  Should be a great tag team match this Saturday, again check out on Friday for my prediction of the match.

Orton is at it again

img_4993Tye Dillinger went to Paige earlier in the show and demanded a match with Randy Orton.  Randy “out of nowhere” attacked Dillinger last week setting up a battle for last nights Smackdown.  The match never really got started as Dillinger attacked Orton before he even got in the ring.  They went back and forth for a minute, before Orton got the upper hand and hit the hangman’s DDT on the floor.  Orton then exposed part of the turnbuckle and put Dillinger’s finger in and tried to break it.  Another spot where Orton pushes the envelope on PG violence which is somewhat of an oxymoron in the first place.  A very uncomfortable spot as it looked as if he snapped Dillinger’s finger.  This could lead to a match at Super Showdown, but I don’t know if fans are invested in the rivalry enough to put it on a card that is already stacked.  No disrespect to Dillinger, but I don’t think anyone is really buying him as a threat to Orton.  Orton is looking like a top heel on the show and should be going after the WWE title soon.

What happens in Milwaukee doesn’t stay in Milwaukee

A much-anticipated segment this week was what happened in Milwaukee?  We finally see the footage that Aiden English promised, but it was not very revealing in my opinion.  It showed Lana coming into Aiden’s hotel room, and she says “I want you.”  Then the footage stops.  It would appear there is more to the footage, but it was cut off there.  I don’t think anyone, with the exception of Rusev, thought there was any infidelity.  But they are dragging the story out, and giving us small bits of the story.  Perfect writing!  Although its apparent there is more to the footage, it has us wondering whats next in the storyline.

Shelton Benjamin is still employed with WWE


Daniel Bryan vs Shelton Benjamin was the next match.  The Miz of course was at ringside on commentary.  We haven’t seen Benjamin on TV in quite sometime.  I think he could do more on Smackdown, possibly going after the U.S. title.  Going into the match I thought to myself there is no way Benjamin gets the win.  The match was a back and forth affair.  But a scary moment in the match was when Daniel Bryan was going for his flying headbutt.  I think Benjamin was supposed to move out-of-the-way, but instead rolled right into the path of the falling Bryan.  It appeared that they legitimatly hit heads.  Something like that makes me extremely nervous, especially for Bryan who has had a well-known concussion issue, nearly costing him his career.  Thankfully, it looked as if both Benjamin and Bryan were ok after the spot.  Towards the end of the match, to no one’s surprise, The Miz got involved distracting Bryan.  The distraction allowed Benjamin to hit his finisher and pick up a very surprising win over Bryan.


After the match The Miz put a beating on Bryan, further intensifying the rivalry.  I have my thoughts on how their match at Super Showdown will go.  Again, check out gohomepwb. on Friday for my predictions.

Asuka picks up a win

Asuka with Naomi in her corner, went one on one with Iconics member Peyton Royce.  Royce of course had Billie Kay in her corner.  Asuka picked up the win, pretty quick in a “meh” match.  I think the match in Australia this Saturday, will be a little more interesting.  As the Iconics are from the land down under.  I am curious to see the reaction they get.

Becky Lynch is doing horrible as a heel


Let’s be honest Becky Lynch sucks as a heel.  I mean she should be getting booed out of the building, based on her actions and new personality.  The problem is it’s not working.  She is supposed to be hated, but is probably the most loved wrestler on the roster.  She came out to close the show last night to quite the ovation.  She is doing and saying things that put her over, but one thing I have noticed is that she doesn’t direct any comments towards the crowd.  She doesn’t say anything to them to get boo’s.  She reminded me a lot of CM Punk last night, complaining about not getting magazine covers, or PPV posters.  She referred to herself as the champ, which I love, but so does everyone else.  That’s why it’s hard for us to buy her as a heel.  Early this past summer, Becky started to pick up some momentum.  The crowd reacted positively to her.  We all wanted to see her win the championship from Carmella.  Enter Charlotte Flair.  Out of nowhere Charlotte returns and Paige puts her in the title match at Summerslam.  Charlotte wins.  Everyone wanted to see the underdog Becky win the title that night.  So when Charlotte won, the crowd was disappointed.  Then when Becky attacked her, the crowd went crazy.  It was supposed to illicit boo’s, but I don’t think anyone has booed Becky since.  Fast forward to last night, Becky was putting herself over like a heel is supposed to do, and Charlotte had heard enough.  She came running down to attack Becky to a chorus of boo’s.  Charlotte got the better of Becky last night, but I think we seen the beginning of the double turn.  If it doesn’t happen this Saturday, I would almost bank on it coming at Evolution.  And that is the right thing to do.  People want to boo Charlotte and cheer Becky.  If WWE is not careful, we may have a Roman Reigns type of reaction for Charlotte.  Turn her heel before it’s too late.

Tomorrow I will give my first ever WWE top ten rankings.  Friday I will give my predictions for Super Showdown, and Saturday I will be up at 5am checking out the PPV. I will have a review as soon as the show is over.  A lot of great reading coming this week.  As always thanks for checking out!