GoHomePWB.com Weekly Top Ten

An interesting couple of go home shows from RAW and Smackdown Live this week. RAW had a couple surprises that included the suspension of Becky Lynch and a tag team title main event that was spectacular. Smackdown gave us an hour long gauntlet match, with the winner being granted the last entrant into the elimination chamber match for the WWE title this Sunday. Some really good performances this week, but once again I have narrowed it down to ten. So, let’s take a look at this weeks top ten!

10. The Uso’s

Although they didn’t have a match this week, The Uso’s had a great segment with the current Smackdown Live tag team champions The Miz and Shane McMahon. Jimmy and Jey Uso are massively over and have the respect of the WWE universe. Despite The Miz and McMahons best efforts, the Toledo, Ohio crowd was clearly behind the multi time tag team champions. The Uso’s ended the verbal back and forth with The Miz and McMahon, when they hit simultaneous super kicks on the champs. I look forward to a great match this Sunday at Elimination Chamber.

9. Nia Jax

Nia Jax has been looking stronger in recent weeks, especially while going after the women’s tag team championships along side Tamina. The Samoan duo have earned the opportunity to be the last team entering the Chamber match this Sunday, after Nia Jax pinned Bayley to pick up the win for her team.

8. Naomi

Making her GoHomePWB.com top ten debut is Naomi. She was in a triple threat tag team match with her partner Carmella. Together they were victorious when Naomi was able to get a little bit of revenge on Mandy Rose, after hitting her with a springboard moonsault finisher and pinning her. However, the rivalry between the two women is far from over.

7. AJ Styles

AJ Styles was able to force an exhausted Kofi Kingston to tap out during the gauntlet match on Smackdown Live last night. He was very respectful to Kingston who had already been in the match for over an hour. I look for AJ to put on quite the show this Sunday during the elimination chamber match.

6. Dean Ambrose

All signs point to Dean Ambrose legitimately leaving WWE in April when his contract is up. Despite the fact that he and WWE are parting ways, he is still getting tv time and on Monday night he picked up a win over EC3. It will be interesting to see how Ambrose is used over the next couple months.

5. Randy Orton

Randy Orton was only in the main event gauntlet match for about twenty seconds. But that was all he needed when he showed up out of nowhere and hit AJ Styles with an RKO. The win has earned him the final entrant into the elimination chamber match for the WWE championship this Sunday.

4. Ruby Riott

Another woman cracking the GoHomePWB.com top ten for the first time is the leader of the Riott Squad, Ruby Riott. She picked up a clean win over Nikki Cross Monday night and looks strong headed into her RAW women’s championship match against Ronda Rousey this Sunday.

3. Finn Balor

A mainstay in the top ten is Finn Balor. He was able to get a win against Drew McIntyre Monday night. Granted it was a disqualification win, but a win is a win. He then was able to pick up the pin fall victory for his team in a six man tag match immediately after his match with McIntyre. He is looking good headed into his intercontinental title match against Bobby Lashley and Lio Rush this Sunday.

2. Kofi Kingston

Kofi Kingston had probably the most impressive performance on either show this week. He was put in the elimination chamber match to replace the injured Mustafa Ali, and went over sixty minutes in the gauntlet match last night. He defeated current WWE champion Daniel Bryan, Jeff Hardy and Samoa Joe. Highly unlikely he wins Sunday, but he sure showed a lot of heart and the will to win last night.

1. The Revival

The run that The Revival has been on lately culminated in a main event championship match win Monday night. Probably one of the best pure tag teams in the world, The Revival put on a tag team clinic Monday night. They defeating Bobby Roode and Chad Gable for their first tag team championship on main roster.

That is it for this week. Unfortunately, the ratings were down yet again for Monday night RAW. I am not sure what they can do to boost ratings, but for starters, a two hour show would be nice. Let’s hope things pick up over the next few weeks and ratings start to rise. For those who weren’t watching, they certainly missed a classic for the tag team titles.

Be sure to check out the predictions for Elimination Chamber on Friday. I don’t know much about the card other than the chamber matches, but I have a feeling we are in for a surprise or two. As always thanks for checking out GoHomePWB.com, the people’s wrestling blog!


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