NXT TakeOver Toronto Results

Toronto, Ontario was more than excited to host TakeOver last night and NXT delivered as expected. There were only five matches on the card, but they were all nice lengthy matches. There was even a Matt Riddle and Killian Dane fight that ended with them jumping of the entrance stage and through two tables. It was a fun night, so lets take a look at how things panned out.

NXT Tag Team Championship

The first match of the night was The Street Profits putting their tag team titles on the line against Bobby Fish and Kyle O’Reilly of the Undisputed Era. A great match to start the show with a lot of back and forth action. After a lengthy match, it was the Street Profits that we’re able to prevail and retain. Crushing my hopes of an Undisputed Era sweep.

Ryan’s Pick: Fish and O’Reilly Winners: The Street Profits (Overall PPV prediction record (95-51)

Io Shirai versus Candace LeRae

The rivalry building between these two women is growing at a Gargano/Ciampa like pace. Once good friends now bitter rivals, these two put on a really, really good match. A lot of back and forth, good psychology and risky moves that I have yet to see women perform. After another lengthy match it was Io Shirai that was able to get LeRae to pass out.

Ryan’s Pick: Candace LeRae Winner: Io Shirai (Overall PPV prediction record 95-52)

North American Championship Match

Current champion Velveteen Dream put his title on the line in a triple threat match against Roderick Strong and Pete Dunne. Another lengthy match that had a lot of back and forth action. In the end it was Roderick Strong who hit his finisher on Dunne, then Velveteen Dream hit his finisher on Dunne just moments later. It was enough for Velveteen to pick up the win and retain his championship.

Ryan’s Pick: Roderick Strong Winner: Velveteen Dream (Overall PPV prediction record 95-53)

NXT Women’s Championship Match

Newcomer Mia Yim challenge long time champion Shayna Baszler. The crowd seemed to have a hard time getting into this one, but I honestly liked this match up. Mia Yim has a no nonsense style that seemed to catch Baszler off guard a bit. An awkward match that ended when Bazler was able to get Yim to tap out.

Ryan’s Pick: Shayna Baszler Winner: Shayna Baszler (Overall PPV prediction record 96-53)

NXT Championship Match

Current NXT Champion Adam Cole put his title on the line in a rematch against Johnny Gargano in a two out of three falls match. This match was a very long one, and Gargano, in a questionable decision, got himself disqualified in the first fall. The second fall was a street fight and theses two took it all over the arena. When they finally made it back to the ring, it was Gargano who was able to lock in his finisher for the second fall win.

The third fall was to be decided inside a steel cage, with the top of the cage wrapped in barbed wire, tables, ladders, chairs, kendo sticks, hand cuffs and chains. As Mauro Ranallo would say… “Mamma Mia!!”. This third fall was insane, both men damn near killed themselves to win this match. In the end it was Adam Cole that was able to roll over and put an arm on Gargano to win the match. After they fell twenty feet from the top of the cage through two tables. An unbelievable match that went nearly an hour, I love NXT.

Ryan’s Pick: Adam Cole Winner: Adam Cole (Overall PPV prediction record 97-53)

This was a really fun show, and for five matches they wrestlers involved really had to bring it, and they did. I haven’t seen a main event match like that in decades. It’s going to be hard for the main roster to follow that, but that’s just how NXT does business. I will be watching Summerslam tonight and a have a results post in the morning. Have a great Sunday!


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