KessellMania Five

For the last five years on the day of WrestleMania, my kids and I have put on our own WrestleMania match called, KessellMania.  Both myself and the kids are getting older now and putting on the match has become increasingly difficult.  Not only are the kids bigger, but I’m older and with sports and music events, its become quite the task to put the match on.

But we found time to squeeze in the match and it will be posted on’s Facebook page later today.  It’s something we have looked forward to almost more than WrestleMania itself.  Honestly, the kids might get a match or two in on WrestleMania, but no way they make it through the entire seven hour show.

The first ever KessellMania match was on March 29, 2015 in my living room and it was won by my daughter, who was crowned the first ever KessellMania Champion.  She would then defend the title one year later at KessellMania two.  It was the first Kessellmania to be put on Facebook for family and friends to view.  After a great triple threat match, my daughter once again picked up the win and for the second year in a row won the KessellMania championship.

For KessellMania three the match was once again a triple threat match, but this time in a cage (a trampoline with a net around it).  The kids and I had a great match, but not winning the championship was starting to bother me.  I stooped to some heel tendencies and during the match, I was able to get my hands on the title, hit my son with it, and win my first KessellMania championship.

Last year for KessellMania four, we were back inside the house in my living room.  This was the first one on one meeting at KessellMania as I put the title on the line in single’s match against my son.  Two weeks prior to the match I tore two ligaments in my ankle at a trampoline park.  Yes, I am in my mid thirties and play at trampoline parks with my kids.  My son, who is smarter than me, knew the ankle was weak and was able to lock in an ankle lock submission.  I had no choice but to tap out due to the pain.  I lost the KessellMania championship and my son won his first.

This year the stakes were raised.  It’s one on one again, me against my son.  And if I don’t leave KessellMania with the title, it’s all over.  The KessellMania book will be closed.  We have made a promo video for the match which is on Facebook page and as mentioned, later today before WrestleMania, I will post KessellMania five.

I want to note, that no one is hurt during the matches (except me) as we are very careful not to hurt each other.  Thanks for checking out the blog today.  I hope you enjoy WrestleMania and if you watch, I hope you enjoy KessellMania.  And as always thanks for checking out, the people’s wrestling blog!


7 thoughts on “KessellMania Five

  1. I hope you win! I am looking forward to KessellMania 23 with a rumble between you and your many grandkids. I predict interference by your daughter enough to give you the belt. Have fun and keep it safe!

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  2. Nice blog post, that’s pretty cool that you have your very own WrestleMania with your kids and that you guys have actual matches and promos, me and my brother used to have wrestling matches with each other, we did try to cut promo’s but they weren’t always successful ha……….

    Well my brother would do a pretty decent job at them, me on the other hand, I was never good in “promo class” plus I didn’t know how to smack talk without feeling awkward or laughing in between whenever I have the mic, so anything I would say wouldn’t be taken seriously anyway haha XD

    I don’t know if i’d be able to check out your WrestleMania, but I hope it all turns out well and I hope you finally get that win you’ve been chasing since the very start of KessellMania, good luck on becoming champion!! ^_^


  3. You’re welcome!! Wait how’d you end up with the Championship if you didn’t win!? Did you pull a Dean Ambrose and just take it anyway XD Well whatever that twist was, it got you the title so it must’ve been a really good one!! Either way i’m glad you had a good WrestleMania and KessellMania and that you all enjoyed yourself, congratulations on winning the title however way you won it XD

    I hope you’re having a good day as well by the way ^_^


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